Being single isnt always the best

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wishing that i wasnt single.

Submitted: December 20, 2010

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Submitted: December 20, 2010



I wish I wasn't single. You all like to be social. I can't even mingle. I sit up on the roof, on the shingles. Look at the stars, watch them twinkle. See a shooting star, and just wish that I wasn't single.

I'm Not desperate. Just in a single set. I miss the connection, I miss all that shit. I want your love, cause I love it. I pass by her, kinda nervous yet? Girl, I wish I wasn't single. Too much info? Sorry, we just met.

Being single isn't always the best way. I miss calling her my girlfriend. And just knowing i'll get to hold her hand the next day. Just having the feeling that im not alone, just makes me feel like everything is okay. It isn't like that anymore, it all left and had gone away.

You go out with one girl, but will you see her tomorrow? Stay single and you'll let her down into sorrow. Her heart isn't somethin you can just borrow. In a play going from girl to girl, you cant be a heart show. And going from island to island to get her, well that's a far row.

All I'm sayin is that I wanna start over. We didnt even make it to October. Being single got me sober. But drunk drivin in your love got me burnin up the motor. I'll fill you up with diamonds until I get the ring full. All I'm saying is I wish I wasn't single.

-Kyler Orton

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