An irrevocable descision

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i have witnessed different articles, some for, and many against this issue. legalizing drugs would be a irrevocable descision that, if legalized would sharply decline the life span of the human race. it is bad enough that there are many people addicted to drugs. If they were to be legalized then the use and abuse would skyrocket! How would life be if any one can buy crack or heroin at any local gas station or corner store?

Submitted: March 20, 2007

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Submitted: March 20, 2007



Adam Szantyr

 In the past, I have heard much talk in the news paper and on the internet about this topic in particular. It is unclear to me why this topic is up for discussion. How many different reasons are there for why drugs are not, and have not been anything but destruction for the world? To legalize drugs wouldn’t be just dumb; it would be the start of something irrevocable.
 I know many people would agree with me on this matter, and many other of the readers would not, but this should have been an open shut case.  Drugs, no matter what type, none of them have done any thing positive for any one. We do not need to take numbers to see how bad drugs are, the many numbers of addicts that fill the clinics, and the many “crack babies” born who never picked up a pipe before but are addicted; just proves even more that drugs are bad. What about the deaths by overdose, and the others that lose everything they have to the drug?  The statistics are all around us; ever where we look in the cities there is some type of substance that can be used to alter a person’s state of mind; moreover where there is a drug, there are addicts. Families have been ripped apart due to abuse of drugs; people have also been murdered over the same thing, and the only thing that is usually the outcome with this would be the fact that it ruins a person’s life in one way or the other. 
 “The war on drugs has become a war on families, a war on public health and a war on our constitutional rights.” ( Too much bad has come out of the use and abuse of any drug that I cannot begin to see any thing that remotely resembles what could be considered good.
 Just think about it for a minute; look how bad everything already is now, when it is illegal.  What would happen if every thing changed, and they were so much cheaper, easier to purchase, and legal?  One of the good things about these highly addicting substances being illegal is that they are a lot harder to acquire than if it were at a local corner store or gas station. Also let me add that the prices of these illicit drugs are very high on the streets, making them harder for people to afford.  Now granted, if they were that easy to get then there would have to be age limits on purchasing them and they would be significantly cheaper. But, how do you think that under age teenagers get their hands on alcohol and tobacco?  There will always be someone willing to purchase something for someone else if they can benefit from it. In a short article, titled, “Against Legalization or Decriminalization of Drugs,” the author makes an interesting point. “A black market would still exist unless all psychoactive and addictive drugs in all strengths were made available to all ages in an unlimited quantity.”(
 If illegal drugs were legal, the drug addiction and use would skyrocket! Clinics would be ten times more full then they already are, hospitals would be handing out methadone like it was Halloween candy, and there would be a definite increase in the amount of young people using highly addictive drugs.  Imagine a world where one can go anywhere to almost any corner store and buy crack or heroin. The two worst drugs that have ever been invented and they are now legal, able to be just as easy to get as aspirin. The demand for these drugs are so high that I knew a kid that convinced an elderly woman that had a mental issue, that he was her grandson and to take $5,500 from her bank account so he could have it for some emergency. In reality, there was no emergency except over 5 thousand dollars wasted in a day and a half; all on heroin. Who is to blame here?  People automatically point to the addict. That is not always the right case. The problem with the drug addicts itself is seemingly related to the “So-called “drug-related” crime and is a direct result of drug prohibition's distortion of immutable laws of supply and demand.” (
On the other hand, the laws put into effect against the use and sale of drugs seems to only help deter people away from using drugs.  The fear of getting in trouble for a drug related crime doesn’t just scare the person, it also embarrasses them. A person that uses or is addicted to a drug doesn’t usually make it public to anyone else outside the circle of users.  So it is also the fear of embarrassment to one’s family, employer, and friends that keeps them away as well. One objective of punishment for law breakers is to prevent crimes and maintain social order by “demonstrating that a socially (i.e., formally, by the state) defined wrong action must have negative consequences imposed by the society ( 
It is only when the consequence is greater than the action that causes it, has any effect. If people were to just get a slap on the wrist for stealing, then who wouldn’t steal?Needless to say, not one person that I know would like to be incarcerated.  It is a loss of freedom, and when/if the person is released he has that conviction hanging over him like a dead goose. It is only making it harder to get work, and people seem to look at you a lot different when you have been to prison.  If drugs were legalized, then what would be in the way of stopping everyone from becoming lifelong addicts? The life span for humans would take a sharp decline after that law is passed. Also, isn’t it already bad enough that alcohol is legal? What about tobacco?  Both substances are recorded with some of the highest death tolls compared to any thing else.
 It is said that nicotine is much more addictive than heroin. Alcohol tends to make people aggressive, leading to more violent outbreaks in bars and other public areas. Do we really need any more violence than we already have? Is there ever enough for people to be satisfied with?  Is that the type of actions that we will teach our younger generations?  It has already been proven in many different ways that our society needs drastic improvement.
 We are supposed to be setting good examples for the younger people growing up in this world. After all, they will be our future leaders, doctors, presidents, and parents. Children can become very confused as to why drugs are bad, and if they are why do mommy and daddy have a medicine cabinet full of them?  We need to help them distinguish between what is right and what’s wrong.  The future of our children depends on the parents of today. If we know we are messing up and keep doing it, we are only encouraging that wrong to happen.  Our lifetime hasn’t been all that great with the tragedies that have been sent our way. But why must we create more problems in our own societies? What ever we teach our children to do, and the examples we set for them will be carried out in their lifetime, and their children will pick up those traits as well; something needs to stop! If there is going to be any hope at all for the future we need to take action today!
  Leave the drugs illegal; whoever is going to try to buy them will buy them no matter if they are legal or not; let those who break the law, serve as an example to those who do not, and by good teaching and hard consequence we can make a change for the better. We need not damage young minds into believing that drugs are in any way a positive experience because they are not.  Our future generations need to be instilled with morals and guidance with hopes that when they reach the age where they make their own decisions, that they will have a clear head in making right choices; especially if this person is the president.” Statistics show that the age where a child first tries alcohol is eleven and marijuana twelve. “ (  It only seems to be getting worse; I can remember when I was about twelve and the people I knew and the stories I have heard; people did not start using anything until at least between fourteen and eighteen.  How many more mistakes can we make over and over until it slaps us in the face that we have young ones that take after us, that look to us for guidance, and that mimic our actions? It seems the only guidance these children are getting is that of violence, drugs, sex, and money.
 I have clearly taken a side in this matter, and although that I have smoked marijuana myself, I do not believe it should be legalized.  I know what the effects of most of the drugs out there are, not by experience alone, but mostly from research. The studies do not show anything promising for the use of these drugs except anguish.
In my opinion, I believe that our future is more important than partying with friends all the time and getting drunk or high. All sanity would be lost, if it hasn’t already, if drugs were to be legalized. It doesn’t really take a scientist to figure out how drugs are affecting the world as a whole and what toll it takes on the people that use them.  We all know the destruction of these substances.  Why would anyone let their child walk right in harm’s way of the possibility of spending the rest of their life chasing the same high constantly? Not to mention that once they are hooked they will be spending so much more just to achieve the same high that they were when they began. Other routes are taken, for instance, using substitutes like methadone to cleanse the body in order to achieve the same high for cheaper. Nothing will ever change unless someone is willing to make that first step toward the positive. Think that this life is bad now with drug addicts all over the place begging for money at fast food places, bus stations, train stations, and corners? Try having drugs legal and the drug epidemic becomes ten times worse than it was. How would you; the parent, feel if you knew that when your child was younger that a change in direction or guidance could have stopped them from becoming what they cannot get away from; drug addiction?









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