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Freewriting what's bothering me.

Submitted: July 26, 2013

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Submitted: July 26, 2013



You're holding my hand

But you can't hold me together.

You want a life with me

But you won't walk away from her.

You tell me the truth

But I don't believe your clever lies.

Who's the one getting played now?

The joy is missing.

The walls are up.

Im breaking in a million pieces

Oh, but I'm smiling on the outside.

I'm triggered to starve myself again

Starve out all the pain--from the inside out.

I'm preparing to lose you

Preparing to have to walk away.

Why would I want a life with someone when I am second choice?

Why would I want the proposal I have always dreamed of if I have to wait until you feel like filing papers?

You've been separated, away from her, for so long.

You say you want me

But you already have me.

I think I made a huge mistake.

Maybe you would have been all mine if I hadn't given you all of me.

If we didn't live together, would you still be with her?

Or would you have gotten away on your own?

If we weren't looking at a future together,

Would you have wasted your time on me?

I feel like I am second rate.

You used to make me feel like a princess.

Now I feel like an escape route.

When are you going to walk away?

I wish you'd just do it soon,

Spare me some heartbreak.

I don't know how much longer I can play your game of pretend.

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