Daisy Mae goes to the fair ground

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Daisy Mae has a fun day out with her parents and her best friend. A story for a younger audience which is also uplifting.

Submitted: July 10, 2012

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Submitted: July 10, 2012



One day Daisy Mae noticed a poster on the way home from school displaying ‘Fair two day’s only!’ Daisy was very pleased as she loved the fair. Daisy Mae asked: ‘Can we go Mummy please?

‘Maybe, Daisy Mae’, said her Mummy. ‘We will have to ask Daddy.’ So Daisy went home and ate all her dinner she even ate the green beans which she usually pulled a face at and did all of her homework. She practiced her reading and waited until Daddy came home from work.

‘Hello Daddy!’ shouted Daisy Mae. ‘Hello Daisy’, replied her Daddy. ‘Did you have a good day at school?’ ‘Yes it was really fun. I painted a pretty picture which is filled with all my favourite colours’ replied Daisy Mae. ‘Daddy’, ‘Yes Daisy’, answered Daddy. ‘On the way home I saw a poster for the fair. Mummy said to ask you if we can go. Please Daddy it’s only here for two days’.

‘Okay’ said Daisy’s father. It seems like a good idea’.

So Daisy Mae phoned her best friend Wai-san and asked her if she would like to go with her. Wai-San replied ‘Yes please, I would love to’. The next day at school, Daisy Mae and Wai-San were very excited. They were going to have so much fun at the fair.

The evening came and it was time for the fair. Daisy and her parents picked Wai-San up from her house and Wai-San waved goodbye to her Mummy with a big smile on her face.

They arrived at the fair and as they were walking up to the gates, big lights shone brightly. Daisy Mae took Wai-San’s hand and as they ran excitedly but kept in a distance that Mummy and Daddy could see them. Daisy could not believe her eyes. She was very excited by all the stalls with teddy bears to win; which was one of Daisy’s favourite things. You could smell the warm candyfloss and it made its way to Daisy’s and Wai-San’s noses. ‘Yummy’ cried Wai San, ‘That smells lovely’.

Daisy Mae also wanted hot dogs but Wai-San wanted chips. So Daisy’s Mummy and Daddy got the two girls something to eat. Daddy said ‘Later we will get some candy floss, firstly let’s look around after you have eaten’. All agreed that was a good idea.

After they had eaten they took a walk around the fairground. Daisy and Wai-San both gave some small change to the man on the stall to throw some hoops to win a teddy bear. Wai-San had the first go and she tried as hard as could to get all five hoops on but only managed three. It was then Daisy’s turn and sadly she only managed two.

They both smiled at each other and both were having a good time. After a while Mummy wanted to go on a ride at the fair. ‘Bumper cars’ both Daisy and Wai-San shouted. ‘Okay’ said Daisy Mae’s Mummy. Daisy Mae jumped in the bumper car as fast as she could.

Daisy and Wai-San both crashed and bumped into each other, all in good fun at course, and were laughing after it was over. Next, Daisy Mae’s father wanted to take Daisy and Wai-San on the rollercoaster. Daisy and Wai-San both looked up and stood in awe of how big the rollercoaster was. ‘Mummy’! Shouted Daisy you should come on with us. ‘Oh no’. Replied Daisy Mae’s mother, ‘I don’t like rollercoaster’s’.

‘Come on Daisy’ let’s go! Daisy Mae’s Daddy was more excited about going on the rollercoaster than Daisy and Wai-San were.

So they went on the rollercoaster and they all had so much fun.

After that Daisy’s Mummy was waiting with candy floss for Daisy and Wai-San. ‘We love candy floss’ shouted the two girls.

It was soon getting late and both Daisy Mae and Wai-San were getting tired. Daisy Mae’s Mummy and Daddy could see this, though both girls wanted to stay longer, and they were soon both fast asleep on the journey home. They had all had a wonderful time at the fair.

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