The Story Of Zooey and Jacob

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The Story Of Zooey and Jacob is about two friends who are on the crossroads of being teenagers and young adults.
It starts of in Los Angeles and then moves to New York with more life changing decisions for both our main characters.

This is a preview of the first two chapters.

Submitted: July 10, 2012

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Submitted: July 10, 2012



Chapter One

Zooey left her house that morning in a hurry. It was the last day of school before summer and she could not wait. She took her bike, and rode it in the hot blazing sun of California like she always did to school.

She arrived at school and she saw her best friend Jacob, he was with his girlfriend who Zooey did not like. She tried to like her, but there was something artificial about her. Her smile seemed false along with her fake laugh; it was almost like even she could not figure out how she should laugh. But Zooey was looking forward to all the cool things she and Jacob had planned for over the summer.

Zooey emptied her locker and quickly put all her books into her bag. There was a history text book she knew she would not ever read again. She wondered why in her school there was so much learning from books and not so much on practical things which might possibly come in useful in life.

The day went by quickly, much to Zooey’s relief, she liked school but it was enough she needed a break. She went home, and seemed pretty happy until she got in to her house, and her parents were sitting on her sofa. She thought maybe they had planned a surprise vacation, but it wasn’t they broke it to her quickly; it was like ripping a band aid off. The words, ‘We are getting a divorce’ made its way slowly into Zooey’s ears; she just looked at them blankly and ran out. Her parents just sat there, just wanting the best for their daughter.


Zooey called Jacob up asking her to meet him. If she had anyone to tell the news to it was Jacob. They were insuperable. They just sat on the grass in the park where they always go to when either of them is in trouble or just need to talk. Zooey told Jacob, about her parents getting a divorce. He knew this would not be easy on her, but she knew that for a while now her parents were having a few troubles, she just did not want to face up to what was going on. She said to Jacob realizing the harsh reality of what her family had become, ‘All happy families resemble one another. Each unhappy family is unhappy in its own’.

Jacob responded, ‘I guess so Zooey it’s just that relationships break down. It’s a sad reality of life. Women marry men hoping that they will change. Men marry women hoping they will not. So each is inevitably disappointed’.

‘It must be a trend of relationships today, much must be the day for break ups, and we broke up Carrie and I.

Zooey was disappointed for him, she did not really connect with Carrie, but Jacob liked her a lot. He tells her, ‘She didn’t really give me a reason why, I love her Zo, she might not be perfect, but neither am I’. ‘Maybe this is just a blimp, she just needs time'.

‘Maybe she does, it’s summer we all need a break, but Jacob just give her time’.

Zooey left Jacob and trailed home. She did not want to go back home. She knew that everything had changed and was different now. But she did go home, but did not say a word to her parents; she just went to her room completely speechless.

Chapter Two

The sun was shone into Zooey’s room, waking her up, but she could not get out of bed. She turned over trying to get back to sleep, but her mom came into her room, pulling her bedcovers over her and then pulled them over her, hoping to get her out of bed.

Zooey got up but could not say a word to her mother. She did not know what to say or even how to say it. She was still completely speechless. She passed her father on the hallway, he said ‘Good morning Zooey’, but she just gave him a cheerless smile.

Her parents did this thing which most parents who are getting a divorce do. Over breakfast, she was told, ‘Zooey this does not change how we feel about you, we still love you and you will still see us both equally’.

Zooey knew this was maybe true but she couldn’t help realize it wasn’t going to turn out well either.

She left the breakfast table and quickly got changed. She was meeting Jacob about how they were both going to plan to get jobs over the summer. Ideally Zooey wanted to work in the record store down town, where they still sold old vinyl’s which she was very enthusiastic about. While she was getting ready, she put some of The Smiths on. This made her feel a bit better, although most people called them depressing Zooey found them kind of upbeat.

Zooey left and rode her bike to meet Jacob, he was waiting for her and he saw her before she caught a glimpse of him. He was waving his arms, over enthusiastically ‘Hey Zo!’ he shouted, which caught Zooey of guard and she nearly fell off her bike.

‘Why are you so excited this morning Jacob?’ Zooey asked.

‘Oh nothing but I think I’ve got a plan to get Carrie back, but I also need your help’. Zooey was slightly bemused by this. Although the look in Jacob’s eyes meant that whatever she felt about this had to be put aside, but this was about Jacob and not her. Before she could say anymore Jacob asked;

‘How was it with your parents this morning’? Zooey replied with,

‘It was okay, I didn’t really say anything to them, at this moment in time there is nothing which I can or which they say will help the situation’. This made Jacob feel a little sad and he knew Zooey was more upset then she was actually giving away. That was the thing about Zooey, on the outside she appears to be happy and cheerful, even if inside she was crying a thousand floods.

They walked into the record store. It was quiet in there but that was good, because then they could actually go and speak to someone.

The assistant saw them, and gave them a warm smile. ‘Hey’ said Jacob,

‘We saw the ad in the window, how many jobs are going’.

‘Just the one’. Replied the assistant. ‘Ok thanks’, responded Jacob.

Zooey thought about this while looking at some New Order cd’s. One of her favorite electronic bands.

She put the cd down, realizing she did not have enough money on her, but it was okay. Jacob and Zooey left the store, and went to the café where they always went to. Neither of them could decide who should go for the job.

‘So Jacob, how are you planning to win Carrie back’?

‘Well I’m going to go to her house, take her on a date involving all of her favorite things to do’. Replied Jacob eagerly.

Zooey smiled. This was typical of Jacob to do, but this was a good thing. She liked how sensitive he was and how her never gave up on anything.

‘Oh Jacob, that sounds lovely’, go for it lovely’. ‘Oh shoot I have to go my Dad is calling me, another family meeting I expect’.

‘Okay Zo, catch you later’.

‘Good luck Jacob!

Jacob waved goodbye to Zooey, he still had a pleasant smile, but at the same time, he was worried about his best friend. Was she really okay? , would things be okay for her at home?

He left the café, after a while, and checked his phone. No messages from Carrie, but he didn’t expect there to be either. He was just hanging on to a bit of hope. He hoped that she hadn’t moved on already, or even worse, he would not see her at all over the summer. He tried not to think about it.


Zooey got in to her home and she just flung the front door open. She thought what her parents could possibly have to tell her this time. Anymore bad news, they wanted to crush her with.

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