Ode To A Clause

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A was watching a literary lecture when I thought of this piece. It is spotted with bits of humor here and there and yes contradictions to the subject at hand. But 'tis is poetry! Relax and enjoy :)

Submitted: March 07, 2013

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Submitted: March 07, 2013



Ode To A Clause


To the tool that combines space and time

Deleting the humor of language’s crime

By filling the gaps, infringements, and infinites confined

Yet how could one boldly ode to you this great friend

Though poetry indeed is without such an end?

Ah the battle of such fringes; the turmoil of the passages’ long undesired ail

To which one may struggle and struggle again

Without much hope one could easily fail.

 Ah! The little boy has come across a bear; where could he go-oh where would he dare?

An ode to a Clause swifter than a hare-

Catch me, Catch me; I’m only such a pace away!

Add an Ode to the Clause steaming airy in the day-

A hot pot of soup parched grandly on the stove; steam drifts oh so delicately like a ghost in the air.

Contradict them my friend, my autonomical friend-

She skips and skips- for the air happily dances.

This seasoned device- this delicious allusion- drives our mouths to

Clever diffusions.

Mending the words of poets and prose alike

To better days in write and higher strides

And of course that bitter class with an A plus bright.


Oh! Thank you, thank you- my grammatically correct friend.

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