To Hold A Rosa

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Literary Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Rosa Mori decides to move to America with her Aunt, Sigu Sato, After growing up in Japan with her parents her whole life. She moves to a small town in Florida called Tuckman where she meets a young man named Adam Walters. Walters has lived in Tuckman his whole life and has grown up with its negative dispositions and racist prejudice. He and Rosa fall in love shortly after meeting. Several months later Rosa finds out she is pregnant and a town where bi racial coupling and mating is a sin against sins she and Adam must cope with the struggle that is yet to come. But when Rosa dies during child Adam is forced to raise their daughter on his own and live with what the town has to over him.

To all of those who do not know: This is a short story that was too long to be put on one page. I had to set in novel for and switch the type back to short story. Instead of thinking of it as five chapters think of it as five parts.

There are a few Japanese words in this story and to save you the trouble and translate them for you here.

Musume; daughter

Haha; Mother

Aisuru; Love

For those who can actually speak Japanese and know the Grammar rules please let me know if i have used the correct forms because there were several and I really wanted a bit of the Japanese culture in this story.

Rosa's beginning

I moved to America with my Aunt Sigu. She moved there because she wanted to get out of the ghettos in Japan where she claimed there were men who would break into her house every other day. My parents have finally let me go to America after I begged them. Aunt Sigu had to persuade them as well until they finally said yes, but only when Sigu moved there first and settled herself in a home with a job that could support me. I am so excited to see everything: my aunt; the people; the places. I've heard it is like the whole world on one continent. I imagine that it would be like a giant city with different types of people. It is nothinglike that when I land, though, but it is very different from Japan. So much sand and ocean that stretches out so far I can't see where it ends.

I love my Aunt Sigu very much; she is old but she is very wise woman all the same, long silver hair, silver eyes, and wrinkled skin. She moved to Florida a few years ago and from her letters I can tell she is very happy here. She lives in small town called Tuckman. It is very small; so small that everyone knew one another. Knew other people's business.

Aunt Sigu met me at the airport. Standing with her cane by the doors waiting for me. She gave me a big smile and dropped her cane to give me a hug.

My Rosa!” she squeals as if she were a child again. “Oh!-my you have grown so much, Musume! How are my sister and that man of her's treating?

They are fine.” I say with a yawn.

Oh!- yes you must have jet lag.” she says, picking up her cane and walking towards this large revolving suitcase producer. “Get your suitcase, now. I know you must be exhausted.”

I grab my suitcase and we set off for her home. It is really hot outside but in a way that it is not unbearable; it feelst like wind blew on whenever it became too much. As if it knew when I would need her.

We drive down to Tuckman in my aunt's little red Jeep. I see all types of trees: some with fruit; some with spiky leaves; others with really big leaves. The sun is setting and the world looks orange; a beautiful sour candy coveringthe whole town.

We pull up to a small one story house. Very plain compared to the rest of the horizon but beautiful in itself: it is red for one thing, a bright red the color of new blood. The roof shingles are black; the windows are framed by white shutters. It is very different indeed.

Alright now,” aunt Sigu says, “your room is in the back on your left.” She hugs me one last time before I make my way to my room. I point to the door that seems to be the right one.


She nods and I walk in.

The room is small with white walls and a plain full size bed. There is hardly any light in the room and the little light that did show was orange tint from the setting sun. There is a lamp on the nightstand and fresh sheets on the bed. The sheets smell like fresh water and cantaloup. I look out the window and I see several people of all ages roaming around; boys were walking home from the beach glistening with left over sea water. And little girls were out on the stoops playing with dolls. The elders were out on the porches rocking in rocking chairs and sipping lemonade as they gossiped.

But there was this one boy whom I thought was the most handsome. He was tall and lean and his eyes were the palest blue I have ever seen. He is one of the boys glistening as he walks, his hair is plastered to his face. He is laughing with his friends as they waltz down the street. It is the beginning of summer vacation and I see the most beautiful boy I could never hope to imagine in my lifetime in less than a day. He didn't see me staring at him through my window. I'm glad because I would not know what to do if he saw me.

To my surprise he went into the small yellow house across the street from my window. I see him walking through the kitchen; into another room, and into another room that could only be described as his bedroom. He was shirtless when I saw him walking down the street but now he was stripping down even further and I have to look away.

I can hardly breathe!

I nearly saw him naked!

What kind of boy changes directly in front of a window?

I turn back around to close my curtains and my heart nearly broke out of my chest.

He is staring at me with the a questioning smirk on his face.

My cheeks are starting to heat up and I quickly close the curtains.

Submitted: August 04, 2011

© Copyright 2021 AemmaBella. All rights reserved.

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Good start :) Off to read more ;) (I won't comment on every chapter, sorry :( )

Thu, August 4th, 2011 11:13am


:) its ok lol. Enjoy !

Thu, August 4th, 2011 4:42pm

Lee Edward Neale

Hi, fascinating theme. Im happy to help. Suki means like. Love is "ai suru." if you want to put more Japanese words in the story, let me know what you need And I can make sure you have the right translation. if you have any questions about Japanese culture, or customs, don't hesitate to ask. I have a sociologists perspective on Japan.

Fri, August 5th, 2011 3:00am


Thank you so much!! :D

Thu, August 4th, 2011 8:21pm


HA HA HA!! sis. The last part made me laugh to death *giggles*!!! AWESOME START sis-THE descriptions were way too COOL!!! I'm off to the next chap. :-D

Fri, August 5th, 2011 7:39am


LOL!! Thank you, Shika!! i really appreciate this.

Sat, August 6th, 2011 10:52pm

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