Whisper of Society

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poem about societies effects on me.

Submitted: December 13, 2013

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Submitted: December 13, 2013



There are whispers everywhere

 Diamonds in the air

Those dark faces, so malicious

Famed, Calloused and so conspicuous

Smiles of plastic, silicon and webs

Wrapped around esteem.

No one greed fills the need

Those eyes are glass

Transparent and fragile

A tap of legitimacy cracks

The façade that left you in tears, darling.

Those tears of white, young mind and body

You knew no better, but who was to teach you?

Not he, not she, not them

No those are kings and queens condemned

That curse upon society

That esteem of no need

Your skin it bleeds, yet your tears are still white.

Your skin is still precious, darling.

Those glass eyes, you see them, her hair

Those dreary threads of hair

Not natural, not grand

If you burn it she loses a piece of her façade

But you, you lose a piece of your spirit, darling

There is no need. No need to support the greed

Your worth is not to them

Turn back and try again

Your skin, that sweet brownie of delicious desert

Those eyes of chocolate romance

That hair of wild freedom,

That spirit of dancing warmth

You are real, you are free.

Those wings are in need to flee

So free, come away on this lovely diamond spree.

Those whispers, they fade

 They are old now, decayed

But your smile, darling is ageless

Is spotless is, effortless

 And forevermore a diamond

In the darkness of those whispers.

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