The Forgotten

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Josie is a forgetfull young woman. She is always late for class and for her part time job. She never considers the consiquences of forgeting to do things for other people, but, how will she feel when she is the one forgoten.

Submitted: April 18, 2007

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Submitted: April 18, 2007




The day started like any other normal day for Josie Jocelyn, waking from a spread out position still exhausted from the party from the night before. Pulling herself together she swings her legs to the side of the bed and takes in the sunshine pouring in from the curtain-less window. I hope I'm not late for class, she thought to herself as gathered her thoughts from the night before.

Focusing on preparing for the day ahead Josie made her way to the kitchen. As she was preparing her coffee she noticed the clock on her microwave. "Holy crap" she exclaimed to herself as she noticed the time. "It's almost 11 I'm going to be late for class".

Forgoing the coffee Josie rushed to prepare herself for school. Josie took part time classes at the local community college and went to class only twice a week. Because of her light school schedule she often lost track of her school days until the time came for her to be at school.

Slipping on her shoes she darts out the door and down the stairs. She sprints across the parking lot to her awaiting chariot, a 1997 Nissan Sentra. Upon entering she immediately puts her key in the ignition and takes off.

"Who can tell me the psychologist who penned the phrase, quark theory?" asked Professor Cumia. The class stood quite before him while he awaited an answer. Suddenly out of nowhere Josie attempts to slither her way to a desk unnoticed. Unfortunately, her attempts at a covert entrance are thwarted as Professor Cumia keenly noticed her entering the room. "Ms. Jocelyn, can you tell me?" Josie then turned to him with a confused look on her face. Professor Cumia asked again, "What psychologist coined the phrase quark theory?"

Stammering for bit while she searched the correct answer in her mind Josie decided to answer, "Um...Carl Jung?". The class around her almost seemed to give off a disapproving sigh as Josie uncomfortably sat down at her desk.

Disappointed, Professor Cumia said "I'm sorry Josie, but that is incorrect." He then continued the class as normal. Meanwhile Josie tried her best to catch up with the rest of her class. Unfortunatly, her best friend Erika was at the opposite end of the classroom and those around her refused to share their notes with her. Josie sat in the class confused for most of it as she has missed what the teacher has said. She sat at her desk with her head leaning into her hand as she heard the Professor drone on about a subject she was unable to understand, at least until she gets the notes from her friend.

As class ended and the student got up to leave, Josie waved to Erika, and Erika joyfully waved back. Erika signaled to Josie to meet her upfront Josie nodded in response. Just as Josie was going to go out the door Professor Cumia's voice suddenly sent shivers down Josie's spine. "Can I talk to you?" Shrugging her shoulder she walked over to Professor Cumia's desk. "You were late for class again, whats going on?" Being very frank Josie responded "Well, sir, I forgot." Annoyed Professor Cumia continued the interrogation, "What do you mean you forgot? How did you forget?" Stammering a bit Josie responded, "Well, I was up late last night and forgot to set the alarm." With a tinge of disappointment in his voice "You know Josie, no one likes to be forgotten, please get an alarm clock, and if you already have one, use it." Josie nodded in accordance with his wishes, Professor Cumia then signaled Josie to leave.

Outside the class Josie found Erika waiting for her, "What was that about?" Erika asked. "Oh, he was just upset that I was late to class" Josie responded. Walking out the building they started talking about their plans for the weekend.

"Well you getting the stuff again?" Josie quietly asked Erika. "I can't" she responded, "Silk got arrested and I don't know anyone else I can get pot from."

"Shit" Josie said. "Now where are we gonna get pot from?" Erika then said, "Don't look at me, I'm tired of putting my neck on the line to score some shit, it's about time you try."

Suddenly out of nowhere a boy interrupts their conversation. "Heya chickies, what's goin down?"

Annoyed at their intruder Josie and Erika start to walk away. Before they are too far away he says, "So ya lookin ta score" Josie and Erika pause a moment and turn around. Josie asks, "What did you say?" The boy then said, "You looking fo shit to get fucked up?" Josie then shakes her head "No, No hard stuff' He then quickly answered back "that's cool, we got some soft shit for ya."

Josie and Erika then gave each other an approving look. Josie then asked, "Ok, what and how much?" He responded "You know marijuana, and its cheap, real cheap." Satisfied Josie said, "Fine, I'll bite" The boy then responded, "Nah, not now, meet my boy LT behind the library he will hook ya up, just give him this tonight with twenty bucks and you'll be straight, just let him know that Bust sent ya." He then handed a pink envelope to Josie and walked away.

Josie then turned to Erika with a grin. "Well Erika, It looks like we're set for the weekend." Joyfully they gave each other a high five and continued on their way to their next class.

Without an exact time Josie waited behind the library as soon as the sun went down. She sat there waiting for what seemed like an eternity. She tried to entertain herself by counting the stars in the sky but that quickly grow boring. After some time she reached into her pocket and pulled out her cell phone, noticing that it has been almost two hours she decided to leave. As she starts to walk away a deep older voice behind her echoes, "You have pink?" Josie thought to herself for a moment what that meant, but she quickly remembered that the envelope was pink, she quickly responded, "I have pink, are you LT." The man simply answered "Yes." They then started walking towards each other, with the envelope in hand Josie passed it over to the man. He opens the envelope and ensures that the twenty is in it. He then stands there quiet and still, annoyed Josie asks "Where's the stuf...." Before she can finish her sentence he grabs her and slams her body against the wall. Panicking Josie pleads "Oh my God, please, please don't hurt me, I'll give you my money even my...."Shut up" the man angrily responded, "I'm a cop you idiot" he then frisked her and handcuffed her. Angrily Josie said "You can't do this, this is entrapment." The officer snickered "The pot I found on you say's otherwise." Speechless Josie complies and sits in the back of the police cruiser.

The drive to the police station has Josie at wallowing in her situation. I can't go to jail for this, I have never done anything bad enough to go to prison and now, just because of some stupid pot I'll probably be stuck in prison for a few years. Tears slowly trickled down her cheeks, she tried to rub them dry with her shoulders at her hands were firmly cuffed behind her.

Once they arrived at the police station she immediately noticed that it was empty. This officer was the only one working that night, and for some reason he decided it was her he was going to bring in. While this had Josie upset, she didn't want to focus on anger as she was already in a very bad situation. "Please" she pleaded "Please, I can't go to prison, I'm trying to quit I swear."

Being very frank the office responded, "Look, its not like you were dealing so it's not like you'll go to prison, you'll get a fine and probably community service, but I do have to lock you up tonight, but I promise you'll be out tomorrow."

This helped calm Josie's fears, but she was still worried about being in a cell surrounded by male prisoners who are likely to ogle her. Vocalizing her concern she asked "Were are you putting me?" The officer responded "Don't worry, I'll put you in a cell in the 3rd level basement cell, no one will bother you, just stay quiet while we go through the first, unless you want to be harassed by inmates on the way down.

Josie complied with the officers request. They walked through the 1st level where there were many inmates that where either sleeping or pretending to sleep. On the 2nd level the cells were completely empty, and Josie wondered why she wasn't being put their. They then reached the 3rd level and walk all the way to the end. The officer then opened the last cell and Josie stepped in. He then said "Look, I got you this far down to make sure that if we get an influx of inmates at least you'll be as far from them as possible." He then took off her hand cuffs and said "ok, take off your belt, sock and shoe laces and give them to me" Josie corresponded. He then shut the cell door and walked out. On the way he said "Don't worry, no ones gonna bother you, not even the janitor comes this far down."

Jose stood by the bars with her small hands wrapping around them. She heard the thud of the 3rd level door shut and a feeling of dread fell over her. Thankfully the officer kept the lights on for the floor so it wasn't to scary for her. She turned around and examined her cell. It was about the size of the bathroom in her apartment and only had a toilet. Without shoe laces her sneakers were very difficult to walk with so forgone wearing shoes and simply stayed barefoot. The concrete floor was very cold on the soles of her feet, but she felt infinitely better then almost tripping over her flopping sneakers. The cell lacked a cot, so Josie had the choice of either sleep sitting on the toilet or sleeping on the concrete. Josie decided to sit on the floor and rest her eyes.

Meanwhile the officer walked back to his desk and placed her belongings on his desk. Preparing to write a report he booted up his computer and picked up Josie's I.D. After yawning a few times he decides to get coffee.

On the way to the cafeteria he feels a slight rumble in his chest. Suddenly the room starts spinning around him, the officer feels confused and very sick. Noticing what's happening the officer darts for his desk. He lunges towards it knocking everything off the desk. He searches anxiously for his medication, but is unable to locate it soon enough, slowly the world starts slipping from him, and just before he blacks out, he notices that anything and everything that shows Josie's presence in the building was thrust into the trashcan adjacent to his desk. While attempting to recover he collapses to the ground and passes away.

Several hours later Josie wakes up in her cell. Without the sun or a clock Josie is unsure of the time. For all she knows she could have been asleep from anywhere between fifteen minutes to eight hours. Josie stands up and looks around. Nothing has changed in the cell. Her sneakers are still in the corner and the toilet is where it was the night before. She walks over to the bars of the cell and again wraps her small hands around the bars and tries to shake them they are very sturdy and neigh unmovable. The ground is still cold against her bare feet, but not cold enough for her to put on her lace-less sneakers. In her mind she feels that it has been at least six hours, she wonders where the officer that arrested her is. She starts to feel a bit thirsty, not enough to complain about, but thirsty nonetheless. She then looks at the toilet and jokes aloud to herself, "Well, I have plenty of water right there."

"It seemed he had a heart attack" Said Officer Juarez as he spoke to another officer as they looked over his desk. "Kowolski was a good guy, it's a shame he was alone last night" he continued. As they went through his desk for things to give his family Officer Juarez eyes the trashcan and feels an urge to examine it. While walking over he notices that it's empty and continues on cleaning out Kowolski's desk.

"HELLO!!!!" Screamed Josie into the lifeless hall as she shook her body with the bars of her tiny cell. "Hey, can anybody hear me?!?!?!" With her hands wrapped around the cell bars Josie slid to her knees. "Please, I get it, I will never do drugs again."

A full day has passed since Josie was locked in the cell. The thirst and hunger she feels now passed from being just an annoyance to a slight pain. Josie stood close to the bars in hopes of seeing the officer who arrested her come down and get her. "I get the point, I won't smoke pot anymore, but this is basically torture, please let me out." She plead to the empty room.

Hours later Josie's thirst grew unbearable, she eyed the toilet in the corner of the room as her only source of water. She refused to believe that that was the only option she had. Josie started pacing around the cell trying to think of another way to get water. She looked around and saw only concrete walls and ceilings. She had no choice, if she wanted to survive she would have to drink from the toilet.

Knowledgeable that the water in the tank is somewhat drinkable she walked over to the toilet. Just as she was going to lift the top of the tank she saw a faucet against the wall. Joyfully she turned the lever to release the clean life giving liquid. To her dismay, she failed to notice the cap screwed over the mouth of the faucet. Seeing the cap drove Josie crazy, she tried unscrewing it wildly with her bare hands. Every turn she attempted was met with failure. Giving up she fell on her hands huffing and puffing. She started feeling dizzy. She knew she needed water, even if it had to be from a toilet's tank.

She went to the tank and just before she could lift the lid she saw her shoes in the corner. If I could through one shoe at the level's door, someone might hear it and let me out. Josie picked up one of her shoes and went over to the cells bars. She then slipped her tiny sneaker through the bars and with revved up her throw as best she could. Back and forth her hand swung her sneaker, until she felt the urge that it was just right and she released it.

Unfortunatly the sneaker feel far short of the door. Desperate Josie attempted again. Back and forth she swung her sneaker again. This time as she was about to swing it she remembered that the leather some sneakers are made out of may be edible. Just as this thought crossed her mind she dropped the sneaker. "No" she faintly said with defeat in her voice.

Noticing her only form of sustenance was the footwear in that was now in front of her cell in vain she reached for it with her hand pressing her face and chest hard against the bars of the cell. Extending her fingers as far as she could she still did not come close to getting her sneaker.

Forgetting the sneaker for a moment, she decided that the need for water was more important at this moment. Josie walked back to the toilet tank and removed the tank cover. She then reached in and cupped her hand and withdrew a bit of water.

As she brought the water to her face, she could smell the sulfur-like smell emanating from the water. Closing her eyes and holding her nose she sipped the water. The bitter taste forced her to spit it back out. Josie knew that if she was going to survive she would need to drink this water. She took a second attempt and this time she swallowed it.

Falling to her hands and knees Josie coughed in disgust of what she did. Reluctantly she went back and continued drinking the vile smelling water, with tears from her eyes occasionally peppering the toilet tank water.

A few days have passed since her imprisonment. Josie's hunger is starting to become a full on pain. She has made attempts to reach her sneaker but all have proven failures. She sat with her back against the wall and her bare feet in front of her.

She turned to the cell with a hopeless look on her face. So this is how a starving hamster feels like, she thought to herself, thinking back to her pet hamster that died when she was twelve. Her face started to well up and tears flow from her face. "I'm sorry Munch, I now know how you feel.

The thought of knowing that just a few inches of iron lay before her and freedom was driving Josie crazy. Outside is a busy world, full of life. Children playing, dogs running, people going to school or work, but here Josie sat. In a jail cell at the local police station underground, forgotten by the rest of society. Left to rot, no food, no books, no television, nobody to talk to, even her bare feet made her feel like a forgotten animal.

Weak with hunger Josie stood up and walked over to the bars. She started yelling. "Please God...Please don't forget me...I don't want to die like this..." Collapsing to her knees she cried.

"Hey check this out." Officer Winston said as he stared at the computer screen before him, "It looks like the lights in level three are on. Lieutenant Don walked over and commanded. "Turn em' off."

Josie lifts herself from the floor and stumbles over to the toilet tank, just as she reaches in the entire room goes black. Thinking that someone is there she runs to the bars and starts screaming, "Someone's in here, please let me out...DON'T LEAVE ME!!" In her mind she was too late whomever entered the room to turn off the light left before they could hear her.a

After about an hour, Josie's eye became accustomed to the lack of light. Now her only company was the cold concrete floor against her bare soles. Defeated Josie leaned against the wall and to what she secretly hoped would be her final rest.

Suddenly, in the middle of the night, Josie felt a tickle on her toe. As she opened her eyes, she saw a small dark silhouette by her feet. Suddenly she felt a slight nibble on her toe. Panicked she hurriedly brought her feet close to her and scuttled to the corner. She couldn't believe what she saw. A rat was going to eat her foot.

"I've been reduced to rat food" she screamed into the dimly lit room. She looked at her feet and was saddened by the fact that she had nothing to protect them. She was stuck in the cell surrounded by hungry rat ready to eat her the moment her guard was down.

Another week has passed for Josie in the cell. As she sits with her back against the wall she peers into the dimly lit room. She looks at her hands, she sees them as a shadow of their former selves, boney and weak. Her feet, from what she could see, look like connecting rods with a flap of skin over them.

Deep down she knows that this is her last day. Yesterday the police department decided to turn off the water to the third level. She hasn't had a drink since then. She looks outside the bars at the rats awaiting to pick apart her corpse. She makes one last attempt and faintly says "'m dying." With those last words she exhales her last breath and leaves this world.

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