Friend Zoned, Will I Ever Get Out?

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Just read it and find out. Haha. The title is pretty self explanatory.

Submitted: July 17, 2012

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Submitted: July 17, 2012



 Now this isnt going to be some story about how i find true love with that fantasy guy or a story about how i learned that theres no such thing as a fantasy guy and what i really am looking for all along is someone who will love me and understand me no matter what. this story is not some sappy romance.

this story is about how every guy i've ever met  throws me in the friend zone. As sang by one of my favorite youtubers "It's like the mafia, you can never get out." whether the guy puts me there after the first date when he realizes that maybe i know way too much about what guys know and dont act like a girly girl or its the first day we meet. then he goes and asks me to hang out over the weekend so we go out and i think it may be a date. then just when i get my hopes up he leans over and... ruins it all by saying "guess what major hottie i have a date with tomorrow." And at first i have a little hope that maybe he'll get all romantic and say something like "you, if you want to go out with me that is" so i wait for the answer cause i know theres no way it could be me. and then he blurts out some random name of the skanky cheerleader who sits in front of him in his spanish class. and then i feel my stomach drop as yet more disappointment sinks in. 

there's just something completely unfair about that if you ask me. i mean for real. i mean what does some poor girl like me have to do to get a nice guy to stay for a second date or see me as girlfriend material. i mean i'm not a loser. i have tons of friends, get good grades, manage to look somewhat attractive sometimes, and on top of that i understand guys (perhaps because i have way too many who are my friends). maybe that's the problem, maybe i shouldnt know so much about how guys think. maybe i should play oblivious sometimes. 

maybe if i was like 'let me go throw on my cutsie mini-skirt and text you a million times and tell you that i need you and that you are not allowed to hang out with friends' oh 'and of course you can't play video games with your friends  because they are stupid, yes i mean both your friends and the games.' then i might have a chance to have a boyfriend. cause see i'm not like that. for me fun is sitting with the guy watching him be happy and play the games with his friends cause his friends are funny and the games make him happy. and as far as appearance goes i like my jeans and tshirt. and i like chilling around my house as apposed to going to the mall or to a fancy resturaunt. private as opposed to public.

so why is it so hard for me? i just dont get it. dont guys like to just chill around the house as opposed to being dragged to fancy places and public-type places? and im not demanding, i go with the flow. i thought guys loved that. so because i know how to chill and give a guy space they dont want to date me? what is it with guys? they are as complicated as girls are. I always get friend zoned. now im reaching out for another friend zoned who gets it. and to all those friend zoning people, why? whats wrong with the friend-zoned people that you dont want to be with us?

here i am friend-zoned forever because i'm awesome and understanding. who would have guessed? welcome to hell. life stinks and needs some seriously strong air freshener.

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