Not Lolita

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I will let the reader figure out what this poem is about.

Submitted: February 13, 2014

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Submitted: February 13, 2014



I am not Lolita, therefore, don’t look at me this way

Your spite towards me makes me stay away

Only in hellish dreams, such desire could be evoked,

All your advances done - resistance they provoked.

As long as I existed I wished for purity

What you have done, instead, creates insanity

Exposed to thee, I have been like a broken vase

Shattered in pieces of my mental haze.

With all my might, these memories I push away

However, the words you cast at me like a silent sway

Of chains in my heart making old wounds bleed

You never cared for me but, never less, shall I succeed,

I find it hard to cope, but yes, I overcame

You found my weakest point but what have became

Of this. Alienated you are now so be proud.

I wish my mother never met you so don’t make a sound.

No more torments shall I hear from you again

Goodbye, deceiver, for my torment was your gain.

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