suicide note

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just me vibing i guess

Submitted: April 12, 2016

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Submitted: April 12, 2016



Honestly to tell the truth I don't know.

 Honestly I don't even feel.

 Sometimes I just sit there in the shadows.

 Constantly listening, but who's listening? 

 Breathing in the hallucinogens , spitting out the reprimands.

 Trying to figure out who I am,

regularly asking I am who?

Pasting back-and-forth, asking the Lord why?

Looking up at the sky, getting down on my knees,

on my knees begging the Lord please!

-Suicidal thoughts, thinking suicidally-

Stress out, life got me stressed out,

laying down he got me stretched out.

Thinking to myself what's this really about?

 Am I really gonna let my flowers sprout ?

Looking down at me, he got me on my knees,

I don't want to do this Lord please!

Spreading lies, rumors about me,

people asking did i really get down on my hands and knees ?

Telling folks I aint about that life,

lying to them and to myself.

It's not what you think, not that o'Lord please.

Constantly praying, the only reason I'm on my knees.

 Losing people, people losing me!

Slowly drifting away from my reality.

Not recognize what is real and what's fake

 Constantly dodging rumors, turned to people dodging me!

Spreading rumors on a daily basis, 

 Not recognizing people, not registering faces.

Suicidal thoughts, thinking suicidally!


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