The Proxies. Part 2

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Part 2, of my fan-fiction. "The Proxies"
please read part one, before reading part 2 for max entertainment =3
btw, please call me FanGurl, not my nickname Jordan! XD

Submitted: March 11, 2015

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Submitted: March 11, 2015



Hello from fanmasta gurl! im so glad you guys have enjoyed the story so far! i may be moving this story to Quotev, and im sorry i don't type and reply most weekends! Thnx to all my readers! ps: if you enjoy wrighting creepy stories, join in my 1st Anual Booksie Creepy Pasta contest! contest ends, March,17,2015. Thanks again loyal readers! -FanGurl

Chapter 2: The Creepypasta's

It had been two weeks since i, and my two best friends had wandered into the forest in hopes of becoming proxies. But, our quest had taken an unsuspected turn when we scattered. Eventually becoming reunited, and meeting Jeff while doing so. Jeffery (He hates that name >=3) was a boy. well, not really. He was fifteen, and hates being called a "boy". But, i still call him a boy to bug him. I know, im asking for it aren't i? nah, Jeff would never hurt us. We're like family. well i cant say that. Better then family, because...well. you should already know about Jeff's real family.(if not, shame on u .3.) so, lets get back to the story, shall we?

It turns out, Shannon, and Alli ran into Jeff after ditching me for slender bait.I don't blame them, he's scary! they both got their marks, though none of us know how. so we should be safe from any "Creepypasta's" as long as they know we have the mark.

well, we hadn't seen "Slender" since he spooked Shannon, but we had met many Creepypasta's. Alli and Shannon were both off playing hide and seek with Sally, a young girl we had met earlier. i had decided to stay behind, see if i couldnt get my phone to work again. so far i could only message or call Alli and Shannon. I looked through the settings boredly and stressed out, no luck.  I huffed in annoyance and let the phone drop onto the ground next to me. it suddenly lit up with an eary green light. A little curious, i picked it back up off the ground and read the text. it was a message, from an unknown number. i tried to see if i could recognize the number, strangely though, it wasn't really a number. it was "0t45yh20" or something like that. i decided to read the message. "Hello." was all it said. curiosity itched my fingers to wright back. "um, who is this?" i typed. i instantly got a message back. "Me.". well that didn't answer my question. "uh...who's me?". the next message was even more confusing. "You, duh!" i heard a light laugh beside me and jolted my head to see.

 i couldn't believe it, it was a boy that looked almost exactly like Link. He looked at me and brushed his hair back revealing red eyes, and what seemed to be black tears streaming down his face, he grinned. "Did i surprise you?". i just sat there for a moment, a confused look apon my face. Before standing up quickly. "no, not at all." i looked at the ground and coughed embarrassed. "well, ok. maybe a little."  He leaned back against the brick wall looking up into the moonless night sky, "He's cute." a thought went through my head and my face flushed red. "why the hell did i think that!?" i said in my head.  He looked at me "something wrong?".  i quickly looked away. "no! nothing's wrong!", he smiled and said "your weird.", i laughed. 

The next morning, i sat up slowly in the bed, exaughsted. the morning light aggravating my eyes. i threw the covers over my face and tried to fall back to sleep, but i was already awake. with a sigh, i hopped out of bed. not bothering to change, why would i need to here?. i walked to the window and opened it, sticking my head out and looking around. "Hey, Melissa!" i squeaked in surprise and jerked back inside, landing on my bottom. "Beeeen!" i whined, "Don't scare me like that!" Ben jumped through the window. "weeell, sooorrry, princess!" he laughed. I pretended to be mad at him. "pfft!" and turned away crossing my arms. I heard a knock at my door "Coming!" i called, and jogged over opening the door to find Jeff and Alli. Jeff grinned. "Are we interrupting something?" he laughed in a rude manor. My face was three different shades of scarlet all in one moment "Huh? what!?" i coughed flustered. "calm down! im joking!" he laughed, and Alli made a heart shape with her hands at me and Ben. Ben just stared out the door, a confused look on his face. I looked back at him, clenching my teeth in a aggravated state. Alli piped up "come on Beth! you never go outside anymore!" that was her nickname for me. i narrowed my eyes playfully pretending to mock her, "Sure thing, Milly?!" She lightly punched me in the arm, and the boys looked at each other and shrugged. the look on there face saying "Girls..."

Alli and I raced down the stairs. Ben, and Jeff chasing after, Alli reached the door a step before me and we burst outside, followed a few seconds later by the boys. "Slowpoke's!" i laughed through a gasp for breath, Alli was still fit as a fiddle, her amazing stamina skills showing off again. Shannon and Sally noticed us and ran over, "Yay! your all here!" Sally said grinning. She was the most adorable killer you would ever find. Jeff stayed in the shade, glaring at the sunlight. "i hate the light." He growled grumpily. "Then lets go to the thick woods, shouldn't be much light there." i insisted. Jeffery sighed "sure, i guess. whatever Alli wants to do.". whoa did he just? "of course, sounds fine!" Alli answered. i stared at Jeff and Alli in disbelief, the both blushed realizing what i was thinking.

(Part three coming soon. sorry it was so short!)







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