Black Hoodie

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A girl goes back into school after forgetting something in her locker, only to find out she is not alone.

Submitted: August 26, 2013

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Submitted: August 26, 2013



I was walking home from school when I felt it. I had the feeling something was off. I felt unbalanced. I assumed I had only felt weird because I had been walking home later than usual, being I had to stay late for detention. I had almost gotten a few blocks away when I realized it. I had forgotten my ring in my locker.

My school has this crazy policy about jewelry. Ever since a girl named Bethany went psycho and strangled a girl with her necklace in the bathroom, jewelry has to stay off or in a safe place. You can usually get by with something small like a ring, but since I was already in detention, I did not want to risk it. It’s not a normal event for me to be in a place like detention. I’m usually the top of the class, goody-two-shoes kind of girl. But unfortunately being late two days in a row can have its downfalls.

As I was walking upon the parking lot of my school, Princelot Academy, I saw him. He started off as a shady figure in the crevasses along the walls of the school. As I got closer, the details began to surface. I could see the deep black hoodie with no type of logo on it. I could vaguely see the outline of his face, peering from the inside of the hood. I couldn’t tell where his hair ended and his hoodie began for the jet black color of his hair.

He seemed to notice me too. As he noticed me, he seemed to have certain apprehensiveness about him. I tried to avoid all eye contact, but my eyes couldn’t look away. I’d seen him for the first time only moments before I had left school. He sat three rows over from me in detention. He was hard to miss since there were only two other people in the classroom besides the two of us. You don’t hear of many troublemakers that go to Princelot.

I walked up the steps leading to the front door of the school. As I pushed against the main door, I was greeted by the darkened hallways and concealed windows. I started down the hallways towards my locker. After many twists and turns, I was startled by the ringing of my phone. While I was reaching into my purse to find my phone, I heard the banging of the school doors closing once more. I wondered who it was that either entered or left, but I didn’t have time to think about it. My mom was calling.

“Hello,” I answered.

“Lauren, sweetie, where are you? Detention should have ended over an hour ago.”

“No, it only ended around fifteen minutes ago, plus I forgot my class ring in my locker. I wanted to show it off to you guys tonight, so I went back,” I retorted.

“Okay, honey. Just hurry back. Your father is almost done making dinner,” she replied.

“Okay, mom, I will. Love you.” As I was ending the conversation, I was interrupted by the beeping that signals low battery. I quickly shoved it back into my purse so I could finish what I came here for. After many more twists and turns, I finally reached my locker.

While I was putting in the combination, I had the eerie feeling someone was watching after me. Once I got the locker open, I turned my head to look towards the hallways behind me.  I saw nothing. Assuming it was just paranoia getting the best of me, I looked into my locker. I was greeted by a small envelope.

The envelope read “Lauren” on the front. On the inside of the envelope, there was a piece of paper with an address on it. Confused, I looked around to see if this was some joke. The address read

“1457 Cetrifus Ave.”

I’d recognized the street name from my walk to and from school. At the bottom of the paper, it was signed with the initials “A.N.” The letters did nothing but fluster me, being that I didn’t know anyone off the top of my head with those two initials. It only took me a few seconds to realize who these initials belonged to. I remembered Mr. Duncan calling out the name “Aaron Newman” at the start of detention. I had assumed it was the owner of the black hoodie since I had vaguely known the other two kids in the classroom, and neither of them was named Aaron.

My emotions varied between upset, furious, and remotely disturbed. I had many questions as to why some new kid, whom I’ve never spoke to a day in my life, would steal a class ring from me. I was also confused about the address. Was I supposed to go to it? Would that be where I would find my class ring again? Was a flimsy class ring really worth it?

As I came to the conclusion that I would not go to some random address to retrieve some ring, I heard footsteps. I figured that it was only a principal or a teacher, since it was only a few minutes after detention ended, and I doubted they would clear out so fast. Ignoring the footsteps, I walked back into the direction of the main entrance. When I turned a corner, I saw Aaron coming down the hallways, looking directly at me. When we made eye contact, he seemed to speed up to a run. Feeling terrified, I turned back towards the way I had just come, and searched for a place to hide. I was on a hallway that had many classroom doors on it. Unfortunately, most were locked with the lights off inside.

I was in a frantic frenzy as I felt every door, searching for one that would open. Finally, I found one that flung open as I pushed against it. I glanced back towards the hallway, only to see
Aaron turning the corner, except at a faster pace. Panicked, I slid into the room and locked the door. I ran and hid in the far corner that was next to the one with the door. Once there, I silently listened for any sign of movement. Finding none, I began to relax. I took a moment and took in my surroundings. When I did that, I realized I was in the most terrifying place of all. I was in a biology classroom.

Most biology classrooms wouldn’t be that bad. But in this case, the teacher liked to cover her room in spider things. Model spiders covered the ceiling, spider pictures covered the walls, and there were even little spider stickers aligning the floor. Ever since I was a young girl, I was petrified of spiders. Putting the idea of spiders out of my mind, I was going to try to find a way out. Thinking of a way to get a hold of someone to help me, I reached in for my cell phone. As I tried to dial out, I was interrupted by a banner across the screen that read “Low battery.” Feeling helpless, I tried to find an alternative way to find someone to help.

I ran over to the teacher’s desk, and picked up her phone. I dialed the office’s number, Mr. Duncan’s number, and the office again. No answers. Since a panic attack would soon follow staying in this room any longer, I decided to check my surroundings and see if it was safe to go out.

As I peered around the door, I saw nothing. I slowly looked both ways as I left the class room. Once I was in the hallway again, I took off in a full-fledged race. As I darted around corner after corner, I began to feel somewhat safer. With every step closer I got to the door, the closer I got to freedom. It was times like this when I wondered why there were no teachers around to help.

I made the final turn, and I could see the door. Salvation was just within my reach, and I was about to have it. The feeling of relief and happiness I felt when the outside light flooded onto me when I opened the door was like no other. I didn’t stop running until I had made it to the edge of the parking lot. Feeling safe now, I decided to look back to see if there was anyone around to see me. Once my eyes made it towards the main entrance, they met with the black hoodie. We stared towards one another for a time that felt like years, but was only a few seconds.

I felt his eyes follow me as I ran away towards my house.

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