Dream Well

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Dream yourself to another place, another time, another you...

Submitted: December 16, 2011

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Submitted: December 16, 2011



Dream Well


I am everything.

You are nothing.

I am the game.

You are the player.

I am the god,

You are the mortal.

I am the universe.

You are a speck of dust on a planet far, far away…

I am forever.

But you, you, are the beginning.

You are living in a dream.

You don’t understand the dream, but you understand that you must wake up.

You run from the nightmares, knowing that you must not let them catch you.

You know that the darkness is within you.

You know that light is within you.

You know that the dream will fade, and change, and, in time, be replaced…

By another dream.

You are embarking on a journey that will never end.

You will be afraid in that dream, you will know that fear will consume you…

You see breathtaking feats, awesome landscapes, and beautiful vistas.

You will explore the world around you, knowing that what you find there you find in yourself.

You will encounter others in your dream – some will help you, most wont.

They are the ones that have lost their way.

Their never is one path the end the dream and start another –

Only you can decide how it will all begin.

You will feel lonely.


You are not alone.

Others suffer with you, others feel your pain

Others will share in your joy and make it pure.

Others will define you, class you, label you…

You must take these as one takes the rain on ones face.

They are not you – they do not know you, however safe their words seem –

You interpret the dream different that anyone else.

You are trapped in that dream…

Sometimes that dream reflects your sorrow.

The days are gray and ever the same.

The rain pours down oblivious to the warmth that lies beyond the horizon –

Where there is day, there is night, and when it is night, there are stars.

Where there are stars there are wishes, and where there are wishes there are dreams.

You will wake up in a dream to find yourself in another dream.

You will enter that dream to leave another.

You will wake up on your own…

I am in the morning light, basking in its warmth.

I will wait for you, and guide you in to reality.

Until then, goodbye, goodnight.

The early bird catches the worm.

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