In Twilight we Fish

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A follow up to 'This Day is not Done', entering the shadows of twilight...

Submitted: December 14, 2011

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Submitted: December 14, 2011



In Twilight we Fish

Daylight die to appease the night;

That time before darkness,

That time after light,

Brought down by unknowing, unfeeling, untruth,

A gray film that cons us, entices to sooth.

In twilight we fish for our wishes to be,

But wishes are poor dreams and no true belief,

Lying, and stealing, and lazing is greed,

Wanting and whining and not enough need,

How we lose ourselves in useless tasks,

We wear not our true selves but feeble masks,

And are crushed when faced with reason and pride -

Trapped in misery, trapped inside.

That silvery time when shadows do grow,

To fill up dark places where nobody goes,

It wonders and wanders

In its meaningless quest,

The fear not to lose and

The fear to be best.

In those veils of hidden thought

Is our true self showed an our true life wrought

In twilight we fish so on dawn we are caught

By the sins we committed, the light we have lost.

Don't sit there and wait for your fortune to grow -

Don't be afraid to say yes, to say no,

It’s an omen, a warning, a chance to redeem -

Wake up from your nightmare, seek out your sweet dreams.

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