This Day is not Done

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A Piece on philosophy, life, and reality -

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Submitted: December 13, 2011

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Submitted: December 13, 2011



This Day is not Done

This Day is not done,

So salute to the Sun;

Born of smiles and hopes

Feel friendship, Taste trust -

Lest they fall, they rot,

Be trampled to dust,

Be wasted with true Love turned bittersweet Lust.

Let not the stubborn oaks impede your growth;

Spring forth with life and

Spring forth with hope;

Lest wishes turn ashes and

Ashes turn smoke,

Lest sweet wine turn sour and

Lest Faith make you choke;

Lest day turn night where the sun does not shine

Lest midnight turn daylight to a nigh darker time -

Enjoy the clouds as they float by

Enjoy the cool wind's gentle sigh

Or it will leave without a cry

And leave you, standing,

A fading lie.

Settle down in the green grass

and let out a breath;

Relax softer,

Live freer,

Forget about Death -

This Day is not Done

Take heed of those words;

Pay mindful attention to

Those singing birds -

Still hours of sun

Left there in the sky;

So take heed and take speed;

Set out to comply.

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