My Best Friend is a Mutant

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Submitted: April 25, 2018

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Submitted: April 25, 2018




It was a rainy day. My doorbell rings. I answer the door and find this on the front porch. I yell into the house, “ We got another one! “


My mother, looking distressed and tired, sprints to the door frantically, a look of pure horror on her usually calm face. “ Oh no, oh my. Talia, honey dispose it elsewhere please, before it--” She didn’t get to finish her sentence though because seconds later the plump package began to tear and expand, slowly growing, letting bits of the plastic wrap flutter around. My mom and I automatically cringed, just as we did to the other 50 we’ve gotten… oh wait, make that 51. Now, you are probably pretty curious of to what may be in these mysterious shipments, and I’ll explain. So, one completely normal day, our doorbell rang. So normal, no sarcasm there. My older brother, Daylyn opened the door, still normal. He picked up the package carefully, therefore it read “Fragile handle with care”. “Heavy!” Daylyn gasped as he slowly set it down in our kitchen, he turned on the sink and let cool ice water flow into a cup. My twin, Claire, and I embraced it eagerly, because, hey, doesn’t every average kid love packages? No? Well Claire and I do. So yeah, We opened the parcel, no shipping address or anything. Inside was what gave me nightmares for what was going to most likely be the rest of my life… Are you ready for this? Wow, you’re tough, so fine. Inside this thing was a human. Yep, a sleeping human with a sign that said, “ just add water to”. Eew. The human looked about maybe 30 or so. Kylie, Daylyn, my mom, and dad looked pale and just as freaked out as I was. My dad looked at us kids. “ Don’t add water to.” but it was too late, Daylynn spilled his glass water of all over it from shock, the human ripped through the plastic as if it were a thin sheet of tissue paper, and rose to its full height towering over us. Claire screamed and ran off, but I looked up at my parents and said, “Can I name it?” My mother shook her head slowly, “ Just go take it for a walk and leave it at that alley way down the road between Shoprite and the bowling alley.” She instructed, as she inched away from it every word she said. I shrugged, “Sure, but can I name it before it goes?” My dad rolled his bright blue eyes, “Fine.” I grinned broadly, “I love you! I’ll go get Mocha’s old leash and collar for Jonah.” My parents looked at me funny, “ Jonah?” They exclaimed in usion. “Yeah.” I grunted, trying to yank the body through the hallway by its arm, “ You said I could name it.” I shoved the human into our living room, roughly, and headed for our puppy, Mocha’s, leash quickly. “Ouch!” I cried, stubbing my toe on the corner of the wall. “Ouch.” I heard a melancholy voice repeat from the living room. I cautiously peered in, and found Jonah staring at me thoroughly as if I were an animal being tested with a new chemical. “Ouch.” Repeated the man. My eyes widened, “ Whoa!” I exclaimed eyeing up my frankenstein. Jonah turned to me, “ Whoa.” He blandly said, his gray eyes still staring into my soul. I smiled, I just made a new friend! I thought to myself observing him. I quickly shook the thought away. No. I firmly told myself. I am going to do what my parents asked of me. And with that I clasped the leash to Jonah’s baby blue shirt, and pulled him towards the door.


During our walk down the street many people stared at us, and I don't blame them, A 13 year old taking a 30 year old for a walk? You don't see that every day! Jonah just stared straight ahead and put one foot in front of the other as I did. Later after we arrived in the alley I waved to Jonah and he waved back at me. Tears brimmed my eyes, as I left him alone in the alley just standing there blankly.


*Ding dong*  Day after day I took each human at our door for a walk. Claire has been locked up in her room more lately, and Daylynn would go hide at his friend, Brody? house for the day. I would name each human, ages ranging from 11 to 45. There was Jonah, Bella, Natalie, Tobey, Claire, ( My twin, Claire was not happy with me)Marshall, Devon, Breeze, Allistor, Jose, Olivar, Kate, Mia, Frank, and now, Lucas. After I dumped the 15 year old off at Greenlane Park, I sprinted back home prepared for the next human to come.


I woke up groggily, and pulled the pillow over my nest of tangled, brown, hair sleepily. I glared at my alarm clock perched on my dresser, the green digits on it read 7.00 am. I groaned, this is the time the deliveries usually arrive, after practically dragging myself out of bed I threw on a purple shirt with some cat saying something sarcastic, to go along with a pair of ripped skinny jeans. I yanked the comb teeth through my tangles, letting my hair fall loosely past my shoulders slightly. I  flew down the stair railing, bracing myself for the bell to chime annoyingly. *Ding dong* cried the doorbell impatiently. Claire stopped mid-chew in a mouthful of Cheerios, and Daylyn neglected the toast that had just popped out of the toaster. My Mom nodded to me to open it. My sibling´s eyes followed me as I blew past them, quickly, groping for the door knob. The door creaked open on my hand´s twist. Automatically I bent down and picked up the package, grabbing a cup of water and gently pouring it over the body. A girl who looked about Claire and I’s age emerged from the wrappings, and looked at me curiously. This one had pretty blue eyes and dirty blond hair, one perfect dimple on her left cheek. She, of course, looked at me blankly, therefore all of their knowledge is at 0%, but she was the first child to be my age, if not SUPER close to it. “Hey, Claire! Come here!” I called to my cowering sister, whom had not yet swallowed her Cheerios. Claire remained silent, so I dragged the new girl into the kitchen. “Talia! Do not bring that monster thing near me.” She cried through her mouthful of cereal, jutting out her spoon defensively, as if the blondie was going to attack her. Daylyn grabbed his toast and ran out the open door, his eyes wide open. “Claire, it’s okay, this is…” I paused for a moment to examine the teen. “Shiloh.” I decided after a moment. “Yes, Shiloh. Listen Claire bear, they are all perfectly harmless!” I knocked on Shiloh’s skull to prove my point. Shiloh remained still. “ They have no knowledge, you have to teach it to them. If you teach them how to, be rude and evil then they’ll be that way , but I’m going to teach Shi how to love!” Claire’s face softened, but only slightly. “ How do I know you’re not tricking me?” She asked. “ Just talk to her.” I urged, letting my sister approach Shiloh. “ Hi, Shiloh.” My twin cautiously murmured, circling the newest body slowly.  “ Hi, Shiloh.” Shiloh repeated. Claire then did something unexpected… she smiled! “ Oh my gosh Tally! I love you, mom and dad HAVE to let us keep her as our triplet!” Claire ran over to me and gave me a bear hug. A Claire bear hug as we used to say when we were little. I was already suffocating from my sis’s grip, but then it tightened softly. I looked up and saw Shiloh’s arms wrapped around us, her smile matching ours. “ Look at that, Claire,” I whispered, “you just taught our BFF how to love.”


“It’s not going to work.” My father said, shaking his head, later in our living room. “ We can’t just find a human in a package on our doorstep, and take it in as our own.” My mom looked at me sympathetically, putting her cold hands on my shoulders. “ Talia, you were doing so well, bringing each body out to every location possible, I don’t know what happened.” I felt my eyes well up with tears as she spoke. “But Mocha…” I started, but my dad put up his hand, motioning for me to stop talking, “ Mocha was a stray puppy, puppies are pets, humans are not.” I looked down at the tiny Yorkie Poo puppy snuggled up on my lap, breathing heavily. “But-” My mother cut in before I could complain, “ No buts Talia.” She said sternly. Both of my parents looked genuinely serious. I grimaced, “ Okay, but can Shiloh stay for the night?” My father nodded, “ Just don’t get too attached to it.” I nodded, but inside, I was already attached to her. I had to do something.


I awoke the next morning at 7:00am precisely, waiting for the doorbell, as I French-braided my hair, slowly, Claire in the mirror next to me, teaching Shiloh how to put her hair up in a ponytail. I have to admit, Shiloh was doing better than Claire. Claire and I stayed up late last night teaching Shiloh, the basic kindergarten stuff like counting, the alphabet, and full sentences. Now, Shiloh can say many things like, “Hey, Claire and Talia!” and “ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ!” Right off the bat, but the only thing that is a problem is that she doesn’t know WHEN to say them. Like last night, when Claire and I were experimenting on Shiloh, I said “Hi” to her, but she responded saying, “Red. No thank you.” We have a lot of work to do, and there’s no doubt about THAT…


I looked at our kitchen clock, while I scarfed down a buttery, raisin, English Muffin for breakfast. The hour hand was slightly past 7, the minute hand 30 seconds before turning to the 6. It was 7:30am! The doorbell didn’t ring! Maybe it was broken? I peeked through the curtains looking out on the front porch. The porch was empty except for a small Tanager pecking at a worm in the sidewalk crack. Then I saw something glinting in the rising sunlight, I ran outside and saw a note taped to our front door. I plucked it off the door and read it:


Every morning I leave a friend at your door,

If you don’t take it in, I just leave more,

There is a really good reason,

I only do this for one season,

I am Shiloh’s father,

I am happy you even bothered,

To take my little girl in as your own,

Therefore my baby would be left all alone,

Teach my girl love, teach her the basics,

She is all yours, go on and take it,

Every morning your fingers can stop impatiently drumming,

Therefore, I’m done, I’ve really stopped coming,

Talia and Claire, I would really love to meet you

I have two last words and they are “thank you”

P.S. Meet me at Yvonne's Coffee and stuff cafe on Friday... I and the other’s will be there… - Professor Philliam Nicholas Irvine-Natalio- DeLopezannori The third (You can call me Phil)


By the time I finished reading the letter I was crying hysterically. This man, “Phil”,  has been dumping packages full of human bodies on my doorstep, so Claire, And I (probably Daylyn too…) are supposed to take them in. Whenever I left the others down at various places downtown, I was not doing this guy a favor, I was abandoning his children! How did he even get so many of them? And why are they wrapped up in a package? Why do we have to add water? And especially why are they clueless? Isn’t this guy supposed to be teaching his quote unquote, “Children?” I knew I was going to find my answers tomorrow at Yvonne’s cafe…


“Hurry up, Claire!” I urged my sister, impatiently, “ Mom and dad are going to see Shiloh, we were supposed to dump her at the zoo 24 hours ago!” Claire, on the other hand, just glared at me, “ Shy Shy needs to learn proper hygiene first, Talia.” Claire tossed her hair and shoved a toothbrush into Shiloh’s open mouth. I made  a face, “ Shy Shy?” I spat. “I’m the one who actually took Shiloh! You, Claire, were the one, gravely afraid of her!” Claire narrowed her eyes at me, all sassy like, “ She’s OURS, Talia! Remember the note? It specifically said that he would like to meet, US! Claire and Talia Adeler! We!” Claire yelled back at me, flailing her arms as she spoke. I was about to retort back to her when a gentle hand was placed on my shoulder. I looked up to see Shiloh with one of her smooth arms on each of our shoulders, “Come on guys, simmer down, there’s no need to fight.” She said quietly. My mouth dropped open, and Claire’s face had turned a sickly shade of white. “Shi-Shiloh?” I cautiously whispered inching closer to her. Shiloh looked at me, “Yes, Talia?” She asked making Claire’s face turn purple almost instantly. “How, Shiloh?” I continued. “How are you speaking so fluently?” Shiloh, on the other hand, looked excited. “I know! It’s so awesome being able to steak, I mean speak, so… so… um.” Shiloh looked at us, “What’s the word?” “Fluently?” I suggested, quickly recovering from my shock, Claire still remained possessed. Shiloh smiled, “Yes! That’s it! I have been learning from Father every night, when you and Claire were slow apple.” She explained. I looked at her funny, “ Slow apple? Are you sure you don’t mean ‘Fast Asleep’?” Shiloh grimaced, “ Oh, right. Sorry! I’m not fully cape cod of talking good yeti.” I sighed, “ I think you mean that you are not fully capable of talking good yet.” Shiloh whacked herself on the head with the palm of her hand roughly. “Nose, I hid it antelope, I’m sassy. Imp jelly going boo retainer snowy, frisbee, Tammy, under Casie.” I stared at her, “You mean--” I started, but Shiloh put up her hand to stop me, making the zipping lips and throwing away the key motion. “I think she said, ‘No, I did it again, I’m sorry, I’m just going to remain silent, forever, Talia, and Claire.” Claire spoke up softly, fiddling with the locket chain around her neck. I gaped at her and Shiloh grinned, and gave my sister a thumbs up. “ Oh. My. Gosh.” Was all I could manage to blurt out at the sound of my prissy sister speaking up, let alone being able to translate Shiloh’s gibberish so clearly. Claire returned my comment with a nasty look that shut me up in a flash, Claire may be a priss on the outside, but on the inside she has some serious attitude if I don’t say so myself. Even once, when I was seven, Claire got mad at me and actually BROKE my arm, but all I could manage at the time was to give her a bloody nose. Of, course, Claire had to use her allowance to pay for the hospital bill, and go to an anger management class in Illinois. To this day I am deathly afraid of her temper, even though her smile is as cute and sweet as a kitten, and her voice as rich as fresh honey.  I felt my face flush in anger, “ I hate you guys so much! Claire has changed my creation, well. Phil’s creation into a prissy, know-it-all whom only thinks about her stinkin’ self!” I screamed at the top of my lungs, my fists in little balls, steam seeming to stream out of my ears non-stop. Shiloh spoke up, “But…” I have had enough, “ SHUT YOUR TRAP, MUTANT!” I screeched, making Shiloh jump. And with that I ran out the front door, letting it slam harder than I should have behind me.


I flew down the road faster than I thought was possible, not stopping completely until I reached Yvonne’s Cafè, out of breath. I scanned the area behind the diner, until I laid my eyes upon the prize: A stout, balding, man who looked about in his late 40’s sitting on one of the mossy-green benches perched outside, beside a horrifically, smelly dumpster. I pinched my nose as I came toward him, and when he saw me he smiled, but then grimaced, “ I put on deodorant today, I guess it wore away… I’m, sorry…” He muttered, hardly making eye contact with me. At first I was really confused, but then it dawned on me, “ Oh, no! Sorry!” I said removing my fingertips from the bridge of my nose, “ You know, smelly dumpsters full of moldy croissants, expired milk cartons, rotting coffee cups, and maybe even someone’s little brother!” Phil looked at me horrified, as I laughed, “ Just kidding! You get the point.” I explained. Mr. DeLopezannori gave me an understanding look. “ Oh, okay, so my deodorant is still working?” He asked me, looking slightly uncomfortable. I gave the air a sniff, “All I smell is garbage juice, and I’m not going to check, either. No offense.” I added, giving him a reassuring grin. “Phew.” The scientist breathed, wiping his sweaty brow, with the back of his chubby hand. “ My wife always tells me to buy another brand, so I did. And, I need to know if it’s any better than my old brand, so thank you for telling me that.” After he finished raving about smelly armpits, I took a deep breath, “ Mr. DeLopezannori,” I started, Phil cut in, “Call me Phil, please, kid.” I narrowed my eyes at him, “ Call me Talia, please.” I mocked, getting a dirty look in return to my retort. “You were saying, Talia.” Phil gestured for me to keep talking. “Um, Phil. Um… Where do I begin?” Phil just shrugged, so I kept going, “ You know how you sent that rhyme when I brought in Shiloh?” Phil stared at me blandly, “Duh.” He grumbled. “You are not a very mature adult, you know that, right, Phil?” I retorted to his three-letter comment. I guess I expected him to blow up at me and ignore me, like some immature 3-year-old would, but to my utter surprise, Phil stayed perfectly calm and just shrugged. “ My real daughter used to say that to me all the time, she reminds me of you by the way.” He plainly replied. I looked at Phil. “What’s her name?” I asked. Phil’s eyes looked red suddenly, and he snivelled. “You mean what was her name?” He mumbled sorrowfully. I felt a lump in my throat, “ What do you mean? Now you’re going to make me cry!” I whispered, through my oncoming tears. Phil looked up skyward, and smiled slightly, “four of ‘em.” Phil nodded to himself, “I had four beauties. Four. Alia, Bowdie, Charlie, and little Destiny.” I stared at him, “Are you talking to me or God?” I asked him quietly. “ Oh, Talia! I’m sorry! I lost them! I made my own… too many! Ohhh!” He burst into a river of tears, as I sat and watched him, silently. “ What happened to them, if you don’t mind me asking.” I added. “ Abducted.” Phil replied, “So the night I lost my babies, I created my own children, but they just kept on coming, and coming, so I just threw them



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