A Enemy becomes a Friend

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The Princess of the Vampires is kidnapped the day before her 18th birthday and her wedding day. And not by some ordinary person or Vampire. But by the Prince of the Vampires himself. And while Princess is the hands of this Vampire, she will find a secret that could turn everything upside down. And reveal the truth about everyone - vampires, her family, her loved ones and her twin brothers death.

Submitted: April 28, 2012

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Submitted: April 28, 2012




Chapter 1

From a young age you have some sort of picture in your mind about how your life is going to be – school, job, marriage, children and then death. Then there are those unlucky people who wont do most of those stages in their life.

This is basically everyone's life, maybe in different orders but still end up the same way. Hopefully.

Not mine.

Mine is school and most likely death, if we are lucky enough to not die then you go onto marriage, children then death.

Nearly ninety per cent of each generation wont make it past ten, let alone eighteen. Which is the age we marry.

My name is Lilly.

Just Lilly. No last name, or middle.

I’m seventeen. Almost eighteen. My birthday is tomorrow.

So is my wedding day.

But before tomorrow comes I have to go hunting. Its tradition.

I’ll go at midday with my father and his follower Zacariah. Aka the guy who wants to marry me.

But I’m already engaged, and have been for four years.

To a man named Ben.

Ben is a great man. He's caring, sweet, thoughtful, a little romantic. Ben has tan skin, long brown hair, dark brown eyes and he's very tall.

Plus he is twenty-three and not from around here.

Also he is a little slow in the head. I don’t care, though my mother does. My father is happy I’m marrying a once-an-enemy-of-our-people.


Looking up I see my combats teacher Mr Jonson. His wings are fluttering faster then usual. Meaning he was very angry. That's what happens with fairies, they show their emotion through their wings. Mr Jonson was about the size of two of my hands stacked on top of each other, and my hands aren't to big. His skin was the colour of faded denim, while his wings where the colour of the darkest blue. While his eyes were the colour coral blue. And he wore a white shirt and long pants - he always did for some reason.

I never could figure out how he could stay in the same place while his wings went as fast as they did right now, or when he winds are hardly moving.

"Mr Jonson. Hello,” I said, not fazed.

"What are you doing out here?” he demanded.

"Just sitting down. Looking out at the forest around me. Enjoying the smells and sounds. What about you?”

"Getting things ready for tomorrow,” almost regrettably, he said.

"So am I. I need to just be calm, and have some time on my own before my life really starts tomorrow. So please don’t tell anyone I’m out here. Please Mr Jonson. Please,” I said, looking him straight into his eyes.

His wings slowed. Almost not beating at all. He sighed. “You got four hours until you have your hunting trip. So be back at eleven. And no later or I'll tell your father where you've been all morning.”

"Thank you, Mr Jonson. I’ll be back at eleven. I promise,” I said. Putting my right hand over my heart, then bringing It to my lips, to then bow my head in respect and finally putting my hand to my side again.

"See you back at eleven. Lilly, no minute later,” he said, turning and flying away.

Leaning back against the tree, I watch Mr Jonson fly away. Once he was gone I stood up and started to walk deeper into the forest. Watching the animals run away from me, or watching them watch me.

Finding the spot I always come to before big events I sit and listen and wait for my time as a free woman to end at eleven o'clock.

Dreading every second of it.

Chapter 2

Back at the village I head towards the castle – my home. Everyone in the village watched me walk past.

I was halfway home when Ben came into view.

Ben!” I said, running to him, and placing my arms around his neck and kissing his lips. He placed his arms around me.

Lilly,” he sighed.

What are you doing out here?” I asked, dropping my arms. He didn’t let me go.

I couldn’t find you. Anywhere. So I came looking for you,” he said, picking me up.

Ben!” I said, laughing.

He carried me the rest of the way home. We went our separate ways at the door. Him to his room and me to mine.

I needed to get ready.

Getting to my room, I close and lock the door. Before turning to find my clothes are already ready, placed neatly on my bed. Walking to my bed, I start to undress. Pulling on the long, black skinny jeans and the black fitted tank top.

Last I put on a long jacket – Black. Its sleeves going just past my wrists, and the tail going all the way down to my ankles. Finally I slip on some black boots.

I turn and go towards my door, I about to go through when I stop. I turn and grabbed my guns and knives that I will be using, placing them in their spots. Then I go back to my mission – to find my father.

Chapter 3

"Father, its beenfive hours and nothing,” I whispered. We – my father, Zacariah and I – were in our hunting positions.

"Shh,” my father hissed. “There here.” They?!

Why couldn’t it just be one?!
Did I mention this is my first real hunting trip. Sure I’ve trained but never actually gone out hunting before. I’m dead meat.

Zacariah looked towards my father. “Shall we go?” he whispered.

"Yes,” my father said, nodding. He then turns towards me. “Are you ready?”

I nod. This is what we are born for. Well close to. We were Vampire Hunters but vampires are now extinct or very few remain . So we made a treaty with them – around a hundred years ago. No killing on either side now. So now we hunt giant pigs.

"Okay,” my father said. “We will split up...you know the rules, also if you need help – yell.”

I nod again. Not trusting my voice. He got up and walked away.

"Live long, Lilly,” Zacariah said, getting up and walking in a different direction to my father.

"Okay Lilly, just a pig – no, pigs. You can do it,” I said, walking forward. This part of the forest is foreign to me. I’ve been forbidden to come here until now. So I have no clue where to start looking.

Pulling out one of my guns I look around. I listen. Pushing out all of my senses.

"Where are you?” I whispered.

"Who? Me?” said a voice from behind me. I turn and freeze. No one was there.

"Who is 'me'?” I ask, backing up against a large stone.

"Depends on who is asking,” said the voice, above me. I look up, pointing the gun up as well. Nothing again.

"Well I am asking. Who are you? And where are you?” I say, pulling out another gun.

"Put your guns away and i'll tell you,” the voice said.

"No. How do I know you're not armed?”

"Hmm...you don’t. Smart for someone who is so dumb,” the voice said, laughing.

"Who are you calling dumb?” I demanded, angry. My parents always said my emotions would be the death of me.

"You.” more laughter.

"Come out and show yourself, Coward!” I screamed.

The voice stopped laughing.

Everything seemed to go silent. No bugs, no birds, no trees whispering in the wind. Even the wind stopped blowing.

"Little Girl, you should watch who you call a coward.”

"Says you who is hiding from me,” I said, sarcastically.

"I'm not hiding. You just cant see me.”

I laugh. “That's basically the same thing!”

"No, its not,” said the voice. When I felt the coolness of steal at the base of my throat.

I look towards my right to see a boy about my age, maybe a little older standing there. Almost smirking.

"Hi, Little Girl,” he said, with a grin.

"Hi, Coward,” I said, smiling back.

The knife pressed deeper into the skin at my throat. I didn’t flinch.

Well at least that training works.

"I'm no coward. I haven’t been hiding. I’ve been standing here the whole time.”

"Sure, and I’m a vampire,” I said, sarcastically.

"Sure you are. But I don’t think you are. Though I know I am,” he said, calmly.

I laugh. “Sure, that's funny,” I said, knocking the knife out of his hand then pointing both my guns at his head.

"How is it funny?” he asked, not even a little worried at the guns pointed at his head. He also seemed amused.

"Well you said that your a vampire. Plus now I have both my guns pointed at your head.”

"I don’t find that funny. More of a death wish, actually.

"Why do you say that for?” I ask, never taking my eyes off him. Watching his every move.

"Well one, I really am a vampire. Two, you're in my territory. Three, I don’t like hunter's in my territory. Four, I don’t like hunters.”

"I'm not -”

All of a sudden he moved. My guns were gone, and I was pressed against the cold, damp, stone wall and him – hot, soft, him. He was everywhere. All along my body.

It took me a few seconds to come up to speed as to what had happened.

He was smiling – satisfied.

"Get off me!” I demanded, trying to push him away and getting no where.

"Why? You are so warm, and you smell so nice,” he said, so innocently. He then grabbed my wrists from his chest and put them down by my sides, then pressed his nose to my neck. Breathing in deeply.

I freeze. My heartbeat quickened without my permission. I tried to calm it but couldn’t. I was the hunter, not the hunted, but I was now, and I had been caught.

"Finally something other then bravo. I thought for a second there that you had no other emotions,” he said, running his nose along my neck. I squirm but he just closes in on me more.

"Let me go! Or I’ll scream! You cant hurt me! If you do you'll break the treaty,” I said, through gritted teeth.

"Ahh...the treaty. That's been broken for fifty years – at least. Plus I always wanted a pet. And you seem like the perfect pet for me,” he said, sliding his arms around my back, taking my wrist with his hands.

"No!” I said, trying to push him away with my legs and shoulders.

"No?” he said, laughing. “You have no choice, Little Girl. I got you, you cant get away.”

"Watch me.”

"I like your spirit. Lets see how quick it will take to break it,”

"You will never break me.”

"And that will make it even more fun for me,” he said, leaning away, then bringing my right wrist to his mouth, he then took hold of my elbow with his other hand. Leaving my other hand free. I try to pull away, but cant. He smiles wider.

"The more you struggle, the more it will hurt,” he said, like he actually cared.

First he sniffed my wrist, then sighed. He then placed his teeth on my skin, not piercing but just touching.

Our eyes connected. His showed hunger and desire. Whereas mine showed fear. I tried to cover it but I couldn’t.

"Don't! Let me go!” Think! Come on think! You have to get away from him somehow.

"Why?” he said, moving his teeth away from my skin.

My other hand just was hanging at my side. I got it! My hand was right next to where I had placed one of my knives that I carried. I wrapped my hand around the hilt.

"Because lots of people will come for me, if I don’t come back by five,” I lied.

He smirked. “I know how you hunters work, and your traditions.”

"What traditions?”

"How old are you?” he asked, ignoring my question. Also bringing my wrist back to his nose and inhaling.

"That's none of your business,” I said, slowly.

"Hmm...I'm getting bored here,” he said, bringing my wrist slowly to his mouth.

"So am I,” I said, trying to pull my wrist free, to no avail.

"Then, lets get this over with,” he said, sinking his teeth into my skin.

I scream, pain was shooting through my arm, feeling the blood slowly and painfully being sucked out. Pulling my knife out of its place I stab my knife into his stomach then I twist it.

Our eyes connected again and his showed pain, anger and shock. He let me go and fell to the ground. So did I.

"Now, why did you have to go and do that for?” he said, through his teeth. Like he was more annoyed then in pain.

I try to get up, but cant. So I start to crawl away. My mind going foggy.

"That's one way to stop a vampire from biting you,” I said, whispering.

"You know you cant get away from a vampire once they bite you...you do know that, right?” he said, sounding better.

Shit that’s right, stupid fucking Vampire spit!

I risk a look to find he had pulled out the knife, and was sitting up. The wound wasalready healing, rapidly.

"Unfair,” I whispered. Crawling faster. Then I stop. He had grabbed my ankle.

"You didn't answer my question! Damn you!”

"Let me go! You stupid Vampire!”

"Ouch, that really hurts,” he said, sarcastically.

"Hope it did,” I said, collapsing on the ground, unable to hold myself up any longer. My right side of my face resting on the ground. My eyes barely staying open.

"Goodnight, Little Girl,” he said, before picking me up.

Last thing I heard before I went into unconsciousness was laughter.

Chapter 4

Something woke me, I don’t know if it was the pain in my arm or for the fact that someone was poking me in the face. Which was probably Kathy.

I swot at the hand and turn away from her. But she just kept on poking me, but on my back this time.

"Will you please just stop poking me!” I mumbled.

"Why don’t you make me?” not Kathy said.

I freeze.

"Morning, Little Girl. How are we this morning?”

I stayed silent.

"Not gonna talk to me? How rude,” he said, laughing.

I felt something tighten around my neck, which in response I bring my hands up to pull it away but they just get stung.

"What is this?” I say, half chocking.

"Every time you don’t answer or lie to me, this chain will get tighter and tighter until you agree to answer me.”

"What if I refuse to answer, until it kills me?”

"I can stop it, try again when you gain conciousness. We can do this for forever. I can just drag it out,” he said, smirking.

I sit up. And finally see that the chain went from around my neck then lead to his hand. I glared at him.

"So lets try the questions thing again. How old are you?”


"On what?”

"What day, time and year it is,” I said, sarcastically. The chain tightened. I could feel blood drip down my throat.

He glared at me. “There are also blades on this chain.”

I glared back. “You neglected to say that.”

"Answer the question.”

"Eighteen – I think.”

"Explain,” he demanded.

"Is it the next day?”


"Then I’m eighteen.”

He laughed.

"What's so funny?” I demanded.

"Nothing. Got a name?” I didn’t reply, so the chain tightened.

"Lilly,” I said, choking, the chain became lose.


"Lilly!” I yelled. “Geez” I whispered.

"Lilly. Hmm...” he said, coming to sit right in front of me, I look away from him. “Look at me.”

"No.” if he realised i was the Princess of the Vampire Hunters i was dead.

"Yes.” The chain tightened. I looked at him. More like glare. “Huh, I thought I’ve seen you before. Especially those purple eyes. Your - “

"Lilly, yes. I’m Lilly,” I said, rolling my eyes.

He grabbed my chin, roughly. Our faces now only inches apart.

"No, that’s not what I was gonna say. I was gonna say that your the daughter of King John,” he said, watching my expression. I just glared at him. “Is it true?”

I just poked my tongue out. Which resulted in the chain to tighten. I nodded.

"Better,” he said, turning and tying the chain to the wall. “I'll be back soon, try not to miss me,” he said, walking out the door.

Oh I’m sure I wont.

Chapter 5

I don’t know how many days its been, but all I know is that I’m twenty-one, and that I should have been married by now.

And hoping someone is missing me or realises I am missing. Hopefully Ben isn’t too worried about me.

Well I guess he would be, cause I’m worried about me. Really worried.

All this guy does is ask me questions. Well also look at me non-stop that its beyond creepy.

I refuse to answer the questions, till the pressure gets a little to much for me to handle. I have passed out three times so far. Not the greatest feeling in the world. The feeling of suffocating, like you will die, cause you don’t know if you will come back or not. And I don’t know what he is doing to me while I’m asleep. That’s the scariest bit.

I’ve been awake for about twenty minutes and he hasn’t shown up yet. He usually arrives a few seconds after I awake or is already there, sitting crossed-legged, staring down at me, with a smile on his face.

I wonder why he isn’t here...

Has my father finally realise I’m not hunting? That I was no where to be found? Does he know I was taken by a vampire? Does he even care? Probably did cause without me the twokingdomscouldn’t become one...

This isn’t going to end good, Ben's father would think that this would be a sign of war or worse, end the marriage between Ben and I...

I have to get out of here. But how? This chain wont let me get anywhere, especially when I think of escape.

It tightens when I get those thoughts. I cant believe this stupid chain can read my damn thoughts! There is no way a stupid -

The chain tightens dramatically.

"Fine,” I choke out. “Be that way!”

"Who are you talking to?” came the reply from behind me, with a very amused tinge.

I don’t turn around. Now he was surprising me by just turning up out of thin air. Cause I have my eyes always on the door, and it did not open.

"Why do you care?” came my reply. Which I would know I would get a tightening around my neck. But none came.

"Iask the questions, you know that, Little Girl,” he said, shifting. I could now feel him at my back.

"You know my name, and yet you chose not to use it. Plus I find it unfair that you know my name but I don’t know yours. And its been how many days?” the last bit came out to much of a question for my liking.

He didn’t speak. Like he was debating on whether or not to tell me. It was better then what I got before – tightening of the chain.

I didn’t push. If I did, he might not tell me.

"Will,” came the whisper.

"What?” I asked, shocked. I turned around, facing him, he was closer then I thought.

"Will. William. That’s my name,” he said, a glint in his eyes.

"William...?” that name sounded familiar.

"Yes?” he asked, moving even more closer to me. I had no personal space here.

"Oh no!” I said, moving away from him. “NO! This cant be! No!” I was backing away.

"What's wrong, Lilly? Don't like my name?” he asked, laughing. He followed me. Like a predator. Keeping the same distance between his prey at all times while always trying to move in.

"You cant be! No! Get away from me! This cant be happening.”

"Come now, tell me Lilly.” he said, grabbing my foot and halting my mission to get away from him.

"YOU! You! I cant believe this! How can you be him? He – you – are suppose to be dead!”

Okay i do have more to this story, i didnt realise to later that i cant do chapters in this setting so i have more chapters but in another Novel called An Ememy become

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