Fire, Murder and the Living

Fire, Murder and the Living

Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy



Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy



Liz family is almost completely murdered in a fire - well fires. The fishy bit is that they were all over the world when they died, at the exactly the same time. The only 2 other family members who survived - her cold grandmother and her cousin.
A few days after Liz'z family's deaths, her grandmother takes her and her cousin to a very strange villiage, when she then abandons them there the next day.
But there is something very odd in this place, and with the males here to...
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Liz family is almost completely murdered in a fire - well fires. The fishy bit is that they were all over the world when they died, at the exactly the same time. The only 2 other family members who survived - her cold grandmother and her cousin.
A few days after Liz'z family's deaths, her grandmother takes her and her cousin to a very strange villiage, when she then abandons them there the next day.
But there is something very odd in this place, and with the males here to...

Chapter1 (v.1) - Fire, Murder and the Living

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Liz family is almost completely murdered in a fire - well fires. The fishy bit is that they were all over the world when they died, at the exactly the same time. The only 2 other family members who survived - her cold grandmother and her cousin.
A few days after Liz'z family's deaths, her grandmother takes her and her cousin to a very strange villiage, when she then abandons them there the next day.
But there is something very odd in this place, and with the males here to...

Chapter Content - ver.1

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 28, 2012



Chapter 1

I would have never have thought that this would happen to me. Two days ago all my family were killed in their homes when they burnt to the ground, killing my parents, cousins, two older brothers, uncles and aunties. The only people that survived the ordeal were my cousin, Shontae, my grandmother, Carol, and me.

None of us got seriously hurt, just minor burns on our arms, backs, legs and smoke inhalation. Gratefully it wasn’t anything to serious.

Its midnight and I'm watching the late news in a hotel room that Shon and I are staying in. Shontae is lying next to me on the double bed, sleeping, whereas, our ‘grandmother’ is staying on the other side of the hotel. You would think that that now that there is only three members of my family left that I would like Carol more, I don't. And I don’t think I'll ever will.

I turn my attention back to the news. There are different types of experts: forensics, police, CIA, and other people talking about the deaths of my family. No one would be talking about this if it hadn't been all – most – of my family dying. But the real reason no one can stop talking about it is because my family weren't all in the same house, but all over the world, when their houses went up in flames at the same time.

There talking about who would want to kill this family? Who could do such a thing? What is going to happen to the remaining family members of the richest families in the world? How do we protect the remaining members? Do we protect them? How are we going to find the killer/killers? Etc.

I take a deep breath. I look at Shon again. She is the most effected by what happened two days ago. Well, the most emotionally effected compared to me. You're probably thinking why aren't I crying and screaming about what happen to my family? Well, the only way I can tell you is that I was never really close to my family – except for Shon. Plus I hide my emotions - well more likely thoughts not emotions. Though I have to defend myself, I did cry for a few hours but that I don't want to get into that right now, it brings tears to my eyes just by thinking that person's name.

Maybe for the fact that I didn't cry for my parents, they never really care what happened to me as long as I passed all my classes, didn't get in their way and didn't get into trouble.

Shaking my head I bring myself back to the present, and what is happening now, to Shontae and I. And that problem is the person that is looking after us until I'm old enough to look after both of us on our own but having to be under the care of Carol, Grandma Carol. I've only met her a few times in my whole entire life, and I didn't like her back then, and I still don't like her now. Not that I don't think that Carol can look after us – she is extremely wealthy – but she is taking us away from our lives, friends, school and family (well, us saying our last goodbye).

So Shontae and I don't really want to leave and go anywhere Carol takes us. And she is making us get up at five am in the morning and to be out of the hotel at five-fifteen am, what teenager ever gets up that early without a fight? I check the time now, less then 5 hours left. Sigh. Great, maybe I need to get some sleep before we travel tomorrow. I wish I knew where we're going; how we're getting there and how long it is going to take us to get there.

I turn the TV off, go to the bed, cover myself with the blanket and try to get some sleep before we head off to a place where Shon and I will be staying for not very long. Hopefully.




I am watching the scene of my family becoming engrossed with flames. The flames first start at the bottom of the walls and work there way up the wall to finally dance across the roof to finally crawl around each individual family member in the room. I scream at them to run, but they don't listen to me, it’s like they like the feel of the flames on their skin. Then I see the figure that I am most ashamed of losing. They stood in the corner furthest from me, dressed in all black, with their back to me. I look for a way to get to them, but there is no way now that the flames have taken up most of the room.

I scream in frustration. And then scream his name as loud as I could. He turned his head, nothing else moved; his piercing blue eyes connect with my dark green. When they did he didn't do what I thought he would – frown - but he smile, but a smile that said that he wish that I wasn't in here. He said something that I couldn't quite catch, because now the flames became people and were coming towards me. He yelled the words at me this time, turning his body towards me. He said, I'm sorry, but it has to be this way. It will make sense one day. I start to back away when I want to walk forward to hug him, he looked so sad that it broke my heart to look.

The fire men had grabbed my arms, they burned, others grabbed my legs, and more grabbed me around the middle. Until I felt like I might turn to a crisp and float away with the wind, when they throw me into the wall. I look up just in time to see my parents; family and he (the forbidden name) also turn into fire people. They came towards me and something in their expression told me to get out of there, but I couldn't. They were nearly -

A bump in the road jumped me out of my dream. Shon, Carol and I have been travelling for hours. Not really heading in any direction. Carol has most likely has gotten us lost and is pretending that she knows where she's going.

Are you sure you know where you’re going?” I asked, for what seem for the hundredth time.

Yes.” One word. Clipped

I knew I wouldn't get anything else out of her, so I turned my attention out the window. The scenery went past in different shades of green, brown and black.

I wonder how much it would hurt for me to open the door and jump out into the forest around me. I wonder what Carol would do? I smiled at that. But I quickly scrap that plan. I couldn't leave Shontae behind, my only true family left. She sat in the back seat of the car, sleeping. And Carol sat next to me in the driver's seat.

I sigh. Looking at Carol now I can see my mother hidden in Carol's face. With white skin, blue eyes, short, brown ringlets – with grey staring to go through it – tall figure and still beautiful – well in a creepy way.

But on the other hand my other family member in the car is the complete opposite. Shon has olive skin, long brown straight hair, and dark coffee eyes, tall and also skinny. She is also only thirteen, just starting high school - let alone life.

Me though, short, emerald green eyes, long straight brown hair, freckles, white skin and in my last year of high school. I’m sixteen turning seventeen. So this change doesn't help me at all with my education.

That thought brings me to another. My friends. My last day. Yesterday. Saying goodbye to them. Having to tell them that this is my last day and I don't know when I was going to be back. All of them shocked with what I had just said. Them trying to get me to stay by offering their homes. Also trying to comfort me for what had happened the day before. But I told them that I will be fine as well as the fact that as much as I'd like to stay here I couldn't leave Shon and that I had no choice in the matter whether I stay or go.

But thinking about yesterday brings me unhappy as well happy memories. Leaving my friends that day was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I thought of my happy life before the so called 'accident' happened until I fell back asleep in the car. With no piercing, blue eyes disturbing my sleep this time.


Chapter 2

When I woke up the car was slowing to a stop, it was dark. I pulled my jumper closer to myself, glad that I wore it – as well as other reasons, but the main was because this place was freezing. I was also glad that I was wearing my blue jeans, socks and converse.

Shontae got out of the car as the same time as Carol did and I quickly follow them out. I look over to Shon and see that she is was cold. For one thing she was wearing a jumper but had pants that only just touched her knees and flip flops on. But Carol on the other hand didn't look cold at all in her pencil skirt, blouse and high heels.

Carol locked the car. I looked around for the first time and all I could basically see was black, I could also see a light shinning through the leaves of the trees that were brushing up along each other to make a rustling sound.

I pulled my jumper even more closely around myself and walked over to where Shontae was standing. Shontae looked at me but I didn't look at her, instead I followed Carol. We walked straight to were the light was. There wasn't anything around.

This was odd, as well as really weird.

It took a couple of minutes to reach where the light was. It was a light pole. With at least 3 metres of open space around it until the trees line, Carol stood straight under the light but Shon and I stood a few metres away from the light pole, looking around us.

I knew what Shon was thinking, I was thinking the same thing, that someone could easily be watching us and they could easily ambush us.

About ten minutes later – of thinking how we could be attacked, killed or kidnapped – someone walked into the circle of light. Carol seemed to stand up even straighter. “Eddy!” Carol said, not surprised at all by the man's appearance.

Carol it’s so good to see you! How are you?” the man named Eddy said. The man had skin that you can tell that he had worked in the sun for many years, tall, skinny, back hair that had grey through it and dark eyes.

Shontae looked at me again but I just kept my eyes on Eddy and Carol. Especially Carol, at how she acted all superior and friendly. Like a queen.

Then I caught movement in the corner of my eye and I turned my head to see two guys come into the glow of light, I also heard Shontae's intake of breath. I could basically picture what Shontae was thinking. I started to laugh but quickly stopped when I got a death look from Carol.

Umm, sorry,” I said, not looking at anyone when I said it. The guys were looking at me when I brought my head up again. They both wore long black jeans, they looked about the same age as me – maybe a year older - and they were tall, that was the only thing the same about them. The guy on the left had a black singlet on, black sneakers, black hair, tan skin and blue eyes. Whereas the guy on the right had a white singlet on, blonde hair, white sneakers and pale green eyes.

I look at Carol. “Shon and I can the bags out of the car, if you want us to?” I asked. By this time the two guys we're standing in between Carol and me but where off a bit, making it into a weird looking triangle.

Yes, here are the keys.” Carol said, throwing the keys at me. I went to catch them but the guy with the black hair caught them. I looked at him. Maybe someone was watching us after all.

William and I can kelp if you liked?” Black hair asked.

Umm, sure.” I didn't really want their help but Shon and I couldn't carry all the stuff in one go by ourselves.

Shon and I turn when Carol says, “Shontae you will stay here. I'm pretty sure Elizabeth, Blake and William can handle it by themselves.” How did she know their names?

I froze for a second before I started walking towards the car again. I had taken five steps before Blake and William had caught up to me. I couldn't really see anything around me but black and the outlines of the trees. I was obviously going a bit off course when someone – I don't know which - guy grabbed my right arm.

Their hand felt cold.

We walked in silence for a few minutes when someone spoke.

I'm Blake, how old are you?” so Blake was the one with black hair on my left and the blonde haired guy was William, who was holding onto my arm – still.

I'm sixteen nearly seventeen,” I answered.

You don't look sixteen,” Blake replied.

I get that a lot.”

Hmm....” This was William. He didn't seem happy.

I didn't realise that we had reached the car until Blake unlocked the car and the lights flashed. Though we had reached the car, William still hadn't let go of my arm and it was starting to hurt.

Ahh, William?”

Yes?” he said, surprised.

Can you please let me go now?” I said, tapping my arm.

Oh, sorry.” he let go of my arm and took a couple of steps away from me.

It's okay.” I rubbed my arm.

I walk around to the bout of the car where most of our gear was. But to say that it was mine and Shon's is really an overstatement. It's probably twenty per cent Shon's and mine and eighty per cent Carol's. Plus a few things in the back of the car that was mine. Like books, pencils and reading books.

Blake opened the bout and starts to pull out some things. “Be careful, some of the stuff in there is pretty heavy,” I say, when Blake is about to pick up one of Carol's 'small' bags.

Blake grabs the handle and lifts in out of the car with little effort and only using one hand. Wow. Okay he is strong. Or maybe I'm just weak. It's most likely I'm weak.

I go to pick up one of the larger bags when William walks up and picks it up. I sigh and decide to get the stuff out of the back of the car instead. I open the door and start to pack up everything into the bags. When I have everything I get out and close the door.

I look back to see Blake and William caring all the bags. I feel guilty for caring all the light stuff. “Do you want a hand with that?” I ask.

Blake laughs, William just stands there. “No, I'm pretty sure that we can handle all of this. Do you want us to help you with that?” Blake teased.

Har har. No, I'm fine with this.” I say, trying to make sure nothing falls on the ground. “Let’s get back before I drop everything, though.” I turn towards the light and start to walk.

I look around me. It felt like people were watching me. I shivered again. It was probably nothing, just my mind playing tricks on me. But it was creepy here.

When I got back to the light I turned around to check if they had followed me. About two minutes later, still, no one had come into the light. shoot! I've lost them! Great! Now how am I supposed to find my way? I don't even know where I'm supposed to be sleeping tonight. Maybe I can find my way back to the car but I highly doubt that.

All of a sudden Blake and William appear in the light. Blake smiled at me while William gave me none.

Afraid you lost us?” Blake teased, walking to stand next to me.

I wasn't afraid,” I said, stiffly.

Blake laughed, “Sure, well let’s go. We got to show you to your room yet.” He nudges me in the right direction and gestured for me to walk. So I did.

About three minuted later I started to see lots of little lights. It looked really pretty, like small fireflies flying in the dark and scary night. But when I move closer I realise that the lights are attached to small buildings (which I guess to be where people live). At this point Blake walks ahead of me, giving me a wink while he passes me and heads right to go between two buildings. I start to follow when I hear someone clear their throat. I turn to see William standing there facing left.

You actually go this way,” he says, starting to walk forward into a darker section of the buildings.

Okay,” I said, following.

When I actually get inside I realise that the buildings aren't really that scattered apart, but in two main groups, while also being in a circle. All the buildings surrounded a small hut thing that had my Grandmother and Shon standing out front with Eddy and another man.

William slows so that he is standing right next to me. “You should go to Carol and Shontae. I'll take this to your hut.”

Ah, that's not mine or Shon. That's Carol.” I object.

Oh,” he says, turning to me slowly, confused. “I just thought...” William took a few things from me so that I had only one bag.

It's fine. Blake also took a few bags of Carol's but he had a few of mine and Shon's to the hut. You can tell who's who. Mine and Shon's are coloured whereas Carol's are black or plain colours.” I smile.

I'll go tell Blake that. Well I'll see you around.” he turned and walked away quickly. Okay that was weird. He couldn't get away from me quick enough.

I shrug. Oh, well I won’t be here long enough to worry. Only two-three days tops. Who cares if someone thinks I'm weird or strange? Not me. So I walk over to Shon, Carol, Eddy and the strange man.

When I get there Carol introduces me to the strange man, his name is Frank and he is the-so-called “Mayor” of this small village. We shake hands and I got a better look at-the-so-called-Frank. He looked exactly like Eddy just older. His hair was eighty per cent grey.

He was something along the lines about how we will enjoy it here when I started to yawn. Soon Shon followed.

I'm sorry. I'm keeping you from sleeping,” Frank apologised,

Its fine,” I said, I would have told him that I was already tired before he started to talk and not that he was boring me but Carol's evil eyes stopped me.

Maybe you girls should go to bed and I'll talk to Frank,” Carol suggested.

Sure!” Shon said enthusiastically.

Okay,” I said, shrugging.

Who will show them to the hut?” Carol asked. Not even looking at us, like we didn't even matter.

I think Blake or William will be back shortly. But if the girls would like to go over now it’s not that hard to find.

Before Carol or Shon could say anything I said, “Shon and I should be able to find it if you give us directions.”

So with that Frank gave us directions, I grabbed Shon's hand and pulled her away before Carol could say anything.

Hey! What's your problem?” Shon demands, pulling her hand out of mine.

That guy gave me the creeps and you seemed to be in awe with him so I did you a favour and got you out of there before you started to dribble. And also I’m tired and I want to sleep.”

Shon laughed. But not in the happy way but a laugh that sounded like she didn't know what I was planning but was going to find out.

Right. You’re supposed to be a cool and let me do what I want, not give me this speech about weirdo’s and so forth.” Se said, while walking away from me. I know she was joking but I’ve been called a weirdo more times then I can count, as well some other words that I do not intent on repeating, and when I said I had friends I meant two people – 1 guy and 1 girl – that would hang out with me in a second, if no one else was around. But I’m not going to talk about that right now.

I scoff. “Well, soorrry! That I can’t be ‘cool’ enough for you. Or un-weirdo!” I act hurt. Shon look at me and laugh, I soon join in.

Liz, you know I love you,” she says, taking my forearm. I wince slightly from the burns.

Oh, no! This is going to be corny!”

Liz!” she says, smacking my arm,

Ouch! Do you have to keep hurting me?” I hit her back.

Sorry. Reflex.”

Its fine,” I stop. “Shon?”


I think we’re lost.”

Ha-ha. What? How could we be?”

I point in front of me and then around me. “Because 1, I cant see a hut and 2 because I don’t see a light.”

OMG! OMG! WE’RE GOING TO DIE!” Shon says. I roll me eyes at her. I guess one good thing comes out of this. It’s a full moon because if it wasn’t I guess I wouldn’t be able to see my cousin freaking out.

Shon, chill.” I said, looking around. She obviously didn’t hear me because she continued with the ‘OMG!” and the “Dying theories.’ Sigh.

Shon. SHUT UP!” I yelled at her. She stopped. “We’re going to be fine, but for that to be true I need you to be calm and I want you to listen to me.”

She looked at me then said, “I’m definitely going to die.”

I sigh. Great, Shon’s going to be freaking out. I know that she can’t really handle nature and plants but at least it can’t get any worst.

What was that?” she freezes.

Shon, please stop making stuff up,” I said sighing, “Can you help me find out way back before I drop dead?”

Dead? Liz you will not die!” Shon said, running over to me to give me a bear hug. “Never, ever.”

I laughed and decided to hug her back. “Shon I was only joking. Come on lets find a way back before its morning. I’m seriously tired. And plus I’ll never let anyone harm you, if they do they will be the one that ends up praying that they were –“

Okay, okay. You can stop being the over protective one now, gee,” she said, while stepping away from me.

I laugh and she joins in. Shon turns a takes a few steps she stops laughing first.

What’s the matter?” I ask, taking her hand to lead her to the right way, but start to let go when Shon grabs my hand for dear life like it is about to let her go.

Do you think – do you think..?” she starts sobbing.

Shon...? Shonny? What's wrong?” I say, hugging her. Shon sniffs.

Do you really think that my mum and dad are looking down here, watching me?” I turn her towards the moon, so that we could get the full view of its white, round beauty.

See the moon? That is how they see us. It’s the clearest view. They use the moon's beauty and power to watch you, Shon.”

But what about when there's no moon?”

They use the stars. But only use them when they want to see us at different angles.”
“I miss them.”
“Me too,” I say turning around to walk back the way we came. Shon followed; when she caught up to she gave me a sideways look.


Your not going to say anything about that topic, are you, Liz?”

What topic?”

Your par-”


Well, then lets get back. But, Liz?”


You know that you can trust me and talk to me right? Not to keep it bottled up all the time. You can let it out.”

Shon, I do know that, I’m just tell anyone anything. I don’t think I ever will.”

Okay. But I just wanted to make sure that you knew that.”

I do...and thanks.”

We walked a few more minutes in silence before we heard someone calling our names. Blake. Great! Why does it have to be him?

I hate my life,” I muttered under my breath when Blake come into view, Shon ran over to him, not stopping till she crashed into him. He didn’t lose his balance but he did laugh. I really hated how my cousin trusted people so easily.

Thank you! Thank you! You saved us!” Shon chanted, while hugging him. Blake pulled Shon closer, but he wasn’t looking at her, but me, he winked and had a weird expression on his face that I have seen it before but couldn’t place. Okkkaayyy! That's weird!

No problems, babe,” Blake said. “You aren't that far from your hut. Let’s go!” he said, taking Shon's hand. Now I realised what Blake's face was for. Shoot!

They stopped and turned around. “What’s with the shocked face, Liz?” Shon asked.

Nothing,” I muttered back.

Well come on!” she yelled, before she started to pull Blake along. I slowly followed, making sure that I was close enough to hear what they were saying but far enough away that they didn’t think that I was able to hear what they were saying. All they talked about was Shon's life. She told him she was popular, rich and popular. I rolled my eyes.

What about you, Lizzy?” Blake asked.

Don’t call me that!” I snapped.

Why?” he asked, innocently. Sure he looks so innocent. Pffft! I know his type of guy. Thinks he can get whatever he wants. And will do anything to get it.

I don’t know you.” I said, matter-of-factly.

What do you want me to call you then?” can only call me Elizabeth.” Like it wasn’t obvious.

Aww, don’t be like that.”

I think I can be like that if I want to, it’s my name and what I want to be called by who and when.” I said, angry.

Okay, okay. Easy, I didn’t mean to upset you.”

It's fine,” I said, turning my face away, trying to stop the tears that where forming in my eyes again and threatening to spill over. Only he could call me that.

Don't worry about her, Blake, she's just being a weirdo like usual! Plus she's tired, so, when she's tired she's like a dragon but scarier...and angrier!” she laughed. I rolled my eyes.

For the rest of the walk I kept my eyes on Blake's back. I didn’t like this guy, not one tiny bit.

It didn’t take us that long to get to the hut. It seemed that Shon and I were going in the opposite direction then the small village. But I swear that I followed the directions Frank gave us. Maybe I heard wrong but I’m sure I was going the way he said. Did he want us to get lost then? Go in the wrong direction? No, your over thinking it.

Our hut was on that was in the middle section one of the two groups. Blake walked us to the door. Shon said thanks, hugged him and went inside.

Well, thanks,” I said, turning to go inside. I saw Shon rush into the bathroom. Before I could get in the door Blake stopped me by grabbing my arm. I flinched then looked down.

Do you mind if we talked for a sec, Elizabeth?”

Umm, actually I’m really tired...”

It won’t take very long.” he was doing puppy dog eyes.

Fine, you have a few minutes of my attention.”

I want to talk to you a bit, but away from the hut, so that Shontae doesn’t hear us.” he said, pulling me pretty quickly into the neighbouring forest. Then he let go and kept walking. We had been walking for a few minutes when I planted my feet.

I think this is far enough.” I said looking back at the direction we came from. I could just see the light from our hut. “What is this about?”

He shrugged. “Oh, nothing really.” He came over to grip my arm, and tightly. I winched in pain.

You bought me here for nothing? Look Blake, let me go and I’ll find my own way back to the hut.”

Don’t think so, Lizzy.”

Look, I told you not to call me -”

HE KISSED ME! I tried to pull away but I couldn’t. He pushed his other hand just under my jacket so that I could feel his discussing hand on my skin. Okay that’s it! I brought my knee up so that I kneed him in every man sore spot. He didn’t let go but he did groan so I did it again. This time he let go and cradled his now very sore spot. I kicked him again, he fell to the ground. Then I turned to run but stopped. William was there, standing there like he realised her interrupted something that he should of. I hadn’t realised that I had tears going down my pale cheeks.

What's going on here?” William demanded, looking between Blake and me.

But before I could start telling William anything Blake started. “She kicked me in the b-”

Because you kissed me! I think you deserved it!” I yelled. He was getting really angry now, he was groaning when he got up, well trying to get up. “I'm glad you’re hurting. Cant you take anything a girl gives you?” I teased, with heavy sarcasm in my voice.

You piece of crap!” he said, coming towards me, with the look that could kill thousands of people. I took a couple of steps back, bumping into William. He grabbed my arms and pulled me behind him. Blake stopped dead in his tracks.

What are you doing?” Blake demanded. I looked around William's shoulder. I had to stand on my toes; I wrapped my arms around myself.

You shouldn't have done it. You didn’t have permission from me! So I'll go talk to Frank and see what he says should happen to you.” Blake didn’t have permission from him? Shouldn't he have said permission from Elizabeth?

No,” I blurted out.

This guy tried to take advantage of you and nearly did. I think he deserves whatever Frank gives him.”

But that will cause more problems then needed.”

Blake, you may go back to your room now and I don’t want to see you or a day or two, understand?” he said, coldly.

Yes.” he turned and walked away. He didn’t look back. William turned to me only after Blake had disappeared from view for a few minutes.

Are you okay?” he asked, turning to look at me.

Yeah, thanks for helping me.”

No problem.”

Well, I got to get back.” I said, slowly moving back towards the hut.

Okay, but I’d like to talk to you tomorrow.” he said, looking at the moon.

Why?” I stopped to stare at him.

I have to tell you some important stuff about around here. Blake was suppose to that but because of the...incident I’ll have to do it.”

You don’t have to do it. I’m pretty sure that I’ll – we'll – be okay.”

I think that it would be for the best if you come see me tomorrow.” he said, turning towards me.

Okay, what time do I see you tomorrow?” I ask, putting my hands behind my back to play with them.

Ah...coming around about ten to three. If I’m not at my room I should be in the main building.”

Where's your room?”

1B. Do you need directions?”

I should be able to find it. If I can’t find it I’ll just ask.” I said turning my back to him.

Okay. Elizabeth?” I turn my head to look over my shoulder. “Don't come into the forest without someone that knows the area.”

Umm...Okay.” I basically ran the short few minutes back to the hut to find Shontae in the shower. I walk straight towards the beds and fell on. I stayed there looking at the roof, thinking about my life.

Shon came out of the bathroom humming, I close my eyes.

Liz, are you awake?” she whispered.

I didn’t answer. I heard a few shuffle noises of Shon walking towards the bed and then the bed springs on the other bed contract.

I finally, after what seemed like hours, I started to feel sleepy and fell asleep to find myself in my worst nightmare – like every night.


Chapter 3

I woke up to the sound of trees rustling in the wind. I sit up and look around. Everything was quiet.

Everything was quiet? What?

Shontae?” I yell. I get out of bed, and then walked to the bathroom. No one. Sigh. Great.

I find my suitcase (bag); pull out a pair of jeans, shirt, underwear, a jacket and then head for a shower.

Emerge ten minutes later with clean cloths and wet hair. I check my phone. Its only ten-thirty am. Huh, that’s early for Shontae. I decide to go find Shon. Putting my phone in my pocket I head over to my socks and shoes on when something catches my eye. I look up to see a piece of paper folded in half. I open it.


To Liz

Gone exploring, be back soon. Going to be hanging out

with Blake and his friends. Shon :) xox


I can’t believe this guy!” I yell. I scrunched up the piece of paper and through it across the room; I walked to the door, slamming it behind me.

No one was out and about this early in the morning except for a few women, children and one or two men. I decide to go straight to William and tell him about Shon and Blake.

His room wasn’t that hard to find. Though a few men seem to look at me like they knew what I was doing was wrong

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