Return of the Burning Man

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

A dying stranger arrives at the winter village of a peaceful tribe with the need to solve two problems. First the destination of his spirit to the otherworld and the second, the passing of a powerful magikal circlet to the shaman of a distant tribe.
Sothoo, a spirit guide and Raru;iti, a tracker and hunter are tasked with delivering the bones of the stranger to his people and the circlet to the shaman of the tribe of the Broken Axe,
Can they overcome their mutual dislike and the obstacles in their way to complete their tasks? And can they avoid the attention of Dolreen a dark mage, hell bent on using the circlet for his own ends?

Table of Contents

Chapter One

Chapter One Berant’iti stares down at us but Gurn’iti sees all, Gurn’iti knows all. Agarthan saying   He could see... Read Chapter

Chapter Two

Chapter Two The path to manhood of an Agarthan boy took the same route regardless of tribe or clan and started when a boy reached his... Read Chapter

Chapter Three

Chapter Three It hadn’t taken long for the men to bring back the body and no sooner had Sothoo reached her hut than they had arrive... Read Chapter

Chapter Four

Chapter Four Travel locally to sell your milk. Travel far to lose your Numa. Agarthan saying.   Raru’iti had packed ev... Read Chapter

Chapter Five

Chapter Five Sekar’iti was striding across the open space of the village on his way to beat a slave for breaking a sickle when he s... Read Chapter