Luna, Royal Assassin

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There was a land called Catroina. It was what was before Faedland. Luna is an inhabitant who lives with her father who rules a part of Catroina.

Luna is a very strange seventeen year old girl. She was first named Phoenix, and then changed her name to Luna after a very bad day. She came from a royal line of blood; her parents were the King and Queen of Ren’Blaire. They were so busy; they didn’t have time to raise a child, so they got Luna a nanny. She also had a pet owl which she almost loved to death. When she couldn’t go outside she would send messages to her friends by owl. One day when she was two years old her mother passed away and her father filled with grief, locked Luna, her nanny, and her owl in the dungeon of their home. During the time that Luna was in the dungeon, when her eleventh birthday was just a day away, her nanny died of smallpox. Her father came down to get Luna for her lessons and she went along willingly just like she had done for every day for the last eleven years.

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“The only way to filter out your grief and anger is to become an assassin.” Her father had told her. She learned how to use poisons, throwing knives, stars, and how to booby-trap things like doors and windows. Suddenly unannounced to Luna, on her thirteenth birthday, her father brought in a man to score Luna’s performance as an assassin. He took her to a nearby village where the King and Queen of Catroina were hiding from any evil people that would want to kill them…She was told to get rid of any guards that were protecting the royalty without alerting them and then kill them, also to get on top of the latest scandals (just for the entertainment of the man). She got on the job, running above the crowds on the rooftops. All you could hear was the chattered gossip of the townspeople. She listened as she ran and what she heard gave it all away, the queen and king were in the Fat Squirrel Inn. She got to the rooftop of the building closest to the inn and counted the guards. ‘17 on the outside there are probably more inside, maybe 25 inside.’ She thought.

Taking out the guards that were outside of the inn was the easiest part, she had to find where the guards were on the inside and find an easy in and easy out spot for a fast escape. When she was inside, she grabbed onto the beams of the ceiling and swung up. Her feet touched to ceiling and like magnets stuck. Surprised she let go of the beam and started to walk upside-down on the ceiling. ‘I didn’t know I could walk on ceilings…ha.’ She walked on ceilings before but with the help of ropes. This time she did it alone. She knew the monarchs had two separate rooms; one for the king and one for the queen. She had to kill both of them, if they had an offspring; she had to kill them all. She had killed all the outdoor guards and almost all of the ones indoors. Three more to go, one in the princesses’ room, one in the king’s room, and one in the queen’s. She first killed the Queen and her guard, both killed by small poisoned daggers to the back. Next was the King. She had to pick something hard to discover. Poison gas would do nicely. She walked into the room with her perfume du death; she had a mask on so the smell would only reach the king. She sat on his lap and whispered into his ear, “Hope you like my perfume.” The king’s face was full of mystification. Luna got up and the king drooped in his chair.

Last but not least was the princess; her room was between the two monarchs’ rooms. She had to make it quick and decided to use stars. Luna walked into the room and before the guard could call an alarm he was already on the floor and his blood on the princess’s dress. The princess was sitting on the ground playing with her little dolls. She first stared at the guard and the blood spatter on her dress then she looked up at Luna and asked, “Will you play with me? And can you get me a new guard?” Luna started to remember details of her earlier childhood. She never had any toy dolls; she had human targets. She didn’t have nice dresses; she had rugged boys’ clothes. She swiftly through a star at the girl’s head and walked out of the room head hung low. When she got back to the man she said, “I finished.” “Good.” The man answered.

When they got back to the castle she was allowed to walk around in the castle, she went to the room that was right behind her father’s thrown. She listened. “She has a Gift, she can walk on walls.” The man said, “I know.” Her father said. “How was she over all?” Luna’s father asked. “She did it quickly and quietly. Amazing! I have never seen anything like it.” He exclaimed. “Well that is what service we provide here in Ren’Blaire.” The king said proudly. ‘Service?’ Luna wondered. That same day her father had given her a weapons’vest which consisted of loops for vials and pockets for daggers and stars. Anything a weapon vest would have this vest had it but better and tighter. He also enrolled Luna in the Elvish Mafia of Faedland. They let her in and she earned as much money in a day a king made in a month… A few years later she was the mob leader yet she resigned a year after that. Iauran was supposed to become mob leader after the first one died but Luna took his position. They have been rivals ever since. From then on now she was untouchable by the mob.



























A Few Years Later…

















Chapter 1

To Capture of a Hungerford


Luna woke up to a knocking at the door, it was three in the morning and a mail carrier was at the door. “Miss…Luna. Here is your letter from, oh, the Queen’s castle.” “Thank you. You may go.” Luna said as she grabbed the letter shutting the door in the carrier’s face. She petted Daniel, her owl, and went straight back to bed, almost knocking over the box that was on her nightstand. The box was about twelve inches by ten inches. That box contained many things that she would rather forget including her royal life. The box held her childhood tiara. She placed the letter right on top of the box. Luna always, right after she woke up, would look at her nightstand to check the big clock that was past her bed and nightstand. When she actually woke up it was about two in the afternoon. She ate a small brunch, fed Daniel and Blackie, her horse, and decided to read the letter. She looked who it was from, Rosalie. ‘I guess this is that new maid Beatrice was bragging about.’ She opened the letter and started reading it, Luna, I know your name from the stories Queen Beatrice tells. You seen like you are the one to help. I need to get out of here quickly and you are the only one who can help me. Queen Beatrice thinks I am a Shifter, the evil one I have heard so much about. I think she is planning to kill me. I can’t stay here. -Venecia Hungerford

When Luna saw that last name, she knew Venecia was special. She had to save this girl, she couldn’t stop herself. It was like she was being controlled by magic. Being Luna she only cared about herself but all that had changed when she read the letter. She washed up quickly and saddled Blackie. She packed her bag with a change of clothes and food for a few days. She stuck some poisoned darts in her hair and after booby-trapping the door as she left. She rode through the forest surrounding her home and over the largest river in the land of Catroina and over a mountain range that was a very rigid desert. She barely let Blackie rest. It took her two days to get to Beatrice’s castle, it would normally take a week but Luna’s life was on the line so ‘faster is better’ as she always said.

She got to the castle and put her horse in the stables right next to Beatrice’s horse, Moonwind. Blackie automatically fell asleep, “Good boy Blackie. I will wake you up when it’s time to go.” And with that Luna walked around the stables waiting until nightfall and using her Gift, started walking with the shadows. She walked on the ceiling of the castle hallway and when she reached the servants’ quarters she dropped to the ground and glanced over to Venecia’s bed. Luna knew that every night before bed Venecia wrote in her journal. But Venecia wasn’t at her bed yet and there was nobody else in the room so Luna invited herself in. Uncloaking herself of shadows, she sat on Venecia’s bed and flipped open her journal. There were many interesting entries in her journal, one was about dish water and the next was about how nice Beatrice had been. Luna flipped to the last page and read it. ‘Queen Beatrice yelled at me today for bringing her tea that was green when she asked for black tea. I told her it was not my fault. She said that only a shifter would make that mistake but she said it very quietly.’ When Venecia came down the hall Luna quickly closed the journal and hid herself in the shadows of the equipment in the room. Venecia came into the room in her light magenta nightgown and started taking her hair down from a high bun when she noticed her journal was out of place but thought nothing really of it. She sat down on her bed and looked for her quill, back turned to Luna, and Luna seeing no margin for error, quietly and swiftly sat on the bed behind her. Terrified of the sudden shift in the mattress, Venecia whirled around ready to scream. “Hello Venecia, How are you?” Luna said as she covered her mouth and grabbing her by the arm headed out the window both contained by the shadows of the building.

When they got to the ground, they ran to the stables. Standing there already was Beatrice, grooming Moonwind and all of the other horses. Luna slowed to a stop ten feet before the stables and whispered to Venecia, “Go run to the nearest hiding place, there are many. Just go!” and shoved Venecia behind her. Luna leisurely walked to Blackie untying him from the stable and flatly said, “Beatrice, just the person I was looking for.” When she heard it, Beatrice slowly turned with a glazed look in her eyes. “Has the devil taken you over?” Luna said half jokingly. “The Shifter is here!!!” Beatrice answered, Luna had never heard a voice like that, and Beatrice’s voice had changed from a sweet, crisp, high voice to a voice sounding as though it were many different voices. Luna started backing up but before she could start running Beatrice, in her normal voice, said, “Luna? Why are you here? I thought you were coming next month. Oh well, good night.” And she went back to grooming the other horses. Luna climbed on her horse before she could begin to comprehend what had just happened, she rode to where Venecia was hiding and in a loud whisper said, “Let’s go.” Venecia was confused, “Where are we going?” Venecia asked. “Someplace safe?”

“Oh, oh, I know a shortcut! We can go through the swamp!” Venecia exclaimed. It was almost dawn and Luna had been awake for three days. “I don’t think we should…” before Luna could finish Venecia was already steering Blackie toward the swamp. Luna sighed and said, “alright fine. We can go through the shortcut. I need to get to the market soon so any shortcut is better than going the normal way.” They went through the swamp and to Luna, it was a little too normal. But, nothing was normal anymore, Beatrice changing voices, Venecia supposedly being a shifter and Luna having to rescue her from a friend’s castle. Nothing was normal. As Luna thought about the mysteries of life, sixty-seven pick-pocketing elves came out from behind all of the trees and started attacking. They all had the same clothing except for the leader; tight forest green pants, shoes the same color and long sleeved shirts made of peacock and eagle feathers. The leader had a nice creamy colored shirt, baggy pants the color of tree bark. brown. “Why are you here?” The head elf asked quite harshly. He was roughly twenty four years old. “Iauran? Wait what are you doing here? Do we have unsettled business?”  Luna said joke fully. Venecia started running for her life back the way she and Luna came from, but before she could get anywhere an elf grabbed her from behind and gagged her knocking her out. When she came to she was locked in a cart. “Luna! Help!” Venecia screamed. “I thought you were a shifter!” Luna yelled behind herself. “Oh yeah, ha-ha.” She transformed herself into an alligator ripping the gag out of her mouth and crushing the cart’s side to form a little gateway for her to escape out of the cart and started mauling every elf she saw. By five minutes all of the elves were dead, well almost all. Iauran, the head of the elves, the one who started the assault, had gotten away. Venecia turned back into a human being grabbing the clothes off of a nearby elf, “Luna, Sorry I thought it would be safe…ha-ha. Sorry.” Venecia apologized. “Well next time I am going the NORMAL way.” Luna said, annoyed. They tried not to walk on any of the dead elves to Blackie and started in the direction of the Fat Squirrel Inn.

A few days later, they got to the Inn. It was morning when they got there but there were many people inside. They walked inside and Venecia asked, “Why did we come here?” “I have friends here.” Luna answered. Venecia looked around at the bar/inn. Men were sitting in chairs next to small tables playing cards and smoking things that she had never seen before. They were all also drinking some kind of alcohol she had never seen. Venecia has seen almost every kind of alcohol because she served at the castle and a lot of men came every day. Women were wearing short cut shirts and glowing skirts passing out these various liquors. Her face turned to disgust, “I would rather be back at the castle.” She was about to go run to Blackie to get away from the Inn but Luna was standing right in front of the door, “You wanted to get out so you’re out. Now follow me.” Luna walked to the lady clerk who was dressed in, well almost nothing, just a morning robe and slippers. “Can I have a room with two beds for a night?” Luna asked. “Sure. That will be twenty-one bronze for the gear in the room.” The clerk said. “Bring it down to fifteen and nothing bad will happen tonight.” Luna cautioned. “Well who are you supposed to be? Luna of Vengeance?” The clerk teased. “Yes actually I do and am, thank you very much.” The frightened look on the clerk’s face said everything. Luna dropped fifteen bronze coins on the desk and walked behind the clerk grabbing a key. “Come on Ven.” Luna persuaded Venecia and they went up to their room. “Stay here. I am going to the market to get some poisons, potions, clothes for you and food. Carrots or celery?” Luna asked. “Carrots, please.”  “I will be right back. Don’t do ANYTHING stupid.” Luna warned. “Wait. You have a nick-name?” Venecia asked. “Yes. Don’t ask how I got it.”

Luna went to the town market and walked over to the food stall. She picked up carrots, broccoli, and some spaghetti. Luna wasn’t such a good cook but if she made a salad she wouldn’t have to burn anything. When she finished paying the man who owned the stall she walked over to the ‘Poisons and Potions’ shop on the other side of town closer to the inn. “Hello. Who is at the door?” An old and exhausted voice came from inside just when Luna was about to walk in. “It’s me, Luna. I need some refills and a sleeping potion.” Luna answered. “Come in child! I haven’t seen you in, Oh…” “It’s been three years.” Luna said. “Three years has it been? Oh well let me look at you.” The ancient voice rang. With that the door flew open.

“Hello, Luna. Oh! The years have treated you well.” An elderly woman came from another room in a skirt Luna thought was way too long and wondered how the lady could wear it without tripping every other step she took. “It’s only been three years. Well, you look well.” Luna said in the direction of the old lady. “What do you need refilled?” The woman asked. “Only a few things. I need Maryweather and Cyprusweed. Oh and I need your fastest acting sleeping potion.” Luna opened her vest to reveal two empty vials. “Oh. Alright child, I will be right back. The sleeper will cost you more you know.” “Yes Klara, I know.” Luna sounded a little annoyed now. As Luna waited, she looked around. She saw brightly colored potions on mahogany shelves up to twelve feet high and leaves drying hanging from the ceiling on ropes. She suddenly heard a loud crash, as soon as she heard it, she ran toward the sound. When she got to the source, she saw it was Klara. She had fallen trying to get the highest of the poisons. Luna helped Klara up and set her on the closest comfortable thing. She saw what Klara was trying to get since it was the only thing pushed farther back than anything else. She quickly jumped up on top of the shelves and grabbed the poison. She jumped back down and searched through her vest to find anything that could wake Klara up. She found some black lilac blossoms and waved the canister under Klara’s nose.

She awoke with a crazed look in her eyes. “Why are you here Luna? Did you finally come back? I missed you so much! Oh you look good, how long has it been?” Luna was confused; she had just had this conversation five minutes ago. “Three years, I thought I already told you.” “Oh well, old age you know. So what do you need again?” Klara asked. “Oh, only Cyprusweed. One vial.” Luna responded. “You have the vial?” “Yes.” Klara started getting up and Luna stopped her. “Where is it? I’ll get it you don’t need to get up.”  Klara pointed to the second shelf that held many different herbs in vials. She was pointing to the vial with the bright herb. On the side there was the word “Cyprusweed”. Luna grabbed it and took as much as her vial could hold and asked, “How much for this much?” Holding up the vial Klara said, “5 silver and for the rest, 2 silver.” Luna took out her money pouch and pulled out two gold pieces, “I only have gold. Here take it.” She dropped them into Klara’s opened palm. “Good-bye Klara. I shall see you in a year.” Luna called behind her as she walked out of the shop. “That’s what see said three years ago.” Klara murmured to herself.

For the duration of Luna’s shopping, Venecia was in the inn room waiting. ‘I am so thirsty.’ She went over to the wine rack thinking it was juice. ‘Well let’s see… Oh! It’s all grape juice! I love grape juice!’ She took the largest wine bottle and started drinking it before she could finish she noticed she was starting to get hungry as well. She strode towards the door. Before she could walk out a young man, maybe fourteen years old, came through the door. He was carrying a tray full of food. “This order is for a… Venecia.” He said looking around Venecia hoping to find another person. “That’s me!” She said joyfully. “Here you go miss, compliments of the house.” He handed Venecia the tray and he sat down on the couch. ‘I wonder if Luna asked them to bring this.’ Venecia thought. She started eating the meal, “Do you want some?” she asked the boy. “Oh, no thank you. I am not supposed to eat orders.” “Ok then more for me!” She dug in and drank the wine with her meal. “Miss, you do know that is wine.” The boy said. Venecia didn’t respond since she was not used to brilliant meals like this one. She started feeling woozy and started swaying. She dropped to the ground. “Miss! Miss!” The boy ran to her side and tried to test her pulse. Her eyes suddenly opened they were glazed over but a ghostly blue not colorless like Beatrice’s were. She grabbed the boy’s arm very stiffly. He let out a yelp. His arm was bleeding dreadfully; Venecia held his arm over her mouth. When he was almost drained of blood, Venecia threw him over to one of the walls. A woman from the bar heard the sound and came to look what had happened. She came up to the room and walked in. She shrieked and ran out of the room and out of the inn. When Venecia, or what she was possessed with, heard the shriek, she fell as if she fainted again.

When Luna was walking toward the “Closest Clothing” store, she heard a woman’s scream. It was coming from the inn. Luna ran through crowds pushing people down as she went. Flew through the inn door, up the stairs and found the door to her room open.  She walked in and she saw Venecia sitting in the middle of the room. Her face was covered in blood and she was just lying there. The boy was in the corner of the room where he had been flung. He spoke three words, “It was her.” And he drew his last breath. “Ven! I told you not to do anything stupid!” And that woke the real Venecia up. “Why am I covered in blood?” She thought out loud. “Oh I don’t know!” Luna was now shouting. “Why don’t YOU tell ME what happened!” Venecia told Luna all she knew; “I was sitting there doing NOTHING and that boy came in with a tray of food. I thought it was from you so I ate it and drank some grape juice. After I ate and drank I felt wheezy and then I fainted. When I woke up you were here and yelling at me.” Venecia explained. “Why did you eat it if I went to the market to get food?! Oh it doesn’t matter… Why, are you covered, in blood?” Luna asked all smart-alecky. “I. DON’T. KNOW!”

“Go and wash all that blood of yourself and then clean this room. I will hide the boy somewhere and take care of the lady that saw you. Then I will make MYSELF food, unless you want some.” Luna opened the bag that she had all the food in and sitting in the middle was a jug of fresh apple juice. “IS, THAT… APPLE JUICE?!” The one thing Ven liked more than grape juice was apple juice. Luna could use this to her advantage. “Yes. You want some?” Luna asked teasingly. “Yes of course!” Ven exclaimed. “If you want some then go get washed and I will fix you some. But wash yourself don’t just scrub it off.” Luna said taking the jug out. “Yes, right away Luna!” Venecia skipped off to the bath. ‘Thank the Gods she is gone. I need to find a spot for him and I need to find that woman.’ Luna thought. She fixed the juice and poured some sleeper potion into it. ‘She needs to rest. For a while.’ Before she went to find a spot for the boy and the lady she wrote a note to Venecia; ‘I went to find the lady and a spot for the boy. I will be back in an hour. This time DON’T DO ANYTHING STUPID and don’t take any food from anyone.’ She set this next to the juice and picked up the boy.

The sun was setting now, the perfect time to find a shady to hide a body in. She went out the window because the inn was making a giant shadow on that side and she didn’t want anyone asking questions. She dropped soundlessly and ran to the nearest dump site for waste. She set him under some other bodies (how fitting) and left. She now went in search of the screeching woman. She would have obviously gone to the constable so Luna went there first. She had to put on a show for the constable and lady. She had to become innocent and caring, two of the things Luna did not have but was good at performing that she was. She walked in with a terrified look, “Have you seen my cousin she ran out of the inn and I couldn’t find her.” Luna said in an innocent voice. “She is just over there.” The guard said not suspicious at all. “Darling! Why did you run?! Here let’s go home now. Thank you, Constable!” She walked out with the woman and went to the back of the closest shop. “What you saw was too much for you so you decided to kill yourself by cutting your throat. There will be a note attached saying ‘I couldn’t bear what I saw. Good-bye forever.’” And with that Luna sliced the woman neck and left the note. “Not bad. Oh I have to leave the knife. Shoot!”

Venecia drew a bath and undressed herself. She tested the water with her finger and slowly lowered herself in. She took the soap, it was rough but smelled like lilies, and started scrubbing with a sea sponge. It took her a good half an hour to get all of the blood off. Then she cleaned herself and her clothes. In the room where the bath was where Luna had her nightgown. She didn’t know what else to wear so she put that on. Also in that room there was a mop and bucket. ‘Might as well start cleaning.’ She let the water down the drain and washed the blood off of the sides of the tub. She filled the bucket full of water and dropped the lily soap into it. Venecia went into the bloody room and looked around, ‘There really is plenty of blood in here.’ She thought to herself. She started where the most of the blood was, the middle of the room where she was sitting. She worked through it quickly and it only took her ten minutes. She had twenty minutes to do whatever she wanted. She decided to clean the whole room. Then when she was cleaning the kitchen part of it she saw the apple juice and note. She put the mop and bucket away and read the note; ‘I went to find the lady and a spot for the boy. I will be back in an hour. This time DON’T DO ANYTHING STUPID and don’t take any food from anyone.’ It took her a while to read the whole thing because of Luna’s poor handwriting but finally read it.

Luna came in and there was Venecia, beginning to drink her juice and in Luna’s nightgown. “What are you doing in my nightgown?!” Luna asked. “I cannot wear it?” “No… it’s perfectly fine. Just don’t get it dirty! And ask next time to borrow something of mine!” Luna knew that one slip up and her life would be ruined. “Do you like the juice?” Luna asked as nicely as she could. “Yes, it is delicious.” Luna made herself some dinner and sat down. “Did you know you were a Shifter?” Luna inquired. “No, I didn’t. Queen Beatrice said that I was but I didn’t know for sure if I was.” Venecia answered. “You know you don’t have to call her ‘Queen Beatrice’.” Luna remarked. “I do though.” “No you don’t. You are with me now.” Then the sleeper potion began to work and Venecia fell asleep right there at the table. Luna started cleaning up any trace of them being at the inn and went to the counter in the kitchen. “Oh no she didn’t!” She saw the wine bottle open and empty. It was her favorite wine too. That is why it was the biggest bottle. She knew that the potion would react violently with the wine. “Well England won’t have to worry about the shifter anymore.”






























Chapter 2

The Dream


Luna had to hide Venecia someplace safe. She finally decided to take her to the forest cemetery, but first she had to get her purified so she wouldn’t rise from the dead. ‘That wouldn’t happen, right?’ She thought. Luna had to get Venecia to a gypsy. A goddess would go too far with the magic and a witch was way too weak. So, Luna grabbed her horse and started putting on the saddle when she started to wonder how she would take Venecia’s dead body without anyone being suspicious and asking questions. She tried to make her sit up in the saddle but that was way too hard after Luna tried it a few times. Then she got an idea, she could roll Venecia up in her bedroll, Venecia had a small stature and would fit perfectly in her bedroll, which would keep anyone from asking about a dead body.

When Luna saddled Blackie and got on her horse when the inn keeper ran out and stopped Luna, “You forgot to pay your rent.” She told Luna. “I’ll come back in a few weeks and pay you triple.” Luna rode off in the direction of the forest. She tried to remember if she knew a gypsy. She finally recalled that in her childhood, when she was let out of the dungeon and into the village, she had a friend. Her friend started practicing alchemy, potions and charms in school. She taught Luna some spells too. She had moved right after Luna’s assault on the royal family to the middle of nowhere but in the chaos of the packing she lost her favorite ruby necklace, which Luna found after she went to visit the home of her friend but she was already gone.

Luna rode through the forest until she got to an open field that resembled a rectangle from a bird’s eye view. There was a wooden cabin in every corner and one in the middle of the field. Luna tied up Blackie to the closest tree and took off her weapons vest. She grabbed her “bedroll” and sprinted to the north-eastern cabin. Luna knocked on the door quickly four times. The door of the cabin opened a small crack and Luna saw a familiar eye peeking through it, “Luna! Darling! I haven’t seen you in ages!” The voice from behind the door rang. “Hello Molythena, I need a favor.” Luna politely said. “Sure. Come in. Do you know there was a girl in town, the year I left, who killed the whole Royal family? Tea?” Moly asked. “Oh yes I heard. Sure, I would LOVE some tea. I am so tired, I haven’t really had any sleep in a while. I also have a present for you.” Luna said as she walked into the cabin and pulling out the ruby necklace that Moly had lost the day she left from her pocket. Molythena poured some green tea into two cups and let then steep. “Thanks Luna! I haven’t seen this necklace since,” “Since the day you moved out.” Luna finished Moly’s sentence. “Exactly.”

The cabin was about five meters by seven meters and was full of weird colored vials on shelves that lined the walls. In the middle of the one roomed cabin was a small iron table with two chairs. One chair was a wooden rocker that was so worn from sitting it looked like a hole was about to appear in the wood the next time someone sat in it. The other chair was more of an arm chair. Ii was made of red leather but was covered by so many animal skins you could barely make out the color of the original chair. The little table was maybe three feet by two feet and one leg was shorter than the others so it rocked if you pushed it. All that Luna could do was stare in awe around the room.

“Nice isn’t it? I moved some furniture around a few days back. What did you say you were here for, old friend?” Moly asked. “A friend of mine totally mauled a helper boy at the inn we were staying at and she is actually a shifter. The question is, are all these cabins your home? Because I don’t think you sleep in here.” Luna handed Moly the necklace and unrolled the bedroll exposing Venecia’s lifeless body. “Oh now that doesn’t sound, look, or smell good. I’ll see what I can do. Yes, I live in all of these cabins. One is my kitchen, one is my bedroom and so on. I spend most of my days in here though.” Moly said putting on the necklace. “I need it done today, Mol.” Luna requested. “That might not be enough time.” “Moly, for old time’s sake?” Luna asked. “Alright. Alright, like I said I’ll do my best. Here take your tea outside. I need a quiet environment and not someone breathing down my neck to figure something out for this poor girl.” Moly suggested. “Did she have any alcohol before she…died?” Molythena asked. “Yes,” Luna answered, “and it was my favorite! It’s called ‘Serenade’!” Luna said as she walked out of the cabin and looked up at the sky and a sip of the tea. The taste was bitter but calming. Luna always used to have tea with her mother at the palace. The memories drained her energy, when they drank the tea they always told each other stories, but mostly the queen would tell the stories. She wasn’t ever quite sure what was in the sky, she missed her mother’s stories of dragon’s flying in the sky. Those stories gave her some insight of what might be in the sky. Luna shook her head and went back to drinking her tea.

In the cabin Molythena stood up from her chair and walked over to her wall of different herbs and potions. She peeked out her door at Luna and asked, “How much of it did she drink Luna?” Luna turned and said, “The whole bottle and it was a bigger bottle.” Moly stopped in her tracks. “The WHOLE THING?!” “Yes. Does that change anything?” Luna asked. Moly explained the whole chemistry of the wine mixing with the potion making a whole new poison not discovered by scientists yet, it could only be made in a lethal mixture in the human body. Luna understood some of it, “Do. you. think. you. can. fix. her. before. nightfall?” Luna inquired. “Yes. I. think. I. can.” They both laughed for a little. Then Luna went to feed Blackie. “That’s a good boy, Blackie. We should take a nap, this might take a while.” Blackie laid down and Luna sat down next to him and her eyes slowly shut.

Luna was back in her past. It was that day. The royal family of Ren’Blaire was on vacation in their summer cabin. It was a small place. Not really a palace but a nice size cabin. This was when she was still named Phoenix. She was out shopping for food for her family when she felt heat from behind her and smelled smoke. She ran as fast as she could back home to the cabin to check because she knew that her mother did not know how to start the stove. When she got there her horrors were true, her house was on fire. On the foot of the front steps was the lands top assassin, Dragon. Luna didn’t know he was the one who started the fire or that he was an assassin. “Phoenix, I am sorry. I couldn’t stop them.” Dragon said. “How do you know my name?” She asked tears in her eyes and her hands now clamped into fists at her sides with the basket filled with food spilled out on the ground. “I am your parents’ friend.” Luna, a naive child, ran to Dragon and hugged him. “What will I do now? Do I have to live with you?” She asked now half sobbing. “Yes, you also have to change your name and start a new life.” Dragon answered he wasn’t even shaken. “Why?” She asked. “Because some people might want to kill you.” “Oh… ok. Can I go find some things before we go?” Luna asked between sobs. “Yes, Phoenix. And from now on you have to call me your father.” “Alright…daddy.” Luna said as she whipped the tears from her eyes with the backs of her hands and ran into the dying fire. She went to her parents’ room first. She looked for her mother’s favorite necklace. The necklace had one big yellow opal in the middle and the rest were sparkling purple sapphires. She put the necklace on and ran to her room to save any clothes. Dragon was already there, “You can’t take any of these clothes, they are too fancy, people will recognize them on you.” “But…” Luna quieted herself. “I will buy you new clothes on the journey.” Dragon smiled his most charming smile and picked Luna up into his arms and swiftly sprinted to his horse tossing Luna onto it. Then he leaped on. They started to ride off, “So what do you want your new name to be?” “Luna. I want Luna. Mama always liked that name.”

Luna woke up. Startled. Remembering that day was the worst thing that Luna could think of. It took her a few minutes to register where she was, ‘Oh yeah! I’m near Molythena’s place.’ She heard a scream. It was Moly’s. When Luna got to the cabin Moly was already on the ground backing up. “What happened?” Luna asked. “She shocked me!”  “Loud sound shock or lightning shock?” Luna asked. “Like lightning, it just, shot out of her! I was giving her an elixir and then she just, sparked!” Molythena was shaking now. “Let me go see.” Luna hurried into the cabin and yelled behind her, “Get me my vest from Blackie.” Moly ran as fast as her feet could carry her and grabbed Luna’s belt. There were at least 20 vials that she could see. When she got back to the cabin Luna was already looking through the herbs. “Do you remember the Normisal spell?” Luna asked. “Yes. You need Maryweather and Srearweed.” “I have them but do you know the spell?!” Luna was almost shouting. “Yes…..just calm down. It needs to be done in a calm environment.”

Luna quickly calmed down and Molythena got to work. She took the herbs from Luna’s vials and spread them and some poisons around Rosalie in a hexagonal shape. She started chanting. Right before she would have finished the spell Rosalie started shaking. This startled Moly and she mumbled the last words of the spell. “Did it take?” Luna asked. Moly slowly turned towards Luna with the same glazed eye look and in that same voice Beatrice had at the beginning of the getaway and said, “You wanted to kill me but I… I can travel from body to body. I thought you knew this Phoenix.” Chills ran through Luna though she hadn’t heard that name in years…wait yes, yes she had. In her dream. “You made me remember! You evil spirit! I hate you! Here I thought I would forget about my past! And then you showed up on my doorstep!” Luna was shrieking now. Moly turned to face Rosalie’s body and in her normal voice said, “I thought we were friends…” Luna was astonished. “What?! No! I wasn’t talking to you, Moly; you were taken over by a spirit. An evil spirit. And it knew about my past.” Luna said. You could tell she was full of regret; she wasn’t fond of her past. “I never knew anything about your past Luna. Can you tell me about it?” Moly asked with a thoughtful look. “I can’t tell you about it. I have had very bad things happen in my past.” “Oh. So you know how I said that there was that attack on the day I left? What were you doing then?” Moly asked suspiciously. “I was at my father’s cabin, you know, the one in the woods, mourning his death. Someone had lit a fire there and both my mother and father were killed instantly.” Luna answered. “You wouldn’t know that unless someone had told you the details. Or you have done it yourself.” Moly said. “I didn’t kill my parents! I loved them! They were dead when I got there!” Luna yelled. “How did you know they died instantly?!” Molythena questioned. “Someone told me! Oops…” Luna had said too much through her rage. She couldn’t let Moly know the rest of the story of her past. “See that wasn’t so bad. Luna I am your friend, you can tell me anything.” Moly carefully said. “How do I know you are my friend?! You could have left because you planned the attack on my family!” Luna shouted. “You know I didn’t. You know I wouldn’t. Why would you assume that?” Moly challenged. “I don’t know!” Luna was so full of fury she stormed out of the cabin leaving Venecia on her bedroll with Molythena . “What about Venecia?” Moly asked. Luna looked back. “Oh just burn her or something!” And with that she ran over to Blackie.







Chapter 3



Luna gathered her belongings and jumped up unto Blackie. She got up to a gallop and looked around, it was night. ‘I should set up somewhere. We both need some sleep.’ She looked at her clothes and sniffed them. She had a sickened look on her face. ‘I need to take a bath too.’ She found a small hot spring and washed up; she took a long bath in the spring. There was a small cold waterfall nearby and Blackie walked over to have a drink of water. It was a nice place to set up camp for a night or two. After her bath she washed her clothes, hung them out to dry and put on her nice and clean pair of clothes. She cooked herself some extra noodles she had and ate some chives with that. It was a good filling dinner, she grabbed a dagger just in case something was going to attack at night and rolled out her bedroll and plopped down on it. As she fell asleep she thought about this journey she was on. She thought about the spirit, about how it was haunting her and about poor Venecia. She dreamt of her mother and her kindness towards her subjects. Her mother was the most adored queen of her time. She always gave to the poor and helped heal anyone that came to her with a disease. Luna missed her. As she slept Luna clenched the necklace she had after her mother.

Luna woke up in the shadow of something. A tree she thought was shading her but then she heard the voice. Not the creepy voice that England and Molythena had, but a man’s voice. “You are so peaceful when you sleep, you aren’t so harsh.” Iauran said with his thick elvish accent. Luna sat up and saw where he was sitting. He was on a log over next to Blackie petting him. “What do you want?” Luna said with a warning, but tired and whining, voice. “I just wanted to see the ‘fierce’ Luna smile.” Iauran now had a joking smile on his face. “What do you want?!” Luna almost yelled. “I don’t want anything, I’m going to take the necklace.” He said. Luna quickly became aware that he was talking about her Mother’s necklace and hid it under her shirt. “Yes Luna, that one.” He slowly got up and walked over to Luna. She searched for the dagger but soon noticed that it was in Iauran’s boot pocket. She was unarmed and with her was another man. She didn’t know what to do when she remembered she had blow tube in her pocket and darts in her hair. She felt around for the darts and reached for her blow tube. They weren’t there either. “Sorry Luna. You can’t hurt me. I knew you had weapons on you so I just had to take them away. Now give me the necklace.” Iauran warned. Luna saw that he was holding her weapon vest and all the weapons she had on her. “If you took everything else, why didn’t you take the necklace then?” Luna asked angrily. “I wanted you to give it to me in person. I wanted to see the sadness in your eyes again.” He said. ‘Again?’ Luna wondered. “Why do you want the necklace?” She asked. “Luna. That is a very good question that I do not have to answer. Now give it.” He commanded. “Why should I give it to you? I see no reason to.” Luna knew this wouldn’t go well, but she could keep the necklace. “I think I should just take it and not see that miserable look. Something gained for something lost.” With that he raised his arm plucking the dagger from his boot and knocked Luna out with the hilt of it. When he was sure Luna was out of it, he grabbed the necklace off of her neck, ripping the string. He picked up Luna and tied her to her horse. Pulling Blackie behind him, Iauran left the scene on his horse; Leo.

He rode for a few hours in the astoundingly humid forest to a fortress. It was a fortress made up of wood mixed with rock and mud. It was built to look like it was just after a war. It looked completely destroyed. You would have thought nobody lived there but that was a familiar sight for Luna (if she had been awake to see it). It was the Elvish Mafia domain. Iauran unsaddled his horse and took the two horses to the stables at the back of the fort. There were only two empty stalls and they were on opposite ends of the stable. ‘It’s not like he’ll run away.’ Iauran thought of Blackie. After tying his horse to the nearest stall, Iauran took Blackie to the farther stall. He secured Blackie to the stall and untied Luna from atop the horse and flung her over his shoulder. Iauran decided to carry her inside to the Head, he wanted his reward. The idea was that if anyone could find Luna’s owl, they would get one thousand gold pieces. Iauran carried her like this until they got to the kitchen. They had to go through large oak doors that had giant holes in the framework so they couldn’t open all the way. Iauran squeezed through the door and walked down a long corridor to a room filled with the remains of the “War”. He noticed someone was sitting in an almost brand new arm chair having tea in what seemed like the kitchen. There was a strange feel of the room. “Why is there a goddess here?” He wondered out loud. The person sitting turned towards Iauran and said, “Good, you are here. I need to speak to you. You can put her in the lounge.” The goddess said. He didn’t protest, after all this was a goddess he was talking to.

Iauran walked through the doorway to the lounge which was actually exceedingly clean compared to the kitchen. There were two armchairs with red covers, which were facing the middle of the room. There used to be several windows behind these armchairs but they were broken so now there were only windowpanes. There was one couch that would seat five to six people it was facing a small coffee table across from the two armchairs. He dropped Luna on the ground near the couch. He then pulled a piece of rope from his pocket and tied Luna to the couch. He tied her around her waist and he used a special knot that only he knew how to untie. Well he thought so. If someone who didn’t know how to untie it would try to, the knot would just get tighter. He walked out of the room very satisfied not looking back. There had been a price on Luna’s owl for a while and Iauran knew he could break Luna. She would tell him where her owl was and he would get paid. A lot of money.

“Come. Sit.” The goddess said as she conjured up a chair for Iauran to sit in. ‘Should I bow down to her?’ He asked himself as he looked for a chair. “Oh no, darling, you don’t need to. Just sit down on this one.” Iauran sat down on the chair that she conjured and he felt as though he was in heaven. The chair was the softest and best suited to him item he had ever seen and felt. “I am Vampi, goddess of the vampires. I have a job for you, Iauran. I need you to find Luna’s owl. It’s very important and should be your top priority.” Said Vampi. “Yes ma’am. Right away.” Iauran stood up from his chair bowed down to the goddess and walked to the room Luna was in. ‘I really wanted to get her friend so I could get paid.’ He thought to himself frustrated as he went over to wake Luna up. “I shall pay you generously so you don’t have to worry about that.” He heard the goddess yell from the other room. ‘Great she can read thoughts.’ He thought. “Yes I can!” The goddess said proudly.

“Luna, wake up!” Iauran demanded. Luna opened her eyes, “I’m awake, you brainless twit!... I heard your conversation with the ‘oh so honored’ Vampi and I do not know where my owl is. I think he might have died, actually. Oops…hehe.” Iauran was getting very frustrated by then, “LUNA! Where. is. the OWL!?” “Nice knot tying skills, where did you learn this knot?” Luna avoided the question. If she could get Iauran mad enough he would just give up, at least that is what she thought. It had worked before. “You won’t get to me, you know that, right?” Luna said joke fully. “Oh really? What if I said I have your friend Molythena?” He asked. “I know you don’t because…well, I know.” Luna answered very happily. “That’s true. What about Venecia? I have her! Mwahahahaha!!!” He needed to get that bird. “Moron. She’s dead.”  “You are the moron, Luna. She is right here.” Venecia came out of another room into the room Luna was in. “No, the goddess is still here, Moron. She is doing this.” Luna defended her sanity. “I will be in the other room so you can tell Venecia anything, Right?” He said ignoring Luna’s last remark and he then walked out of the room and “Venecia” walked toward Luna. “Hi Luna, how are you?” She knelt where Luna was sitting. Luna kicked the analog of Venecia in the face and nothing happened, the analog didn’t move. Luna thought to herself, ‘Ha! I knew it! Now, how do I get out of this mess?’ She started pulling on the rope and the knot got stronger. ‘Nice knot. I wonder where he learned it. Now that I think about it, I think I saw him at the market the other day walking out of the guild house… No! He can’t be! It’s not possible. I need to speak to the Head! Is it possible that the Head resigned after I resigned and someone else took over?’ (The Head was the head of the Mafia.) She had to find out if something happened that she didn’t know about. She was supposed to get informed if there was any shift in power.

A few minutes later Iauran came back into the room with two cups of Luna’s favorite beer. “Do you want some?” He asked Luna. “No, I’m good, Iauran. Thanks for asking though.” She mocked him. “Fine then.” He drank both of the cups very swiftly and sat there staring at Luna. “What?!” His stare was becoming more amorous every second. Then suddenly, “Did you know you are very pretty?” He said drunkenly. ‘Wow, two drinks and he’s drunk? I thought it would take more. Oh well, time to have some fun.’ Iauran just had an angry childish smirk on his face. “Ok well, I am going to just take this knife from you and escape. So… yeah that’s pretty much it. Oh tell Vampi I said Hi, will you? Good-bye Drunkie.” She gave him a cute little smirk and quickly grabbed the knife from his belt cutting the rope off of herself. She stood up and looked at the fascinated Iauran staring up at her. “Wow. This is just sad.” Then she walked out.

The goddess was still in the other room when Luna left. She stormed into the lounge and yelled, “Why did she just walk out of here not harmed?!” Iauran stood up totally sober. “Because now she will go to wherever her owl is and hide him someplace safer and now I can follow her because I know her plan.” He said extremely satisfied of himself. “Then why aren’t you gone yet?” The goddess asked restlessly. “Oh yeah... That is very important. See you!” Iauran said as he ran out the door. He got to the stables and found Luna’s horse already gone. He quickly saddled Leo and followed the way to Luna’s house. The owl would probably be there. But Luna hadn’t left yet. She and Blackie were shielded in the shadows of the fortress. When she saw Iauran leave she saddled Blackie and rode toward her house when he was almost out of sight.

They both, Luna and Iauran, rode for three days and when Iauran finally got to the cabin he went straight to the door. When he tried to open it, he felt a small pinch on the back of his leg. He didn’t really think anything about it and kept on trying to open the door. He used a very thin stick to push between the door and frame and opened the door. Before he could walk in and rummage through Luna’s things, he weakened and fell forward into the cabin. A few seconds later Luna got to the cabin. She saw the weak Iauran in the doorway and walked in, stepping around him. She opened the floorboards and hid Daniel under them. She gave him a piece of bread for food if she forgot about him. She covered the hole and dragged in Iauran. Luna laid him on her bed and got a piece of cloth, soaked it in some cold water, and put that on his forehead. It would take him a few hours to wake up so she thought of a brilliant plan. She wrote a note saying: I took Daniel and am off to England’s castle. Catch me if you can. She kissed it and left that on his chest. She took the box full of her childhood items and hid it out of sight. She quietly slipped out of her cabin and rode off toward her new friends’ home, The Catroina Castle.

When Iauran woke up he had no clue whatsoever where he was. When he actually looked around and understood that he was at Luna’s cabin. ‘But why?’ he asked himself. An image came into his mind; it was of Luna tied to a couch and of a goddess sitting in an armchair. ‘Oh yeah, that’s right. I’m here to find that wretched owl.’ He looked around for the owl. ‘It’s not here.’ Then he sat up on the bed and looked around more closely. He looked down and there was the note. ‘Daniel? Oh, that must be the owl’s name.’ He stood up off the bed, put the note in his shirt pocket and walked over to the window. According to the sun’s position in the sky, it was either dawn or sunset. When he had finally established that it was dawn he knew he had some time to waste so he decided to rummage through the kitchen in order to find some food. Luna’s kitchen was… complicated. The food shelves were really high up, the shelves under them were full of plates and pots and poisons in locked cases, the herbs where all hidden all over the kitchen and the oven was in the wall; to cook on it you had to pull it out of the wall. ‘How can she reach the food if it is so high up? She doesn’t have a ladder, so how?’

Iauran stepped forward a bit to examine the food closer. He triggered his own answer. Iauran started floating. A five by five foot square of the floor was underneath him and holding that up was a zigzag structure. He finally reached the top of the shelves where the food was. There was bread, a giant cod conserved with salt, uncooked rice in giant bags, and the last thing up there were fresh eggs. Luna gathered fresh eggs every morning, well gathered isn’t quite the work for what she did, more harshly…she stole the eggs from her neighbors’ chickens. He found a knife, inspected it for poison. When he found no poison, he looked more closely. The knife was made of the toughest material found in Catroina. The blade was spotless, no scratches, no dirt, no blood. ‘How can she afford this? She doesn’t have any money, so I don’t understand how…’ He cut off a piece of bread and a piece of fish. He cooked the fish in a pot and ate it on the bread. He found it very delicious. Leo neighed as if saying, “I’m hungry and we’ve got to go!!!!” As fast as he could, Iauran stuffed the remaining food in his mouth and saddled Leo taking the knife, not locking the door behind him. He rode off in the way of the Queen of Catroina’s Castle.



























Chapter 4

Beatrice’s Castle


Luna got to the castle, it was dark and she was tired. Clumsily she walked toward the front door and knocked on it. A door keeper opened the door and asked, “Excuse me, but, who are you?” “I am Luna. Beatrice’s friend, tell her I am here and tell someone get my horse taken care of.” She yawned midsentence. “Yes, of course. Come in, Shelia will take you to the guest bedroom, just follow her. Anything for her Majesty’s friend.” Very unsure of himself he called for the stable boy who took Blackie from Luna as she stumbled after Shelia the house maid. They both walked up the main stairway and to the left towards Luna’s guest bedroom. She dropped all of her weapons on top of the dresser. “Would you like some tea before you retire for today?” Shelia asked. “Yes. Thank you, Shelia.” Luna answered as she took the top sheet off of her bed and curled under it. Shelia curtsied and scurried out of the room.

Luna stroked the warm, thick, sheets as she waited for Beatrice to come in with a clean nightgown as she always did and a worried look on her face. She thought about how she had come here through the years that she had been friends with Beatrice, the times that she broke so many things and Beatrice just shrugged them off. Shelia came in with two cups and a pitcher full of tea on the platter. The rich smell of warm chamomile tea filled Luna’s nostrils. “Would you like me to pour the tea, Malady?” Shelia asked. “No, no. It’s fine. You are dismissed.” Luna said all royal-like. “Thank you, Miss.” Shelia said as she curtsied and walked out of the room. Not soon after in comes Beatrice with a light olive nightgown. “Luna, oh you poor thing. It’s so cold outside and you come in those clothes.” “It’s not that cold.” Luna said under her breath. “Here put this on.” Beatrice said handing Luna the nightgown. “Thanks. Please, sit down.” Luna answered. Beatrice sat down on Luna’s bed and patted it. While Luna was changing behind a screen Beatrice poured some tea into the two cups asking, “This bed is very soft.” She said to herself. “So what brings you here? Don’t tell me, you are running from something.” From behind the screen Luna answered, “Aren’t I always.” She joked. “Well not exactly. This… old friend showed up and he demanded my owl. Can you imagine?” Luna yawned quite loudly. “Here, let’s talk about this tomorrow, you sound terribly tired. You need some sleep.” Beatrice coaxed. “Alright, how about ten in the morning?” Luna said as she rounded the corner of the screen and walked towards the bed. “Alright, see you then in the library. Wait, will you be awake at ten?” “Yes. I am not that tired, so of course.” And with that Luna slipped into bed and fell quickly asleep. “Not that tired she says.” Beatrice blew out the lamp and closed the door.

The next morning Luna woke up and looked at the clock. It was nine twenty-six. She had thirty-four minutes to get ready. Shelia had already put Luna’s clothes out for her; a dress, and her clothes, washed; as a second choice. Beatrice told her to lay them out just in case, so Luna could pick, because she knew Luna didn’t like dresses but maybe she would choose a dress for once. Luna chose the dress because she knew she would get a lecture from Beatrice if she didn’t, and her lectures were not just dull, but dull and long. The dress was floor length and had many layers. It was dark blue underneath and had and outer later that was lighter green but had an opening in the front so you could see the darker layer. A classic look. She called Shelia in to help her put the dress on and it was torture but it was worth not listening to one of Beatrice’s lectures. First she had to put on a corset which squeezed Luna’s chest very tightly. ‘Ow! How can anyone wear these things all day, all the time, and all year long?!’ Then came the pettiskirt. It had so many layers that Luna got lost in it for a few seconds. When she got that on, she slipped on some dark lace gloves that barely covered her whole hands. And lastly the actual dress. Luna put it on over her head. You could tell it was newer because it buttoned down the back not the front. That is all she knew about the dresses, if they were newer or older, it was a requirement for a job she had fulfilled a while back. She had to infiltrate a royal party as a single lady and to win a man’s heart, “marry” him that night and later kill him. She rather enjoyed that job. Her favorite jobs were when she got to mess with hearts.

She sat down in front of a mirror so Shelia could do her hair. When Shelia finished pulling Luna’s hair into a nice curly bun on the side of her head she placed a feathered cap on the other side of Luna’s head. She grabbed a hand fan from the dresser and handed it to Luna. She opened it and fanned herself a little. “Thank you, Shelia. I am very grateful. I will ask Beatrice to do something for all of you.” Luna stood up from the chair and Shelia left. Luna admired the image she saw, she hadn’t really liked dresses because they never really fit her. This dress fit her quite nicely so she blew a kiss and walked out of her room. Luna headed to the library but couldn’t remember where it was and ended up in the servants’ eating quarters. Everyone was sitting there. “Can anybody point me in the direction of the library?” Everyone stood up and Luna motioned for them to sit and everyone but one man sat down. He was the first footman, John. “Yes, Malady. It is just over here.” John walked over to Luna and took her by the shoulder and elbow. They walked down a short hall and up four steps to a door. He let go of her and opened the door. Beatrice was sitting in the room which, Luna soon found out the library Beatrice had redone recently and that is why she couldn’t find it. “Lady Luna.” The man introduced her. Luna slowly walked into the room. “Luna! Come in! You look adorable!” Beatrice was ecstatic.

There was another man sitting in the room with Beatrice. “You didn’t tell me we were entertaining a man.” Luna blushed as she told Beatrice very alertly. “Oh, yes this is William. He is the newest general in my army.” Beatrice announced very proudly almost laughing. “So tell me about this man that wants your owl.” Beatrice was just a little too interested. But then again, she was way too overjoyed too. Maybe it was a morning thing. She cupped her chin in her hands and planted her elbows on top of her knees. “Well I knew him from when we were trai… I mean in school, learning defensive techniques. It was a class at my school; he taught me a lot of w

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