Guardian Wolves

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

The life of the Alpha is more than just being the leader of the clan. One must be strong, trustworthy, and kind to everyone, including nature. Will Tiani, the only daughter of the current Alpha be able to live up to the responsiblity that the position demands? Tiani thinks so, as does her father, the current clan leader; however the council isn't so sure. Tiani must learn, strive to prove herself, and eventually learn to take her place as the leader of the clan. As the story progresses, she learns about her place, and the place of her clan in the world. Will she succeed? Only time will tell!

Table of Contents

Guardian Wolves

Chapter One
"Alpha Hinto, do you believe that Taini is capable of handling this large responsibility?" Knowing the sensitivity of the matter, Akando asked cautiously. "I mean, I understand that she has been training to be a Guardian, since she was born, and I also know she is top of her class, but she is your only child..." With a single look from Hinto, he swallowed the rest of his words.
"I understand what you are saying or rather what you are trying not to say. You don't think she can handle it because she is a woman or that the others will not take her seriously." Hinto managed a slight grin, but the smile did not quite reach his eyes.
Hinto stood at about six-feet and seven inches tall. His long peppered hair pulled back in a neat braid that reached the middle of his well-muscled back. Gazing steadily towards the councilmen, his dark sapphire eyes glinted in the moonlight.
It was the glint in his eyes that caused Akando to stop talking and look toward the ground.
"One thing you and the rest of the council do not understand is Taini's passion and the power she possesses. I had a feeling the reason I was asked to call a council meeting at this late hour probably had to do with my daughter, and I also know you don't understand that she is capable of anything that is thrown at her." Hinto's normally calm voice had a hint of irritation as he looked deep into the eyes of his fellow council members.
Taini could bear to listen to the discussion anymore. She pulled her ear away from the door and slowly walked towards her bed, shoulders slumped. Deflated, she didn't feel much like his daughter at that moment. As her toned, five-foot three inch frame slumped over the bed, her eyes began to well up with tears. Distraught, she began running her long, thin fingers over the wolf quilt that her mother had made for her.
"They don't believe in me and the only one that does is my father. I know there hasn't been a female Alpha in a hundred years to lead the clan, but couldn't they give me a chance?" Feeling a bit angrier than hurt, she continued, "I mean I have trained hard and took on whatever they threw at me, what more could they possibly want!" Situating herself on the bed so she could see out the window, she laid her head down on her goose-downed pillow. After a few minutes, she began to realize just how simple the world really was. The dark, inky sky was bright with twinkling stars, and the vibrant moon, so pale that day, shone directly into her window onto the bed. Slowly, her eyes began to become heavy, and she rolled herself over into the moonlight and drifted off to a somewhat fitful sleep.
"Taini, Taini please wake-up." Hinto calmly commanded as he shook her gently. He saw Taini's eyes flutter open and look at him with a hazy stare as she gradually focused.
"Dad, what time is it? I feel like I just fell asleep not too long ago, and it certainly can't be morning already", Taini stated a little groggy with a puzzled look on her face.
"It is a little past four in the morning," Hinto squinted his eyes at his young daughter, "and, just how late did you stay up anyway? You were to be in bed early last night." He hoped that Tiani did not hear the meeting in which her abilities had been questioned by the others. As he stared into his daughter's eyes his question was answered; he saw the disappointment and hurt that flashed like lightening though her eyes.
"Okay, so you heard the meeting last night and you know that the others don't have complete faith in your abilities to run the clan and protect it." Taking a deep, controlled breath, Hinto continued a bit more energetically. "So, because of their fears, I have arranged a challenge for you." Pausing to take in the situation, he reached over and put his hand gently on her shoulders. "This will show them just how capable you are." Squeezing her shoulders firmly, he cautioned, "But daughter you have not gone through the change yet and all the others have..." Trailing his words, he began to feel a bit worried.
"Dad, are you telling me I am going to have to fight wolves while in my human form! Are you Serious?" Tiani's eyes were big and filled with fear as her mouth slightly quivered.
"No honey, you are not going to be fighting wolves in your human form," breathed Hinto, rather heavily. "You know that all the older eligible males that could be Alpha have already gone through the change. Chaska is the only one of the males who has not shifted yet, but he does not want to be Alpha anyway. The others have been able to shift into their wolf form for about a year now and have had more practice in control over their wolf abilities. That is going to be the only thing you must overcome." Hinto waited pensively as he watched for his daughter's facial expression to change.
After a few moments, Tiani's face relaxed. At first, she was wondering if she would be fighting in the human form against a bunch of crazed teenage male wolves. "So, the challenge will take place after I go through the change and able to shift into my wolf form correct?" Tiani asked simply.
Her father's face changed this time to deep worry. "Tiani, I don't think you understand. I only have six months after you go through the change to train you to control your wolf abilities, and then you must fight against each of the other eligible males for Alpha. It is not a challenge to the death, but you could be gravely injured!" Standing up, he walked over to the window and gazed up to the pale lit moon. "You will have to hone every inch of your wolf skills and be able to shift at will and also know how to stop yourself from shifting. You will need to learn how to use all your other abilities to their fullest extent as well." Stopping, he turned back to his daughter, who had the most concerned look on her face, he has seen in these last eighteen years. "The other thing is that each Guardian gets a special ability that only they can do or perform. It is outside the realm of the normal abilities that all other Wolf Guardians receive." Hinto searched his daughter's face, gazing deeply into her orange-brown eyes for a clue of what she was thinking.
Tiani slowly brought her eyes to her father's and she saw how concerned he was.
"Why are you so worried about the challenge, Dad? You know that I have succeeded at everything that has ever been thrown at me and done better than anyone else." Turning away, she began to hold onto the handmade quilt a bit tighter.
"Tiani," Hinto spoke somewhat cautiously, "I have no doubt you will do well at controlling all the normal wolf abilities, but it's the special ability that I'm worried about. Normally, it does not present for about eight months to a year and half after you go through the change." Turning back to face the moon again, he began to wring his hands together. "There is a way to make it happen a bit earlier, but it will take a lot of work on your part and concentration. It's also not without risk." Bracing himself against the window, he stared back at his only child and continued, "The others will have found their ability by the time we conduct the challenge. They may not be able to control their ability very well, but they will be able to use it against you. If you do not find your special ability by the time of the challenge, you will be at a disadvantage."
Tiani stood up, looked at her father and spoke proudly. "Okay, I understand your concern, but I have confidence in myself. I believe that not only will I find my special ability, but I will have control of it and use it to our advantage." She walked over to her father, put her hand on his chest, and continued, "I will give our clan peace of mind that I am the best leader they have ever had." Standing next to Hinto, her eyes gleamed in the moonlight as she continued, "I will make them understand just how strong I can be".
The determination in his daughter's eyes made Hinto feel proud and less anxious about this challenge that she will have to face in six months and two week time. He raised his eyebrow to his daughter and slightly grinned. "Best Alpha the Clan has ever had, huh!"
"Well besides you Dad," giggled Tiani.
Patting his daughter on the head, which made Tiani feel more like a puppy than a daughter, Hinto strode to the bedroom door. "Okay, now I expect you to be ready and down stairs in about twenty minutes. We start your training today. And, before you ask, no I have not talked to your mother just yet," he paused, and somewhat stumbled over one of the crystals on the floor, "because she is going to kill me when she hears about the challenge." Hinto smiled at his daughter and walked out of her bedroom door shutting it softly behind him.
Tiani's mind swirled with nervousness and excitement. She had so many questions and not enough time to get all the answers from her dad. She quickly walked to her closet and pulled out a long-sleeved black shirt and a pair of black cargo pants and briskly walked into her bathroom to take a shower.
As the hot water beat on the top of her head and down her back she thought about what her training might consist of. Will she have to do dangerous stuff or will it be like the physical activities she does at in gym class when she is getting ready for a soccer game or track?
Then she thought about finding her special ability. What could it be? All wolves get speed, are able to communicate through thought to other wolves, feel the pain and emotions of their mates, enhanced eye sight, smell, and hearing. They also have inhuman strength, but what other abilities exist? What was her father's special ability? Her mother was not a guardian and therefore she just had the normal wolf abilities, no special ones that she knew of. Although she can tell if someone was lying to her or not, and knew if you are drinking out of the juice jug without her even looking in your direction. Nothing seemed too special in any of that.
Tiani turned off the water and swiftly got dressed. After pulling her hair into a braid, she bounded down the stairs and went straight into the kitchen.
Her father was sitting at the kitchen table waiting patiently for her. As she walked up to her father he smiled and quickly went back to eating his toast and eggs.
"Tiani, you better eat something before we head out, it is going to be a long day. I only have a couple of weeks before you shift and school starts soon as well." His smile slowly faded.
Tiani sat down in the large wooden chair next to her father and noticed that he had made her two slices of toast and one over-easy egg, just the way she liked it. As she dug into her breakfast her father stood up and put his plate into the sink. Then pulled two clear glasses out of the cabinet near the fridge and set them down on the counter. He proceeded to open the fridge and pull out a jug of orange juice and pour it into both glasses. He put the orange juice back into the fridge and walked over to the table and handed one glass to his daughter and sat back down with the second glass.
"Okay honey, we really need to be heading out and start this training. I want to get you as ready as possible to go against the others." Hinto stated in his Alpha business-type voice.
Tiani put her dishes in the sink and went towards the front door grabbing her dark-blue jacket off the coat rack and slipping on her Doc Martin boots.
"So, Dad what type of training are we going to do today? Is it going to be physical or mental?" Hinto turned his eyes away from the path that they were walking to look at his daughter. He could not believe how much she had grown and how beautiful she has become. She had an amazing figure and he was a little sad that she would soon find her mate and leave his side.
"We are going to be doing a little bit of both, actually. I need to train you in the art of being calm in situations and not letting your emotions dictate your decisions. We will also be working on your endurance and balance. With it being so close to your birthday, you should be experiencing your senses heightening a bit as well. Like I said it is going to be a long, and rather exhausting day."
Unsure how to broach the subject, Tiani just blurted out, "I have a question and I understand if you don't want to answer it. Dad, what is your special ability and what are other special abilities you have heard of?"
Hinto didn't say a word, and looked around him for a few moments. He then led Tiani to a tree that had fallen in the storm last week by the riverbank. He motioned for Tiani to sit down and he slowly sat down next to her and twisted his body to face hers.
"Well there are many special abilities that are known, but like I said it is unique to the Guardian. It mostly has to do with their inner-self. Many believe is comes from our souls and how we commune with nature." Hinto glanced at the roaring river in front of him. He noticed the tiny waterfall going over a beaver's dam and how the fall leaves were pooled down in the rivers shallows. He could see the sunlight that had come through the trees glimmering on the surface of the water.
Hinto looked back at his daughter's face as she searched his for the answer to her question. "So, Dad what is your special ability and have you ever used it?"
Hinto took a sharp breath and looked into his daughter's eyes once again. "Yes, I have used my special ability, but it was to protect you and your mother when you were very young. My ability is very dangerous and if I don't stay calm I can kill someone when I use it. If I get out of control..." He paused for a moment, and looked away from Tiani, "I can harm many at one time." After a few tense moments, Hinto sighed, and continued, "My special ability is the control of lighting."
"Really! You can use lighting to attack others? That is amazing and you had to use it once to protect me and mom. I bet that scared the crap out of mom. She is not too happy about the Guardian stuff and I know she wishes that I was just a normal clan's member, but I am happy to be a Guardian." Tiani was so happy and she just beamed at her father with awe in her eyes.
"What other abilities have you seen or heard of Dad?"
"Tiani, there are many different abilities and not all of them are used to attack. Some are used to ensure the survival of the clan. I have heard of some Guardian's being able to make plants grow to full maturity in one day, and others are able to make it rain in a draught. Not everything is about fighting!" Hinto sighed. He really didn't want to focus on special abilities today.
"I hope my special ability will be cool like yours Dad."
"Okay, we have sat here long enough it is time to get started on your training." Hinto stood up and motioned for Tiani to follow him to the riverbank. "I want you to sit as close to the water's edge without actually touching the water. We are going to work on your senses." He moved over a few larger stones and sat down on one of them. "I know they are not fully enhanced yet and won't be until after the change, but I will be teaching you how to single things out."
With a moan, Tiani joined Hinto on the shoreline. "Dad, this is going to be so boring!"
"This is important and once you get started you will find out that it really isn't all that boring," Hinto said firmly.
"Fine, I will do what you say, but I still think it is going to be boring," mumbled Tiani.
She sat on the riverbank close to the water, but not enough for the water to touch her. "Okay, now what do I do?"
Hinto spoke very slowly in a deep, calming voice, "I need you to close your eyes and clear your mind of all thought." After a few moments where the wind blew Tianis hair around her ears, he continued. "Now, focus on the sounds that you are hearing and try to tune everything out. Focus on one specific sound. Zero in on it and try to judge how far away it is."
"Okay, now how am I supposed to stay calm and just sit here without moving?" Squirming, Tiani wasn't that confortable on the rock, and the soil was also a bit damp through her cargo pants. "Concentrate Tiani, concentrate," Hinto spoke sharply, staring right at her. After a few moments, the world began to 'fade' away. The sounds began to slowly drift into the nothingness that concentration finally gave. Focusing her senses slightly past the river bank to the east, she listened intently. There it was! It was the sound of twigs and crunching leaves.
She tried to focus on identifying the creature making the sound, when a voice entered her head. "Tiani, I know you can hear me even though you have not gone through the change yet," a low voice crudely spoke. "I just wanted to let you know that you will never be Alpha of the Zaltana Clan, because I will never allow you to be."
"Who are you," stuttered Tiani, trying her best to communicate.
"I want you to back out of the challenge," boomed the voice.
"No! I will not back out, because I'm strong enough to take on any of you," screamed Tiani in her mind.
"I'm going to show you just how weak you really are. You know that all wolves have a special ability? Well, here is mine," the voice sneered.
When Tiani opened her eyes all she could see were flames and smoke; she was surrounded by fire! She tried to scream, but could not find her voice. The tears began to fill her eyes and spill down her cheeks. She tried to make her body run through the flames to the river, but couldn't make her legs move at all.
Hinto noticed the look of sheer terror on his daughter's face, he screamed, "Tiani, what's wrong! Tiani, answer me." As he reached out to her, she fell to the ground and was scarcely breathing, her eyes sealed shut with pain. He scooped her up and ran straight toward the house.
When Hinto reached the house he laid Tiani down on the couch and covered her up with a blanket. After checking to make sure she was still breathing, he headed toward the phone to call the clan's Shaman. Hastily, he explained what was going on, when it happened, and the Shaman agreed to come over.
Sani, the clan's Shaman, arrived just a few minutes later. Taking a quick look at Tiani, he knew he had to act swiftly in order to dispel the enchantment. He lit a few candles around Tiani and began to chant an old prayer asking for the spirits of the forest for aid. Reaching into his satchel pack, he pulled out a few onyx river stones. After rubbing them together, he placed them on either side of Tiani's head, and began to chant softly, slowly to help control the anger of the girl's spirit.
A look of shock and terror came over Tiani's face as she began to wake. Her arms flailed uncontrollably at her side, and her eyes looked empty in her father's direction. The shaman took a willow-berry branch from his satchel and placed it gently on her chest. Pressing firmly, he began to chant again, this time, more forcefully. In a few moments, Tiani laid silent, her hands at her side, and her stomach began moving up and down in the normal patterns of sleep.
At this point, Sani withdrew the river stones, put them back in the satchel, removed the willo-berry branch, and began to blow out the candles in a counter-clockwise fashion. He then took a rattlesnake rattle and shook it over her head. It seemed like an eternity for Hinto, but eventually Tiani's eyes began to flutter open. Before she could sit up, however, Sani stopped her.
"Tiani after you finish drinking please lay back down. You need your rest and your mind needs sleep." Sani voice was a bit gruff, but calming, and after what seemed like an eternity to everyone else, Tiani did what he said and laid back down on the couch.
Sani turned to Hinto who was sitting in a chair across from the couch and told him that Tiani was mentally attacked. "Hinto, I think that Tiani was attacked by a special ability of some kind; one that makes a person see their worst fears and this sent her into shock. I know that Tiani has been afraid of fire since the incident where you saved her and her mother from a rogue wolf. She really believed that she was being burned alive and so her body tried to shut down." He heaved a rather harried sigh.
"Who would do something like this and why," Hinto spoke with apprehension. His dark sapphire eyes bore into Sani's golden ones.
"Hinto, I would hate to think someone in our clan would stoop this low and hurt Tiani, but you know as well as I do some would do anything to be the next leader of the clan. When your daughter wakes up please have her drink the rest of the medicine I have prepared and take it easy on the training for a few days. I will come back tomorrow afternoon and ask her a few questions."
Sani and Hinto grabbed each other's forearms and said their goodbyes. "Thank-you brother for everything you did tonight for my little girl."
Sani smiled and nodded as he walked out the door.
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