The Charity Case

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

Everyone else thinks she's dealing with a runaway, but when a lead brings Detective Cooper face to face with one of the city's local charities, her instincts tell her otherwise.

Table of Contents


A crime solving legend remembered. Read Chapter

6 Years Later:   Amanda Cooper sat at her kitchen table eating an early morning breakfast of scrambled eggs and toast. It wa... Read Chapter

And just like that, she had promised some little kid that she would find her brother for her. Police officers were told early in their ca... Read Chapter

The two of them got in Cooper’s car and went to check out their first lead. According to Ashley, her foster dad and brother didn’t ge... Read Chapter

Cooper woke up the next day still a little angry at the turn of the events at the Parsons residence. This was just something she had neve... Read Chapter

It was the one she had seen him working on in his garage the night before. It was parked in front of a small pub on the side of the road.... Read Chapter

Cooper followed Larson home so that they could carpool to the next lead that Cooper had, or rather the only lead she had after Nate Parso... Read Chapter

Ashley’s ride was ready so she had to go, which left Larson and Cooper still at the table to discuss this new information they had. ... Read Chapter

The charity president seemed to have packed up his things and left after their conversation. This wouldn’t have been a problem if it we... Read Chapter

After their conversation with Bennett they had tried to find Hummel at the convention center somewhere. If he had been involved in embezz... Read Chapter

Thomas Larson’s alarm woke him up at 7 o’clock. Back when he worked for the police department, he used to set his alarm in order to m... Read Chapter

He sat at his desk, staring at the drawing he had pulled out earlier to look at. Just the most recent of the dozens of times he had pulle... Read Chapter

“What do you mean you know who killed him?” Cooper asked.   “The headless man from your case. I think I know who kille... Read Chapter