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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
Object class:Euclid

Submitted: February 03, 2019

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Submitted: February 03, 2019





Item #: SCP-4229

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4229 is contained in 2 Cells of 20m x 20m, one laid out as a kitchen and another laid out as a dining room with a 2.8m dining table. When being escorted, SCP-4229 must be restrained with a Class II Humanoid Restriction Harness and monitored by no fewer than three armed guards. SCP-4229 must be placed under constant observation by audio detecting cameras.

SCP-4229 is cooperative with Foundation personnel, so long as it is given the cans of food it needs to stay peaceful. Under no circumstances should any personnel come into direct contact with SCP-4229 during a containment breach. In the event SCP-4229 breaches containment, personnel are to burn incense around SCP-4229 which opens a 2-hour period in which his stocks are to be replenished before he begins to cook again, or if the stocks are not replenished, then another containment breach, in which incense will be unable to stop him.

Dishes that become instances of SCP-4229-N are to be removed from SCP-4229’s dining table and used as biofuels.

Description: SCP-4229 is a 1.9m tall human male of Indian origin and of slightly muscular build. He is normally seen in WW2 era Royal Navy sailor’s uniform with an able chef’s badge but can be seen in ceremonial dress on days such as Vaisakhi or the anniversary of the end of WW2. He is often heard singing in a northern dialect of Punjabi. He is extremely docile, with cameras showing him cooking for most of the time.

The plates of food created are to be designated SCP-4229-N, with N being the number of dishes made before this plus one (1). Testing of these dishes has shown no other chemicals other than those already in the food. However, when someone eats anything made by SCP-4229, no matter how small of an amount, they will suffer a cardiac arrest within two (2) minutes.

When the food supplies are not restored within the schedule SCP-4229 will destroy the door to his cell, which shows incredible strength, despite it being made of 10cm thick steel with multiple locks. After opening/destroying the door, SCP-4229 will attempt to make its way to [REDACTED], Scotland. SCP-4229 will engage anyone attempting to physically stop him, either with non-lethal hand-to-hand combat or a dagger he is seen carrying as part of his religious accommodation of uniform. The use of lethal force is inefficient against him, and anyone attempting to use lethal force will be killed by SCP-4229. What SCP-4229 will do when arriving at [REDACTED], Scotland is unknown, and observation has been deemed unnecessary by O5 command, due to potential casualties and breach of foundation secrecy.


Documentation #4229-1-1, of Experiment 4229-1-1

Experiment 4229-1-1 is headed by Dr. Fields. Purpose is to test SCP-4229-1’s effects on humans.

D-3471 is a 54-year-old convicted cartel member and murderer. D-3471 is placed inside Gas chamber ???. The following was recorded via video surveillance inside Gas chamber, between it and Dr. Fields’ control site.

D-3471: The lights are on, what now?

Dr. Fields: Do you feel fine?

D-3471: Yeah, I’m okay.

Dr. Fields: Now please back into a corner

D-3471 complies. A plate of SCP-4229-2957 is lowered into the chamber, which intrigues D-3471

Dr. Fields: Please describe the plate.

D-3471: It’s a plate of, is that fish?

Dr. Fields: Describe it, please.

D-3471: Uh… it’s a plate of fish, mashed potatoes and green beans.

Dr. Fields: Please smell the plate.

D-3471: It smells like garlic and curry powder, weird combination.

A stopwatch is set at this point to time when/if D-3471 will expire

Dr. Fields: Ok, please stand by.

The plate of SCP-4229-2957 is lifted from the gas chamber and sent for biofuel processing.

D-3471: What now?

Dr. Fields: Please wait.

Approximately one and a half minutes later, D-3471 is seen with shortness of breath and clutching his chest in pain.

D-3471: DOC, (cough) HELP!

Dr. Fields: (away from camera) CBRN squad, move in to clean-up

Two minutes later, D-3471 expires after showing signs of gas poisoning. His body is removed after all gases are removed and oxygen is pumped inside by CBRN specialist guards. After everything has been cleaned up, the second test commences.

D-3895 is a 29-year-old female who killed both of her children. D-3895 is placed inside gas chamber ?? and the door is locked.

D-3895: Ok, what am I supposed to do now.

Dr. Fields: Please open the metal container pick up the peg inside on the right.

D-3895 puts on the peg over her nose.

Dr. Fields: Okay, please back into the corner and do not touch the thing coming down.

D-3985 complies and moves into the corner as a plate with an instance of SCP-4229-1.

D-3895: Okay, can I move now?

Dr. Fields: Move towards the plate please.

D-3895 complies and moves near SCP-4229-1

D-3985: This [Expletive] looks delicious.

Dr. Fields: Okay, please be patient. Now describe the plate please.

D-3985: Some steak, fries and salad with salsa God [Expletive]!

Dr. Fields: Please take a bite of the steak.

D-3895 expresses excitement and gratitude takes a piece of steak and eats it. At this time a stopwatch is started to see when/if D-3895 will expire

D-3895: I taste garlic and cayenne, that’s some good stuff

Dr. Fields: Please back into the corner again

D-3895 shows disappointment but complies. The instance of SCP-4229-1 is lifted from the chamber and sent for biofuel processing

D-3895: (agitated)What should I do now?

Dr. Fields: Calm down and standby

Approximately one and twenty sec minute later, D-3895 is seen grimacing and sits down on the floor, most likely in fatigue.

D-3895: What was in that steak? ANSWER(coughs) ME!

Dr. Fields: (away from camera) CBRN, move in for clean-up.

Two minutes later, D-3895 expires after showing signs of cardiac arrest. An autopsy shows that D-3895 was in good health and there was no inherent cause for cardiac arrest. The Gas chamber’s inside is steam cleaned and all air is replaced in order to prevent gas poisoning via SCP-4229-1 instances.

Incident 4229-1

<Begin Log>

SCP-4229’s containment chamber is seen, with D-class, Guards, and scientists occasionally passing it. The camera then switches multiple times until it reaches the camera inside SCP-4229’s cell where he is peacefully cooking.

[Fast-forward fifty-eight minutes]

SCP-4229 looks at the shelf, which is now empty and begins to get agitated, pacing around the room while mumbling expletives. The camera moves to the guard on duty who notices the behaviour and requests a team with incense to be sent. The camera changes again to show a dent in the door to SCP-4229’s containment chamber. It slowly gets bigger until SCP-4229’s foot is seen, shortly before he kicks his way through the door.

Two security teams enter the room as SCP-4229 breaks out of containment. Live rounds and tranquilizer darts are fired to no visible effect. Approximately 50% of security personnel have attempted to apprehend SCP-4229 with lethal force. The room and surrounding areas are sealed, and the site is placed on lockdown.

Approximately Forty minutes later SCP-4229 breaches Research Site ?? and is seen sprinting at ?? km/h through the outside woodland, despite normal humans being exhausted at that speed.
<End Log>

“ Mobile Task Force Epsilon-11 designated Nine-Tailed-Fox were assigned to immediate containment breach. When we realized just how big a breach we were dealing with, we were completely overwhelmed. All of the team kept on being stabbed and couldn’t stop him”

<Begin Log>

Audio transcript between MTF Whiskey-7 and modified EG-3 Sentry AWACS, callsign “Googly Eye” in the attempt to locate and stop SCP-4229

MTF-W-7: Choppers in the air, moving towards [DATA EXPUNGED]. Awaiting vector.

Googly Eye: Electronics online, cruising altitude reached. Cameras online. Googly Eye is now watching.

MTF-W-7: What area is the target currently heading to?

Googly Eye: This guy’s on the...Yeah, that’s the A617. Current scans suggest he is heading towards what looks like a naval base, HMNB [REDACTED]. He’s just run past [DATA EXPUNGED], close off the road and get a riot squad to [DATA EXPUNGED], There’ll be a helicopter with specialized gas grenades heading their way.

MTF-W-7: Hold one. Roger that, Googly Eye. ERA is reporting that riot squad is assembling.

Googly Eye: Get them to stop the motorists on the other lane… I don’t know how many people have seen this thing.

<End Log>

“Whiskey-7 succeeded in gathering the riot squad with gas officers loaded with specialized incense gas grenades, that should stop him and get him back to the facility.”

“And if they don’t?”

“They will. They will.”

<Begin Log>

Radio conversation between MTF Whiskey-7 and Riot Sergeant [REDACTED] , at [DATA EXPUNGED] trying to stop SCP-4229 and contain him

MTF-W-7: He’ll be here soon, are the gas officers ready to fire the grenades?

Riot Sergeant: Hold up...yes, gas officers ready to engage the target.

MTF-W-7: Okay, we see him, ETA 2 minutes. Watch for an Indian man in a turban

Riot Sergeant: Understood(approximately two minutes later) Target spotted, fire fire fire.

[The incense smoke grenades are fired at SCP-4229 and seem to have an effect on him]

MTF-W-7: Ok, make sure he is covered in smoke, I need him to turn around or lie down.

[SCP-4229 sits down in the middle of the road, clearly affected by the gas]

Riot Sergeant: Target has sat down, I repeat target has sat down. CEASE FIRE! CEASE FIRE!

[The riot squad stop launching and lower their weapons]

MTF-W-7: Okay boys, go get him.

<End Log>

“SCP-4229 has been contained, tell the staff at site ?? to refill his cabinet, I don’t want this to happen again ”- Samar[REDACTED](Israeli artillery corps)

A team of maintenance staff refill SCP-4229’s cabinet with ingredients for food, calming SCP-4229 and thus his cycle of cooking began again.


Interview 4229-1

Interviewed: SCP-4229

Interviewer: Dr.Gosar

Notes: SCP-4229 is deemed to be biologically human and capable of speech, the aim of this interview is to find out more about his origins. However SCP-4229 speaks in broken English.

<Begin Log>

Dr.Gosar: Good Afternoon 4229

SCP-4229: (In Punjabi) Who’s 4229

Dr.Gosar: Do you speak English?

SCP-4229: A bit, I learn it from Petty Officer [REDACTED] before deploy on HMS [REDACTED].

Dr.Gosar: What’s your name?

SCP-4229: M?r? n?m, sorry, my name [REDACTED].

Dr.Gosar: Where were you born and how did you reach the British Navy?

SCP-4229: I was born in [REDACTED],[REDACTED]. The ‘pareaah’...mountains  were the main of my childhood. My father fight in world war one and that inspire me to become a member. I like sailing and I often gave out bread to poor. So, I become cook in navy.

Dr.Gosar: How long have you been cooking for?

SCP-4229: I remember cook since [REDACTED] but have never have anyone to feed. I feed my captain and all other crew while at surface. They all seemed to have died of something, and I still cook to see what wrong. I taste, and nothing happens, but they reacted.

Dr.Gosar: Are you aware of SCP-807?

SCP-4229: The plate, yes. It’s just like me, it makes food and anyone who eat it dies. I think it come from my ship.

Dr.Gosar: How have you not aged since World war two. The demolition team found you in the rusting submarine and thought you were a ghost. The submarine was decommissioned, and you were still inside looking about 20-30 years old despite it being seventy years in the past. Could you please explain?

SCP-4229: [Interviewee remains silent]

Overseer: 4229, cooperate now or I will terminate this interview.

[SCP-4229 becomes agitated]

SCP-4229:(Translated), You want to play rough, I’ll play rough.

Dr.Gosar: Calm down! do you need a break?

SCP-4229: No, I’m okay

Dr. Gosar: Moving on. We saw you during a containment breach moving towards a Naval base in Scotland. Why were you going there?

SCP-4229: You know HMS [REDACTED]?

Dr. Gosar:[Shuffling of papers],it says that it is a Graveyard here.

SCP-4229: Yes, and it is where Petty Officer [REDACTED] is buried. I want use his body to find why I being used as poison.

Dr. Gosar:(Under breath) Jesus fucking Christ.

Overseer: That will be the end of this session, you may leave Dr.Gosar. As for 4229, please remain seated until the security team comes by to take you back.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: It seems 4229 has some sort of innate sense of Petty Officer [REDACTED]’s location. We will have to investigate this further and find out the source of this.














© Copyright 2020 AgentPinegrass. All rights reserved.

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