A Summers Day- The Dragons Palace

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The Enchanted Wood Was Just The Beginning- Now The Summer Has Started. There is a mysterious army coming down on the little amount of citizens in the Enchanted Wood, and Damien and friends find themselves being dragged back into the woods to help again... they shall meet new friends, new enemies.... and new challenges before it was a war for survival....... now it is a war for humanity.........

The Dragon Palace


Jay’s Story

Jay was flying in the dark, lonely night with nothing to do *finally she’s stopped screaming for me to let her go* he thought. Down below Cerys was sleeping peacefully in the claws of the great dragon *I’ll give her to the dragon guards and they will throw her in the branding room and then, when I’m ready I’ll give her the mark of the dragon*



After two days of being airborne the palace finally came into sight when Jay got into the dragon’s entrance the dragon warriors and the dragon guards turned up and took Cerys away while she was still sleeping. Jay let out another roar of agony which died down into a normal shout of pain as he shifted back into his human form “right, now, as she is out of the way GUARDS take her to the branding room… I’m going to rest because I’ve had no sleep for the last two days because I’ve been flying to get her here as fast as I can” then he departed to his quarters.




Cerys’s Story

Cerys struggled with the leather straps that bound her to the chair, when she gave up she started to scream “SOMEONE… ANYONE… GET ME OUT OF HERE!” then a guard wearing a dragon mask turned up and said “shut up or I shall feed you to the dragons” “yeah right like you’d do that” she replied “your king wants me alive or he would have killed me on that long torturous journey” “or maybe he was just too tired to kill you and ordered us to torture, then kill you instead”  “so why am I in the branding room?” asked Cerys “ ah you ARE a smart girl aren’t you Cerys?” Jay said from the shadows “you BASTARD Jay, and you wonder why we hated you, until you became Danny’s second last week” she screamed at him “well, you ARE ready for anything, are you not?” asked the dragon king. Cerys didn’t reply, instead she just spat at him in disgust “well, it’s time for the branding. GUARDS!!, Send her to sleep” he ordered. Three guards came in; two went to Cerys and held her still while the other one decided the send her to sleep using a sleeping drug in a needle. Jay went mad at them “when I tell you to send her to sleep I mean to knock her out!” “Sorry, my lord” the guards said *what is going on? Why did they disobey my orders?* thought Jay *maybe they are NOT my guards but impostors disguised as my guards… maybe it’s Danny or whoever* “right it’s time for her to be branded with the mark of the dragon, get out of my way!” said Jay. The last thing that Jay heard that night was the sound of her screams of protest as he branded her with the mark of the dragon to get her on his side, once and for all.

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