A Summers Day- The Final Battle

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The Enchanted Wood Was Just The Beginning- Now The Summer Has Started. There is a mysterious army coming down on the little amount of citizens in the Enchanted Wood, and Damien and friends find themselves being dragged back into the woods to help again... they shall meet new friends, new enemies.... and new challenges before it was a war for survival....... now it is a war for humanity.........

Submitted: June 24, 2012

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Submitted: June 24, 2012



The Final Battle


Damien’s Story

Damien looked at Louise and Jay just finishing their little unfriendly talk and turned to look at all his allies behind him and looked to his left and saw Cerys. He looked down at her wrist and he saw that the mark of the dragon had gone, he looked up at his opponent and smiled and drew his blades from the clips on his back. Jay took a pen from his pocket and pressed the button. The pen turned into riptide in seconds and Jay slashed at Louise to get her out of the way for him to attack Damien who said “bring it” everyone else grabbed their weapons and ran at the Dragon King. In seconds Jay went from his human form to his dragon form and he roared in fury as everyone ran at him with ropes and straps and when his wings were strapped down to his body, would he fight them with his claws and everyone strapped his mouth and jaws together. He clawed at Katherine, who dodged and threw some of her knives at him he roared and swiped towards David who teleported onto his foot and stabbed until the claws on it were useless and then David teleported onto the other foot and rendered those claws useless so that Jay could do no harm to anyone. Then he ran at Damien with Louise running at the same speed as Jay while stabbing and slicing to rip all the scales off his legs and make him slow down, the plan went according to plan and then a giant ran and jumped at the dragon king to grab his legs and make him fall. When Jay fell Footfall and Jeviniah held him down so he couldn’t move at all so Damien ran up onto Jay’s stomach and took the broadsword and rapier from the clips on his back and everyone noticed that the broadsword glowed a deep, dark, blood red colour before he plunged it deep into Jay’s heart.


When Damien had finished helping the other take the remains of Jay into the tomb, Chloe went up to Damien and asked him, “What happened to your sword earlier?” “I actually don’t know, it’s never happened before” he replied, “it has actually” Said James, “what do you mean?” asked Damien. “When you killed Jeviniah last year, the sword glowed until you dealt the final blow. And when you are about to kill a giant enemy the sword shall glow red until the enemy is killed. Which is why it never glows with the dragon guards, because they were not giant enemies like Jay in his dragon form, or Jeviniah, when you killed him, on your first journey here, it glowed for a second because of how fast you killed him just to get out of the woods. This is the end of Jay so we have nothing to worry about… we can go to where we want without having to worry about anything coming after us anymore… this is the time to relax and enjoy the calmness of Jay’s death… we need some time to relax as well” “yeah, okay, thanks, anyway we need to get back to where we came from” said Damien. “Yeah, so do we” said Danny, “I AM where I belong” said Luke, “so am I Luke” said James “actually, why not we stay here today to party and go back tomorrow instead?” asked Damien “yeah we, could do with another day without anyone else that will annoy us” replied Danny “at least it won’t be just me and Luke partying tonight then” said James “why not start the party now?” asked Luke “yeah we could do that,” replied James. And the sleepless four were walking towards the weaponsmith’s forge finishing their conversation. When they finished, Damien hang back and walked with the lone figure that was walking after the others at her own pace, when Cerys caught up with Damien she looked up and smiled “Thank you for that he was torturing me badly, I needed to be free of him, to get away from him.” She said “yeah, whatever, it wasn’t just me, remember…” “Yeah but you was the one who killed him” she replied. “Yeah but I don’t think it’s the end like James said… I think it’s only the beginning.”

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