A Winters Night- A Destroyed Building

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In The Deep, Cold Winter, there is another desturbance in the woods, there is rumours of The Evil Dragon King, Jay, whom everyone had belived to be dead, has come back suspisiously, there is someone whoever who seems to be changing, is it Jayne, who is starting to turn towards jay or is there a problem that she encountered in the summer, or is it Cerys, who is becoming more confident with her life. there is more muerder than before... but will Damien, Danny, Luke and James survive like before? read on to find out.......

Submitted: June 24, 2012

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Submitted: June 24, 2012



A Destroyed Building


Damien’s Story

Damien was sneaking around the palace as part of his training to sneak around like Katherine and Chloe could. Then he saw a dark shape appear behind him… it was probably another one of Katherine’s tests but it wasn’t Katherine or Chloe… he was about to pull out the dagger that Katherine gave him for the training until he heard the voice… “Damien…” said Louise… “You need to get out of here… trust me I had foresaw the death of Luke and he died the same way I seen but I thought as I have foreseen your death I might as well warn you that you got crushed by this building… from Jay attacking you the same way he did James, he knows that he wants to kill you without proof that he did it, I saw a body and I don’t know whether it was you or not… but Jeviniah was walking and he collapsed and he had a fit, then he disappeared in a load of smoke… then a body turned up, but there was only five people there plus the body, six but I don’t know what happens after that… I’m sorry…” “That’s oka… LOOK OUT!” he shouted “FIREBALL! JUMP OUT OF THE WINDOW!” he shouted and ran and he dived out the tall window, before he landed like never before as he landed, then looked up and saw Louise falling through the air and then Damien looked up and ran and the he caught her before she hit the ground, then he put her down, then he ran up the wall to the window, when Katherine ran and dived out, head first then flipped and landed on her feet and smiled while Damien ran and looked for Chloe… when he couldn’t find her he left the window and joined the others and when the palace collapsed, he looked and found Chloe’s head under the main weight of the building, then Damien turned and found that Louise had closed her eyes, and then the rubble lifted off Chloe and dumped to the other side then
Damien Looked and said “what did you just do…?” “I don’t know it’s like I have the power of everyone I have known die for real… I have seen Chloe die, so I can lift objects… I have seen Danny die… so I do not need to breath at all… but I think that one has extended because he could only have unlimited breath underwater… Luke could use telekinesis and he could control people and speak to people’s minds but I can send an image of myself to others to talk to them… like I did just after Luke died… so I think I’ve got his power extended… James could see the future with his goggles… I can see the future without goggles so… I think I have another power as in absorbing the power of the one’s who I know are dead… wait, I know that Jayne died once and she had the power of life so I have to try it…” she said then extended Chloe’s left arm so footfall appeared and he looked down at his mistress … then Louise put her hand on Chloe’s Chest and thought *bring this sword back to us* and then the heart started beating, and the lungs started to inhale and exhale then Chloe’s eye’s started to open slowly… then they fluttered as she went weak again, then the eyes came fully open and then they stayed open, then Chloe looked at Louise, then Katherine then stood up looked at Damien… then cried and ran to Damien saying “you’re safe… you’re safe!” “Yes, I’m safe where were you?” “Where were YOU?” she asked “I was looking for you!” they said to each other at the same time, then Damien smiled and said “I like it when we’re all safe” “or not as safe as you think” said Louise and Katherine, looking up at the sky and then Damien and Chloe looked up and saw a dragon… “RUN” said Damien and Louise together.


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