A Winters Night- Return

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In The Deep, Cold Winter, there is another desturbance in the woods, there is rumours of The Evil Dragon King, Jay, whom everyone had belived to die, has come back suspisiously, there is someone whoever who seems to be changing, is it Jayne, who is starting to turn towards jay or is there a problem that she encountered in the summer, or is it Cerys, who is becoming more confident with her life. there is more muerder than before... but will Damien, Danny, Luke and James survive like before? read on to find out.......

Submitted: June 24, 2012

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Submitted: June 24, 2012





Damien’s Story

“WHY, WHY do we have to go now?” asked Damien “maybe he just wants to know how we’re getting on” replied Chloe “don’t worry Damien” said Katherine “we can always come back” “yeah I suppose. Hey give me your pen and notepad a minute please, Kath. I want to leave a message for the others so they know where we are” “okay, here” she replied. Damien wrote:

Matthew, Josh, Alex and Liam,

You will find the road to the wood’s entrance behind the back curtain and then you will find that there is a rope trail for you to follow, you will end up at Jay’s tomb, we will meet you there,


“That should do it” said Damien smiling “let’s go.”



Matthew, Josh, Alex and Liam walked into the shelter, shivering from the snow and Matthew said, “We’ve got something important”, then he looked towards where Damien was usually sat and saw a note with Damien’s handwriting on it and he read it before he said “they’ve already got a scroll as well, I think.” “What do you mean?” asked Liam “I mean that they’re already on their way to the woods and the tomb.” Replied Matthew…



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