The Enchanted Wood-D.J Davies

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Schoolkids Damien, Chloe, Katherine, Alex, Matthew, Josh and Liam find a strange wood in which they will battle monsters and ry to survive. Will they do what is necessary to leave the strange woods? Or will they perish forever? Read on to find out.......

Submitted: June 23, 2012

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Submitted: June 23, 2012



Next there was an evil witch brewing some ghastly potion saying “hocus pocus you will die from curses.” So Alex went up to Damien and said “I’ve got an idea. I’ll go get it’s broom and hit the witch across the head with it and drown it in that evil smelling potion or poison, whatever it is,” and that is exactly what he did, he crept behind the witch, picked up the broom and hit the witch across the head with the broom and it was knocked out cold, straight away and so Alex picked up the witch and grabbed it’s head and then he forced it into the potion and the witch screamed until the face evaporated into the potion.


Next they found a sphinx who gave them a riddle; “what has four legs in the morning, two legs in the afternoon and three legs in the evening?” In a mystic but challenging voice. “Who dares to try my riddle?” It added. Before Damien could say anything, Liam stepped forward and said “I will.” The sphinx replied “good luck young man.” Then Liam answered “a human crawls on two arms and two legs when it is a baby, then on two legs from childhood to adulthood and then walking with a walking stick as an elder.” And with that the sphinx vanished with a puff of smoke.


They carried on through the dark and mysterious wood then suddenly the companions heard a twig snap and a rustle of leaves they turned around and saw Katherine covered in mud Chloe went to run at her but Damien grabbed her by the arm and said “it’s only Katherine.”

“I know” said an angry Chloe “let me at her.”

“No” said Damien “watch and learn. Why are you here Katherine?” asked Damien.

“Me, I’m here because I’m lost. Anyway you don’t want to go that way”.

“Why’s that” asked Matthew.

 “There’s a chimera that way believe it or not.”

“And how do you know that” asked Chloe.

“Because I sneaked down there while you lot were sleeping last night.”

“Fair enough” said Damien. “Let’s go again.”


So they carried on again and then they heard a roar like a dragon’s roar and a thick shadow came over them and in front of them was a strange animal that had a goat’s body, a lion’s legs, a dragon’s head and wings and a snake’s body for a tail … a chimera.

“Let me handle this one” said Matthew brightly.

“Okay said the others and then the moment they stood back the giant came again Damien looked across and saw the witch, the dragons and the sphinx coming and saw Chloe’s, Alex’s, Josh’s and Liam’s hands out in front of them and suddenly Damien understood, the enemy you defeat can be summoned back to fight with you and he shouted this to Matthew who said “cool.” Then the dragons went to help Matthew and then he said “thanks Josh.”

“Your welcome Matthew” replied Josh and then the dragons breathed ice into the bucket that Damien gave to Matthew and then the witch came forward and put the bucket on a magical fire and the ice turned into water immediately and Matthew threw the water at the chimera and the chimera turned into acid. Matthew put out his arm and the chimera came back from between his fingers and then he drew back his arm and it disappeared so the others done the same thing and the enemies that they defeated disappeared as well.

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