The Other Party 2

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
The series continues...

Backyard of Uncle Heinrich

~ The party is held in the backyard, but Birk and Ed went a little further out to the field where a glowing tree caught their eyes. From there, they are taken into an enchanted forest and crystal tavern.

Submitted: October 07, 2014

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Submitted: October 07, 2014



Backyard of Uncle Heinrich

Part 1

Later in the evening, Birk had called me and asked if I would join him at another party.This time much closer and the forecast for the evening is good.  He said it should be interesting since Uncle Heinrich is such a prankster.I had agreed since what is there not to like about a good feast to go with the party?

This time, Aunt Gertrude will be in charge of the feast, not calling any band.  They figure a roasted pig would be a nice touch to the party and a good fire to warm up the backyard.There will be a bucket full of marshmallows for everyone to dive into as well.  

It is a quiet area we live in.  Part of a greater area, but we are more on the edge so we have a nice view of the natural landscape not far from us.  Everyone is usually a few streets away from their friends and family.The neighbors are usually hospitable and open-minded.Most mind their own business and many stay out of trouble.   

Birk said we do not have to wear any costumes and come as we are.  I was thinking we could wear part of our outfits again.  Not as formal this time by leaving the cane,  jacket and cape behind.I do not want to have the jacket messy when I feast on the homemade food.  Aunt Gertrude knows how to make a variety of soup, strudel and delicious side dishes.  

It will be interesting to see what outfits the guests wear at this party.Hopefully, Uncle Heinrich will opt for a different costume than a talking coat rack.  He loves to bring a little fright to everyone.This was during opa's birthday.  Any time is a good time for a joke.  

I would not be surprised if he decides to be a lamp, table or some other furniture item at the party.  He is always full of surprises with tricks up his sleeves literally.Aunt Gertrude is always telling us that she could have married a painter.  Instead she had married a nutty professor.He gets more nutty each year.

Something tells me he has been sniffing too much chemicals in the lab.Uncle Heinrich teaches the art of mixing chemicals for those who are interested in making cologne, perfume and such.  He also teaches the science behind what makes people laugh, smile and be surprised.

She is not unhappy with him, but sometimes wishes he would lighten up on the jokes.  I can understand where she is coming from since they are aging.  But knowing Uncle Joker, he loves to make her smile even though sometimes it means sleeping on the sofa.

Birk usually has a lot of family parties.  It is usual for me to join him in many of them.  There are always other guests too.I do not think they know the word intimate.Their theme is usually the more, the merrier.
I had the outfit sealed in plastic and put away in my closet.  This was not something to leave to anyone else.  It definitely brings in the memories of the party under the forest.I stand there looking at it for a few seconds before closing the closet and hop into bed.

Part 2

Since I had trouble sleeping during the night with the interruptions of the strong wind and what ever was running around in the late hours, I did not get up around my usual time.There was not anything on my agenda for the day so I had slept a little longer.  Maybe this time around, I would not be as tired from eating a plate full or two.I still do not know how we ate that much in a single sitting.

I only made some tea and toast to start my day.It is definitely the lunch hour, but I did not want to ruin my appetite for tonight.  Even though Aunt Gertrude makes a variety of delicious dishes, it is not often to have a roasted pig next to buckets of marshmallow.

What made the marshmallow even more enjoyable is the fact that she makes it from scratch with a twist.The kitchen has a mini bar for her to make use of every other liquor, wine and her own blend of elixir.All the guests look forward to her tasty squares of marshmallow.  

The yellow ones are usually Limoncello.  Light brown is usually a maple syrup with dark rum.  Orange is a citrus mix with spices.What ever the flavors, everyone is usually happy with every bite.

Birk would be here shortly at about six.This time, I am the one driving my scooter down a few streets.  We could walk, but the combination of the cold and how tired we will be would make the walk a bit difficult after the party.Plus carrying a case of wine would be a challenge.

I should put on the outfit before he arrives.This time, I will wear a medallion with the high collar shirt and tie a sash around the waist.Maybe I should wear my fedora to keep my head warm, but then I would not be able to put on the helmet.

There was a quick glow from my closet while I was coming into my room.  I was thinking that my eyes were playing tricks on me.  Then I open the door and notice the outfit is not there any more.  At least not the one I had in mind.What is in the bag made me pause and a little worried.

I would not be surprised if Birk shows up wearing something similar or different from what we had in mind to wear.The theme for tonight's party must be forest related since I will look some what similar to a Robin Hood.  At least the hat is foldable and light.
Not fond of the pants being on the tighter side, but it is part of the outfit.  Next thing we know, we will end up in a forest with merry men wearing similar outfits too.  The cane became a long, carved wood staff that can be pushed down to half the size.Interestingly enough, the coin is on the top of the staff.

I feel a light buzz through the staff.This will be another interesting night knowing the outfit is not the same again.I am partially worried, but then at least this time, we are going to a familiar place.  It could not be that bad.

After putting the outfit on, Birk had arrived in a similar outfit too.We both knew that this will be another adventure some how.

"Are you ready for a night of surprises again, Ed?"

"As ready as you are, Birk."

We put the case of wine in the back of the scooter, tied it in place, put on our helmets and off we went into the sunset looking a bit quirky.  The merry men zipping around on a scooter.Not a moment we want to see framed.

Part 3


When we had arrived at the house, people were on the block walking around.  Some were attending parties and others were coming home for the evening.It appears that every other house had some sort of decorations on their lawn.
There were some decorations out in the front of the house, but nothing over done.  Cousin Glen was the one to open the door for us.The inside of the house on the other hand was a little different.  It starts off with a small accent of cotton webs and light decorations.  As you walk further in, the decor became more prominent in the theme.  

The highlight is in the back part of the house.  They have a huge yard and a field after that.The stone structures held the fire on each side of the fence door.  There were two a yard away from the fence and then another two on the other side before you get to the white tent.

There is another fire roasting the pig and looks ready for eating in an hour.  At this time, the sun is still hanging off the edge of the horizon.  I am sure it will look fitting once the moon is out.Five areas to stay warm at and toast some marshmallows.  Birk and I are definitely ready to eat some of them as is.

Inside the tent, tables were set with chairs and decor to have more of a Medieval theme.It is obvious that the party will be held in the tent more so than in the house.  Even wood panels are laid on the ground and a red carpet rolled out in the center starting at the entrance.The candle theme lanterns are set all around.  

I wonder who the king and queen are.  So far, everything seems alright.  Nothing out of the usual.  Hard bread was laid at each setting for guests to put their food on.  Even though there are plasticware, the guests can eat with their hands.  

Birk and I would walk around and look at everything in the huge tent.  This is the nicest lawn party I have ever seen.  We were both very excited and wanted to park ourselves in front of the pig.  

"Are you thinking, what I am thinking, Birk?"


"Yes!  Lets find some."

The moment we turn around, we had the fright of our lives.



"Do you have to scream?"

"Aunt Gertrude?"

"Who else?"

"You look like a train wreck."

"Thank you.  That is what I am tonight."

"Your costume is a train wreck?"

"Yes.  I did a good job, did I not?"

"Ja.  I guess you are not the queen."

"No.  Your opa and oma will be the royal ones."

"Then what is Uncle Heinrich?"

"Oh you will see."

"Do you have any marshmallow, Aunt Gertrude?"

"Why of course I do.  They are in the kitchen.  Do not eat too much.  Save some for the guests.  Make sure your uncle stays out of it too."

"Come on, Ed.  To the marshmallow!"

When we had made it into the kitchen, there was Uncle Heinrich digging into the marshmallow bucket.

"Uncle Heinrich!"


"Aunt Gertrude told us to tell you to get out of that bucket and save some for the guests."

"My my my.I do not recall you being that round around the belly before."

"Ja.  I am flabbergasted."

"Hahaha...Ja.I am Mr. Flabbergast tonight."

"Interesting theme you two are in."

"Well your aunt said I was looking a little flabby.I was aghast at what a mess she made the other night.  The thought came to me and we had settled on being this tonight.  You like?"

"You are always the joker, Uncle Heinrich."

"Ja.  How else do I keep your aunt smiling?"

We would help them set the table in the tent before the guests slowly arrive.  Before long, the sky was getting darker and colder.It was nice to have the fire around.  I could not take my eyes off the roasted pig.  Neither could Birk.

When much of the guests had arrived, we were trying to make our way out of the tent to get to the pig first.Instead,  a glow in the back where we were that led out of the tent had caught our eyes.

Part 4

The back of the tent led us to the field.  There were many fire flies in the sky as well as a glowing path way.  We were thinking maybe Uncle Heinrich had this set up in advance.

"Birk, do you see a glow at the tree over there?"

"Ja.  Uncle Heinrich must have extended the theme into the field."

"It appears to be.Let us take a quick look.  I want to get to that pig."

"Ja.  I do too."

As we came closer and closer to the tree, we would feel the buzz in our staffs grow stronger and stronger.  The tree had more of a glow on the other side.  We did notice there were two holes to the side of the lines.  As if someone carved it to be a door.  

"Look, the holes are glowing."

"You think that is where our staffs go in?"

"Let us try and see."

We carefully put our staffs into the holes of the tree and then felt the ground rumble and the tree shake.  

"We should pull the staffs out, Birk."

"Ja.  I do not want the ground trembling."

As soon as we had pulled our staffs out, the door had opened on the tree.  There was a glow inside and our staffs would pull us to the door.  A bit worried as to where we could end up, but we were curious and there was this draw to go into the tree.

"I will go in first, Ed."

"I am right behind you, Birk.  We go in together.  We come out together."

We walk into the tree carefully and followed the glow.  There was not anything to be seen any where.  It is as if we are in an empty room.  As we walk closer and closer to the glow, our staffs kept pulling us to the brightness.  Next thing we knew, sounds of birds every where and we were not in an empty room any more.



"Do you feel short, Birk?"

"Ja.  The trees are tall.  Do you feel a strong energy here?"

"Yes, I do.  This must be an enchanted forest that has stayed hidden for a while."

"Ja.  Oh my, what is that flying towards me?"

"A fairy?"

"I hear a light sound.  The mouth is moving.  But I can not make out what it is saying."

The fairy then flew around a tree in a single circle.  All of a sudden, there was a face on the tree.  

"Who wakes me?"

A deep voice came out of the tree.  Then it was slightly startled to see us.  

"I see we have visitors.  Greetings, travelers."

The fairy was trying to tell the tree something and the tree told us that we should follow the fairy.As we continue to walk through the lively place, it has appeared that more and more fairies came out of hiding.  Then all of a sudden, something scurried in front of us and it gave us a bit of a fright.


"What was that?"

That scream had much of the fairies hiding again.  We stand there for a moment and out from the bushes is a medium sized raccoon with a colorful tail.  It started off in shades of orange and once it became a little more relaxed around us, the shading became light brown.

"I have not seen you around here before."

"You can talk!"

"We all talk.  What is unusual about that?"

"But you are a raccoon?"
"Ja.  We do not understand any animals where we are from."

"Here we understand one another.  Come with us."

Birk and I continue to follow the fairy and raccoon.  We do not have any idea where we were going, but did not feel as if there is a choice either.  


Part 5

The walk was not exactly short and every step of the way, we would see some sort of creature appear and then look at us before going about their business.  We did not feel a sense of danger, but we were aware this is not our area and we could be moose tracks at any moment too.
Finally we had made it to a grand cave.  There were two bears standing guard.  Both of us got a little nervous knowing they can stand six feet tall.  Then one of them in a gruffy voice asked who shall pass.The fairy said something, but we could not make it out.

"Umm...  Excuse me, raccoon.  What did the fairy say?"

"The fairy said you are guests.  You can call me Nibble.  This fairy goes by the name of Flingfae."

"Oh.Are you expecting us?"

"We have many visitors come and go.  The idea you came with the staff tells us you are very important."

"How do you know that?"

"Flingfae was telling me all about that during our walk.  Did you not hear?"

"No.  We ca not make out anything more than a high pitched sound."

"Maybe you will hear more clearly in this cave.  It is a place where all is at peace without any language barriers."

We look at one another thinking this is nice.  Wish we have such where we are from.  So far, what we have walked into appears to be a crystal tavern.  But the crystals are all evenly placed in natural form.  It is quite bright, but do not know where the light is coming from other than the crystals itself.

As we continue to walk deeper into the tavern, the colors of the crystal began to change.  They are quite colorful and the energy could be felt as if they are ripples of a pond.  I was almost in the mood to sing and Birk was feeling ready to dance.  There was this burst of enery and uplifting moment coming through us and we did not know why.

Finally, at the end of the tavern, in front of us is this huge, crystal, decoratively carved set of double doors.  



This door would be the envy of any hotel.  It is definitely a work of art and a wonder of the world.  I don't think the world is able to see this.  

"Can you believe what you are seeing, Birk?"

"No.  It is amazing.  I feel like hugging and kissing it as if it is something very precious to me."

"Yes, I do too for some odd reason."

"You do not have many of these doors where you are from?"

"No.  People would pay a high price for this work of art.  Not many could afford it either."

"Hmm...  Such a shame.  Your world sounds quite unusual.Prepare to see more work of art as you say."

The fairy would fly around in a certain pattern and then the doors open inward.  We could not believe what we were looking at.  I do not even recall the outside of the tavern being this gigantic.  The place appears to be an endless garden surrounded by crystals.  The walls were all intricately carved with flashes of color in every shade.

"Mmm...  Delicious fruit."


"Yes, fruit.  They are very tasty."

"I have never seen these fruits before.  Most unusual."

As we follow the fairy further down, we had finally come to a large, crystal table.  It appears to be a whole piece carved out.  Slightly different design than the walls, but not any less captivating.  It takes my breath away looking at this grand piece of art.  I could only imagine who ever made this had spent many months working on this masterpiece.

Then in a blink of an eye, a tall character with pointed ears stood a few yards from us.  Do not know if Birk and I were more in shock at the idea he came from air or his magnificent robes.  An emerald green robe accented with gold designs and floral or leaf markings to say the least.  A golden circlet with emeralds all around and a glowing stone in the center.  

"Are you seeing the same skinny fellow with a long face as I am, Birk?"

"Ja.  You see the long flowing cape too?"

"Yes.  He is quite tall too."

As the towering figure approach us, we were left speechless.  

"Ahhh, Nibble.  There you are.  You want a piece of fruit, do you not?"

"Yes.  Fruit.Mmm...  Fruit."

The tall, elf figure would grab a fruit off the branch and then another fruit grew in its place in seconds.He gave the fruit to Nibble and it was quietly nibbling away and quite happy too.

Part 6

Then he would turn to look at us a few feet away with his sparking eyes.

"Greetings, honored guests.  We are glad you have made it to our humble tavern.  Please have a seat.  Do not by shy."

Then with a wave of his arms as if he was parting air across the table, carved platters filled with food appears on the table.  Our jaws had dropped at the sight of the food that came in an instant.The 20 foot table had food from end to end in every shade of color all vibrant and picture perfect.

"Please pardon the lack of food.  I shall gladly fill it some more when you are finished."

"Lack of food?"

"I do not think either one of us could finish this in a week."

"You are not feeling well?"

"No.  We could not eat much in a single sitting."

"We shall see.I could usually eat everything here in a single sitting.  Please help yourselves.  Everything is from the garden that you see.  It is also vegetarian."

Birk and I were not holding back to eat what ever we could in front of us.After walking through the forest and this tavern, it probably has taken an hour to get here.  Oddly enough, we were eating more than we had expected.As if our stomachs are bottomless.

"Mmm...  Everything is tasty.I can not figure out what the ingredients are, but it does not taste familiar."

"Ja.It is different.  What is in this food?"

"Our natural garden, herbs and roots.  It is simple and fresh."

"Wish we had this back at home."

"A shame that you do not have the same food to nourish the shell.  We can live without the garden too."

"Then what do you eat?"

"We do not have to.Our energy is refueled from the crystals and other places.  The food is merely for a little boost of energy."

All the eating, sipping of a wonderful tea, talking about the magical place that we are in must have taken hours.  For some reason, we were not worried about getting back home either.  If this is a dream, I did not want to wake up.

"Now that we have eaten all the food on the table, would you like some more?"

Birk and I were in disbelief to see the food gone.  Even though we would be happy to eat some more, we had decided to draw the line.  Then the elf lord would show us to a huge chamber for bathing.  

"Food and a spa treatment in the same day.  Can you believe this, Birk?"

"No.  But I am enjoying every second of this."

We must have been in there for an hour bathing and being massaged all over.Afterwards, the elf lord showed us the outside garden full of edible flowers and more fruits that were as high up as the eyes could see.  He even took us to the top of the tree by elevator.  It was in the tree, but you could not tell on the outside.

Once we were at the top, we were able to see the garden even more, but not a forest at all.  As if we are in another realm separate from where we came in.  When it was time to come down, he had called for some winged horses to take us across the land.The view and the ride was breath taking.I still feel the need to sing, but not sure what to sing.

It did feel as if we were here all day.  Birk and I were wondering if there is a night.  The elf lord told us there is not one on this side of the realm.  But the forest does have a night and it is probably quite dark by now.

"Come, let us take a short walk through this gate to the forest.  I hope you had a good stay."

"We did.  Thank you very much for the hospitality.  Everything was very enjoyable."

"You are most welcome.  We shall meet again soon."

"We will?"

"Yes, you shall."

Then in a blink of an eye, he had vanished into thin air.  The same way he had appeared before.

"How does he do that?"

Then Flingfae had showed up along with Nibble's cousin, Chubs.  Smaller than Nibbles, but definitely a little more round.

Before long, we were at the forest again and quite dark with the moon to be our only light.  But I remember Birk gave me some flash lights to carry.  This came in handy even though a team of fairies had followed us the entire way.They would show us back to where we came in to go back home.

We came out of the tree and so did Chubs.  Did not understand the little fellow once we were in our world, but we get the idea that he will be hanging around us.Now we have a pet raccoon to share.

Interestingly enough, we had made it back to the party and the roasted pig had not been fully cut yet.  As if we were gone for a few minutes.  Nobody had noticed that we were away during that time either.  

"Birk, you have a feather on your hat."

"Ja.  You do too.It is the same feather from the horse."

"Yes.  It has the light glow to it and a rainbow of colors depending on the lighting.At first glance, it is white."

After the party, Birk had taken the empty box from the kitchen and set it back on the scooter to take Chubs home.We were both as amazed as the night before.  Some how we knew that there will be more to come since the elf lord said that we will meet again.


To be continued...


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