The Beginning of End

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
(Before I get ahead, I would like to mention I am new on this site and not completely certain if this belongs here, but I hope so.)

With that said, I am attempting to write a rather long narrative story, a book\\novel, whatever you may want to call it.

This is one chapter of the story. Its prologue, rather, I would like to say. It is mainly focusing on a more romantic beginning, the calm before the storm, in a very mysterious way. It is written from a 3rd person point of view (Changed from 1st person after I realized that that was not going to take me far).

I understand that it may be quite confusing (or at the very least, it definitely was when I was editing it from the 1st person PoV) when it comes to identifying who is being described or talked about, and I do plan on keeping that aspect of the writing within it. I do not want to give all the information, about all characters and everything else, to the readers right away but rather entice them on going further and finding out in time. That is why not even the names of people are yet given.

The REAL Summary: A human man is lost, his memory wiped away, and charmed by a strange yet seductive female with the looks of an elf, but not completely (I do not exactly know how many definitions of elves are out there, but as I am a fan of the Eragon series and Warcraft as well, I took the liberty and adopted their definitions more or less. I hope that's not illegal, right?). He finds out that the woman is in fact a dragoness with the ability to shift her shape into a humanoid form, which is how she was appearing then, and he develops mixed feelings about her.

That, however, is not the complete story\\novel that I am hoping to finish this as.

On another side note: I was told by some friends that have read this and more of it that I lacked on landscape descriptions (I myself also think that I terrible at descriptions of people and their features, anatomy and such.)

Feedback and constructive criticism is what I have signed up on this site for. Thank you all very much, if anyone took the time to read this. :)

P.S I hope that it submitted correctly...

Submitted: November 28, 2011

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Submitted: November 28, 2011



Prologue: New Dawn


He had awoken. His body was numb. His limbs would not respond. He opened his weary eyes, empty and lifeless orbs, to face the darkness looming above him in the shadows of the night’s beautiful but dark sky. He could not feel the wind blowing around him, he could not feel the stinging knives of grass cutting his skin, and he couldn’t see where he had been but the plain and dead clouds hovering in the breathless air.

His first feeling then was pain, when it washed over his body like a flood. He could feel his blood oozing out of his many wounds afterwards, adding to the stinging bites that tore at him from all corners of his mind.

The putrid radiance of his scarlet blood was annulled by another one present, a more fragrant smell of sweet cherries and irresistible roses. A gentle breeze of cold, damp wind whipped his weak body. His breathing was slow but steady, almost an incoherent whimper as he exhaled, and his chest heaved with each breath drawn.

Something gently caressed his neck as he realized his head was resting on a soft, smooth material. Adjusting his head to gaze up behind him, he found the sliver of strength to look into the face of an angel. She rested his head in her lap and smiled when her and his eyes met.

He felt a sense of relieve run through his soul.

His pain receded, even if only for a few mere moments, when he saw her, leaving a slight smile curving on his bleeding lips. His mind was warring between thoughts of his death beckoning and the sight of her holding him alive. He was torn from death’s grip on him at last.

Her eyes were filled with a radiating azure light. They looked like the sky was them, with the irises being lighted stars.

His were bleeding. They bled with fire and rage. With hatred and anger. With the scarlet blood that oozed from his torn flesh.

As quickly as he felt her touch on his scarred skin, that quickly he felt it leaving, vanishing into nothing. Her form shifted, etherealized, and left him dying in the embrace of the land.

His wounds continued to seep away the darkening drops of his blood. His eyes deceived me. They told him the sky was changing-lighting up-but they died. Closing them, he briefly heard her giggle before he fell into his needed sleep. Into the oblivion of his dreams, I fell. In the labyrinth of his own mind he was lost.

He saw battles in his head. He saw himself. He saw her. So little to see in the time of a never-ending dream, it was.


His eyes opened to a clash of echoing voices that remained in his head, arguing over meaningless things. He took sight of a rocky roof above him.

A cavernous chill swept over him, stinging his defiant wounds.

He forced himself to stand, pained though from the movements, and immediately he scanned the cave he had been in. Besides the wind’s echo flowing through the hollow den, there was no other sound. Hanging high above with glittering spikes were stalactites. On the floor, he could see tiny stalagmites forming, slowly and patiently, as the top of them all was sliced right off and nowhere to be seen.  

Darkness still crept outside.

He walked out to the edge of his prison, still oblivious to where he was. He was stuck in a hollowed-out cave dug into the side of a mountain, allowing him no escape. His sight was filled with a green view of a vast forest spreading far away. Just below, at the foot of the fountain, was a small clearing with a lake. A waterfall was flowing from the peak of the mountain, feeding the lake with crystal clean water. A small stream, a miniature river even, deviated from the lake and into the forest. How far it had gone, he could not tell exactly; however, beyond the forest and farther into the horizon, he could only barely make out the dark blue reflection of ocean waters.

He lifted his sight to the sky above to see the bright stars shine in their light, distances away, smiling slightly with the little bit of hope they gave him. He was not convinced that time had changed from when he dreamt. A feeling of loneliness engulfed him, and then he noticed the lights shifting.

It took a moment to realize that what he saw was not a falling star. It was her, a celestial goddess descending. At first, she was nothing more than a tiny speck. She gradually grew the nearer she arrived, becoming a majestic dragon. Her wings blazed from fire as she flew flawlessly. Their span obstructed his view as she closed the distance between them, her tail whipping the ground with her landing, a graceful return onto hallowed grounds. A resemblance of a smile crossed her face. She did not speak a word nor made a move, until…

He stood back as her form shifted.

The long, spiked, and deadly tail retracted and disappeared, her great hind legs reshaped from muscles and claws into slender skin and bare feet. The glowing scales, shining a bloody scarlet glow, burned into her, exposing her body. Her claws miniaturized and shortened into tender fingers. The great mane on her draconic form fell apart as her face twisted in a writhing, silent scream. The crimson glow from her empty eye sockets dimmed, replaced with small, flickering flames. Her ears, almost indistinct in her majesty, grew out of her head multiple times longer than any human’s. The mane that before ran the length of her spine and ended at her tail was now a bright river of crimson hair flowing down her back all the way to her waist, hiding the sides of her head, running around her pointed ears. Her skin took on the hue of a moonlit ocean reflection, darkening into a blue-purple shade and effectively hiding her within the night. Her lips radiated a bright teal color, demanding his stare as she smiled.

She stood naked in the night’s darkness. She blended in with the night settled behind her, her skin became a shadow in the abyss he stared into, with only the clear features of bright lips and burning eyes visible to him in the cloak of her beautiful, blood-red hair surrounding her figure. Her eyes stared into mine until he was forced to look away.

Her looks were blinding; her thoughts were deceiving; her actions were lying.

And still, as much as he may have wanted to, he could not betray his eyes and look elsewhere from her demanding lips.

She approached him, a silent assassin unseen in her own shadow, and her face stopped inches from his. She smiled again, revealing fangs untouched by her metamorphosis. Her hands coiled themselves around his waist, sliding upwards. She pressed her jagged nails into his back, burning through his skin. As her hands ran up and wrapped around his neck, he felt her lips brush against his.

He fell under her charm. He felt her bite his lips hungrily. His mind was swept clean, turned blank. His thoughts evaporated.

Her smooth, sensual, and unstoppable touch replaced all with the simple presence of her with him. It was all he could see and think.

His eyes closed. He could feel his heart stop… It refused to pulse and beat. His blood halted… It froze within his veins.

Her touch awoke the stream of life within him, leaving marks of life where she touched his scarred and wounded skin.  She healed him, Only too swiftly and abnormally…

Inside, his blood started to race, coursing through him. His heart betrayed him, stopped in time. Until he felt her hands on his chest, he felt dead, a zombie both mindless and vulnerable.

His heart revived; she returned it to him, yet he had nothing to repay her for a gift such as that. He could only lean closer to her and plant a kiss on what he had only been able to assume to be her cheek. A soft giggle reached his ears, letting him smile.

Her hands rested on his chest, glowing, as she in turn shifted her face and touched her lips to his.

 He began dreaming awake, though still staring at her. He remained in a trance, charmed by her seductiveness, a minion to her every whim. A harmonious melody invaded his mind, echoing through his ears and keeping the rest of his senses locked away from him.

Hearing her breathe and feeling that fiery breath on his skin soothed his feelings, calmed his spirit, and silenced the voices in his head. There was not an aspect of her that he would cease to admire and love. She was simply so perfect, so irresistible, that every nerve in his body tensed with her nearby.

His eyes closed. His memories grew faint from that moment, as he recalled falling back and landing hard on the cavern floor. He slept a deep and beautiful slumber in a cave to be his prison, with someone more than just his jailor.

His following dreams were chaotic. Filing through his mind was the beauty of her figure, resembling the form of an elf, in even the shreds of her image that he was allowed to see; however, his dreams became nightmares. He saw her transformation in reverse, and his expression switched from admiration to horror and fear. The loving touch had vanished, replaced by claws and fangs tearing him apart, one feeling followed by another. He felt the untamed suffering renewing his wounds even through his nonexistent mind. The heart of a devil, a demon, infested her draconic form, creating a seed of agonizing hatred within her.

Torn from his sleep, he debated with himself which of him to trust on his way to the edge of the cavern. He waged an inner war with his heart and his mind, listening to the cacophony of the clash of two essential parts of him. He felt as if the mouth of the cave was devouring him while he stood like a fool and disputed his emotions with his paranoia. Looking up at the sky, the very spot she descended from that night, he pictured her.

Such a creature, such a woman, she could have killed him numerous times if she had the desire, the same way she could keep him forever in a paradise.

She chose the latter; She let him live; She enclosed his injuries; She never harmed him. Too generous was she while he criticized her, lost in doubt. She may have been a beast, a demon in her core, but she was neither of those now. Instead, she was a beautiful elf, resting in the back of the cave for the night. She looked defenseless and helpless when he turned to go again to sleep and saw her, and still she was a ghost in the dimmed light of the night.

She’s not doubted him, on the other hand. Everything he had had that he remembered was with him in the cave: the few remaining pieces of his armor with the rest being demolished and his sword still coated in dried blood, whoever that may have belonged to. It was definitely not the blood of a sleeping beauty.

He returned into the confinement of the cave.

His heart trembled and raced as he walked closer to her. It spoke to him through the blazing blood that coursed through him. It told him that she was no insensitive, murderous creature, but rather that she was an unknown being.

His mind, though, opposed all his emotions. It attempted to convince him to slay her, to murder her. It told him doing so was his survival. It told him that every man was for himself.

Neither did he plan to be heartless, nor did he want to fall naïve to his heart. He tried to deny both, but telling his feelings to die away was a feat that he did not possess.

He fell, once again, into a slumber, deep in his thought. He emptied his mind, though, and ignored both his nightmares and his dreams. He drowned within a void of his unconsciousness.  


He woke up. It was to the sound of water streaming and rain falling. As he stood, he realized he was no longer in the cave, or even anywhere with her nearby; however, his heart still throbbed with the life she bestowed him with. He knew she was near, only out of his sight.

Even then, the atmosphere around him showed little beauty, no joy, no smile, not even a friendly reminder of where he was.

It struck him in moments. He was where initially he awoke, half dead.

He scanned his surroundings, looking around even for a weak sign of her. There was none. All he saw was the blackened sky, the lake, the forest, the stream running into it, and even a small pack of gray wolves calmly passing by.

Just to his side lay the waterfall, its clear water running down a steep side of the mountain. He recognized it perfectly. It was one sign of tranquility in a place of despair, but it was cursed by the heavy, cold rain falling from the crying skies over what may have been a glade of green, flourishing grass and majestic trees, beautiful flowers, and lively wildlife. The forests he had seen from his prison spread far downriver along the waterfall’s path; he could see nothing but shadows deep within.

He let himself fall back and lay on the muddy ground, letting the rain sting as it fell upon him. He had waited, for what he could not be certain. For how long he couldn’t estimate.

It did not take much time for her to appear, as much as he began doubting she would show in the time and place of day and rain. She was the elf he did not entirely expect. Nevertheless, it warmed his heart to see she has not forsaken him.

The way she appeared differed from how he saw her last time; her eyes has been stripped of their spark of flame, extinguished by the icy rain biting down at them, leaving her eyes simple, open sockets with a very light shade of blue emanating from them; her hair lay changed the same, from the blazing red into a chilled azure. Only her ears remained unscathed, and, of course, the rest of her charming body.

Her skin stayed unchanged by the shift of environment, and in the bright background, even if he knew that she was perfectly capable of it, she did not intend to hide herself within the shadow. Instead, she was clothed in a dress that covered her entirely, flowing down from her neck to her ankles. It had a slit running down her chest, along her breasts, with a link at the top that prevented the dress from falling open. It was sewn in an elegant manner, obviously, as he concluded from the rich embroidery it possessed.

The dress was mainly emerald in color; however, there were threads of gold demanding an eye’s attention, sewn into the upper half of the dress, creating images that he had seen as wings on either side of her chest, looking almost like a magnificent beast inciting fear into the eyes of the daring lookers, or perhaps conquering the hearts of men into more desires. It had no sleeves, but it never needed any. The imagery of the wings beginning at her chest continued along the length of her arms with a tattoo on either one. They were perfectly identical, with the symmetry creating a more definite picture of the initial wings.

The tattoos resembled talons drawn on her arms, looking as if they were a part of her being. They moved smoothly with her, copying every move of her arms. They also raised a number of questions…

At her waist, a snake sewn into the dress coiled around her in a silvery color. It seemed as if it was watching him constantly with eyes created of a black thread. It made him shiver slightly.

Below that, the dress became chaotic; ornaments of insects and flowers scouring about among rays of moonlight within the ruby red of the background created a maze of colors and natural images blending together. A harmony of multitudes of creations coming together, it seemed. A beauty as any other about her.

Her feet were bare, as almost always, her dress had been soaked, and her expression was hidden under the protection of her hair, which, too, was ruined and soaked, sticking to her skin wherever it touched her.

Still, as he lay motionless on the ground, he looked her way and smiled. The rain engulfing the grove could have even resembled tears on his face, had he a reason to be sorrowed. She sat down right next to him, hugging her knees and staring forward. She kept quiet, almost nervous, but he knew she was happy and smiling as always she would.

He followed her gaze.

The rain intensified, darkening the skies in fury, and lightning struck the ground nearby, almost deafening him. Even through that, he could hear the faint chuckle that escaped her lips, and he couldn’t help but join her in laughter. It was an affinity he could not deny. Something he could not stop thinking about.

At last, she looked at him. Her smile had not faded from her face even for a second. She leaned over him, her face just over his. She tempted and teased him at first, until her lips brushed against his and she kissed him. The touch was as beautiful as ever.

He fought the seduction, but in vain.

He felt himself being dragged off the cold, soaked earth. He smiled and closed his red eyes. He held her hands, remaining in her control. He could not help but feel his cheeks darken and a chill sweep down his back.

When he opened his eyes, the scene was only slightly different.

Her dress no longer had the wings sewn into the cloth. From her back they sprang to life, two ebony membranes with lines of scarlet flowing through them, holding them both in flight. Their color shifted moments later from the darkness to the translucent hue of an azure sky. Instead of fire fueling them, an icy river filled the thin membranes. They grew, they expanded, they protected both him and her as they rose higher. Soon, she enveloped him in them, and they no longer soared among the clouds. Instead, they were falling to meet the surface of the earth in mere moments.

The drops of rain that before had burned into his skin now were left behind by the speed of their descent. The sound of wind battling against them swooped by in seconds.

He feared the worst, but her smile reassured him. He only hoped her smile was truthful. He hit the ground, but it was no solid earth. He landed on the surface of icy water, with her wings still engulfing him. He felt not the chill of it, though, and neither the pressure of the depths. Both she and he were protected from it in some way.

She kissed him again, softly, her lips almost hot on his, as she dragged them further down into the depths. She used her wings to propel them through the currents, her hands still held him to her, and her lips would not separate from his.

The surrounding water would not suffocate them. The pressure was nonexistent.

When he opened his eyes, he could see her staring in them and smiling. He couldn’t help but try to smile back, even though he couldn’t separate the kiss. Come to think of it… He was nearly unable to move at all.

She toured them through the unfathomable deeps far beneath the water’s surface. She led him through a paradise of immortality, where he was safe with her and certain not to feel a sliver of pain. She protected him from death. And she returned him to the safety of the solid ground where he felt at home.

Her wings retreated and sunk back into her skin as if they never existed, but she remained in the water, unharmed and floating in her dress. The wings’ image had returned to being sewn into its beautiful looks.

He lay breathless ashore, thoughts racing in my mind.

The rain had been gone then; the sky turned bright with the living light of day, yet he still did not think he could comprehend what all had happened in the span of few minutes. He was certain that the way she and he touched, the way she looked into his eyes, and the feelings she had awoken in him would not be forgotten. That he vowed in his heart.

Torn from his mind, he returned back to reality, noticing her sitting next to him again, hugging her knees as before and silently staring into the horizon. Somehow, she was completely dry and they only just left the beauty of the lake.

He saw her smiling from the corner of his eye. In turn, it made him smile. He felt a sense of accomplishment whenever she radiated the feeling of joy. He could not think of anything besides her.

She fell asleep next to him, her head resting on his arm, her smile at last fading. Her dreams were a mystery to him.

He stayed awake, unable to close his eyes, and he kept watching the stars illuminating the sky. He could almost make out symbols they formed, the indistinct phantasms of things living and dead. He started humming to himself a rhythm of a song he has loved in years past, one of the elves’ legacy, stolen by humans.

It assuaged the darker side of him to keep silent; however, the paranoia remained, haunting his beautiful dreams of her. He couldn’t fight away that fear as much as he wanted to, but he still knew that it would not be enough to shift his thoughts of her. He managed to fall into a calm slumber at last, drowned and forgotten in a paradise of his mind.

She was the grace of them all.

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