On A Warm Afternoon

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Is love an investment or is it really free? Read how Selena discovered love in the form she expects in this story.

"Many people said that love is something that you give for free. You don't expect anything in return. They make it sound so light. You know what, that's not the case here" says Selena while pointing to her heart. " I expect to be loved back, the same way as I love you".

Submitted: July 12, 2013

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Submitted: July 12, 2013



It’s five o'clock in the afternoon. Selena watched the birds fly across the vibrant looking sky as the clouds kiss the gentle rays of the setting sun. Farmers are waving each other goodbye after a day’s work on the rice field, leaving the sweet scent of fresh rice plants gently swaying with the gentle breeze. The gushing of the free-flowing water from the nearby stream seems to keep the beat and propel the tune of the lively afternoon. Selena sighed while looking at her watch. It's been 2 hours since David text-ed her that he will come.
Thirty minutes passed. Still, no sign of David. Selena gathered her bag and umbrella and went down the
bamboo terrace that she and David were supposed to meet. Going home already Ma’am?’"The old care
taker of David’s cottage asked. He was smiling and his expression shows that he understands why his
boss’ fiancee is on her feet already. He doesn't like the way David treats Selena. He saw how
she helped him stand on his own and he even envied his boss for having such a generous and loving
"I hope you’ll get to know my son I mean, oh, well..." he told Selena a while ago while she drum her fingers with eyes looking afar. " Ah, don’t worry about it Gorio. You mentioned your son to me several times already. But you know what, your son can meet his perfect match.I have invested well on this man. I am not letting go of that investment." Selena answered with eyes still waiting for any sign of David. "Is that what he is Ma’m, an investment’ Gorio asked again. Selena smiled and patted him on his shoulder. "Gorio, it’s getting dark, drive me to the main road. I can’t wait anymore. I still have many work to do."They rose and walked to the motorcycle near the gate Gorio could sense Selena’s annoyance on David and maybe on him too because of what he said earlier. He knows that it’s beyond investment. He knows exactly how this girl lifted David up and helped him become who he is right now.
To be continued...

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On A Warm Afternoon

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