The Feelings That Come With Recovery

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Another piece I wrote while I was down... It's hard, but if I want to live, and be successful.. I must be sober

Submitted: December 13, 2011

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Submitted: December 13, 2011




11/14/11 10:00pm
I want to cry, I need to cry.  Yet, I am hiding something from inside me that I cannot find to let the tears flow.
 I want to scream, I need to scream.  Yet, a sigh cannot come from my mouth.  
I hear the negative whispers.  My heart begins to believe what others say.  
There is an emptiness within me.  
It’s like a demon in the pits of me, scratching to get out, yet it is caught in the flames of my wrongs.  
The more mistakes that I make, the more the demon is damned inside of me. 
I would just like to breathe.  God, hear me, this is my confession.  
I am blinded by evil.  I am stuck in depression.  My mood whirls with the wind. I am insane.
I am ill.
I need to break this nebulous wall, and let Your glory through.  
I am on my knees, begging for the willingness to surrender.  
My energy has turned to dust, and my life is hanging by a delicate thread.  
I do not wish to be remembered like this. 
-Ashli Greenlee

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