Broken Magic

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What if your first love is never meant to be your love?

Submitted: January 03, 2010

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Submitted: January 03, 2010



A/N: This is one of the shortest short stories I’ve ever written though I am not sure it was good because I suck at writing romance short stories. But I do hope you enjoy reading this and if you can, click the ‘I like it’ vote and leave me a comment! I would appreciate it very much! Thank you! J








Broken Magic




The song slowed down changing it to a Japanese love song called, "First Love". Hayden moved his hands around her hips, bringing her closer to him.  But he realised that she was not looking at him like she used two years ago. The passionate look in her eyes was gone and was replaced by the blank and stark, raw hurt in her eyes. She had been staring unblinkingly back behind his shoulders ever since the start of the dance.


"Are you okay, Lyn?" he whispered at her ears, just enough for her to hear.


Taking a deep breath, and with a small smile Lyn replied wearily, "Fine."


Hayden nodded. Silence settled between them as they revolved slowly on the spot. He noticed yet again that Lyn was fixing her eyes at the spot where she had been staring. He thought silently that she was probably absorbed in her own thoughts but he couldn’t help the odd look on her face. But he decided not to probe and kept silent as they danced. But then Lyn decided to break the silence and asked, this time, she was looking directly his eyes, "Hayden, do you still love me?"


Hayden paused and looked directly at Lyn. He didn't expect the question and while he knew the answer he had no idea how to put his feelings into words. The truth of the matter was he had always been in love with Lyn right from the start of their relationship even when she ended it; she was the only one he loves. He even tried making himself fall in love with other girls, tried to make her jealous by trying to get together with her enemy but it had never make her feel anything for him again. Although he hadn't known how to make her his again once more, all he'd known was that he felt an overpowering compulsion to be there for her.


The long silence prompted Lyn to speak again, "I know right from the day I decided to end our relationship, you will always love me. You are the first person who made me fall in love and stop me from cheating other boys. Honestly, I will always remember you. But I...”


She broke off as Hayden pressed a finger on her soft lips. They were still swaying on the spot, following the slow rhythm of the song. He caught sight of the look on Lyn's face and instantly he knew what she will say, though he'd honestly known before she even revealed.


"Shh, Lyn, please don't say anymore," he begged quietly, his voice sounding a little desperate at where their conversation was going. Lyn stopped dancing and her hand slackened around his neck and dropped by her sides.


Lyn could not help herself and longer and she said, "Hayden, I don't want to hurt you. But waiting for me will only hurt you."


Her eyes stated an apology to him and there was a feeling of regret in her eyes.


"I don't understand, Lyn. I don't want to know what kind of hurt you are talking about but what I know, when you leave me, I will be hurt," Hayden said angrily. Lyn forced herself to look into his eyes currently evoking sadness and pain that were pleading with her not to continue.


"I couldn't find our feelings back. I've lost our magic," she cried, tears falling from her eyes.


"We can always find it back," he said firmly, his grip on her arm grew tighter, his eyes settling on anything but Lyn.


But he knew nothing would change.


Lyn shook her head. He watched tears slid down her cheeks, remembering the last occasion that she had cried because she had a change of heart for the man she was forbidden to be with. He had been there for her that night and she confessed to him that the love she felt now was very painful. "No," she choked out, "I've tried it for months and months but I can't find a way to cure myself from falling in love with someone else even deeper!"


Hayden winced visibly. Why must the girl he loved love a man she should not be with? Why must she choose the man she was forbidden with over him, Hayden, the better choice, and the better candidate? He closed his eyes and said, "Leave now."


He sensed Lyn was opening her mouth to say something –perhaps to comfort him –but he cut her off sharply, "Leave now. I don't want to see you leave for the second time."


Lyn nodded unable to speak past the lump in her throat. She offered him a weak smile even knowing he will keep his eyes shut tight. She turned and stride out of the Dance Hall. Hayden kept his eyes shut as she exited the Hall and, thus, his life once more.




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