Not A DIss A Poem For My Wonderful Sister

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This one is for my older sister Autumn! I wrote it whne i was 13 years old so I hope you enjoy! :D

Submitted: August 11, 2011

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Submitted: August 11, 2011



Let me tell you about a girl

I love her but the things she does makes me wanna hurl

She pukes up her dinner

She thinks it'll make her skinnier

She goes through guys like money

Cause she LOVES it when they call her honey

She's always looking for attention

When she gets it ther's alot of affection

She'll hang out with you

But who knew

She talks about you behind your back

When she does I wouldn't blame you if you give her a smack

She's beast at drawing and singing

But doubts and cannots start lingering in her head while in bed

She's as perfect as she can be

And I know that HE

Will accept her into his kingdom

With alot of freedom

But for now she's stuck on planet earth

She was my sister at birth

I'll love her forever

With me she'll never

Doubt herself again.

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