Where it all began!

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

The star wars had to start somewhere...


Where it all began


2018 was no ordinary year for the United States of America. It was the year everything changed. Changed for America, changed for the galaxy. It started as an innocent accident as most revolutions do, just a small child ignorant of his true potential. Roran wasn't any ordinary child though, he was 4 and a half feet tall, tall for his age and didn't seem to be done growing any time soon. He had blonde hair that was short and ironically never seemed to grow any longer. Blue eyes that seemed to hold a mystery behind them because they were always distant looking towards something or at something that never seemed to be there. He had potential that was for sure, seemingly overwhelming as he was a natural at most things he did. He was born with power not into power. Born into a poor and insignificant family, so insignificant that no one would expect something important to come from it. Even at 5 years old Roran was more than an ordinary child he was more interested in actual worldly issues than toys, TV, or anything else a child his age would / should be interested in. His parents were so intent on fixing him and making him normal that they forgot about what made him happy. They definitely were not supportive parents, barely parents at all, never had there been two parents as dysfunctional as them.There was always arguing between them but it always seemed to turn back to Roran. Though every argument with him always seemed to end with Roran getting what he wanted only leaving the parents confused hours later at what had happened. He had some sort of unseen power over them which only angered them more. Sometimes that very anger led to Roran with bruises and scrapes.

By age 6 Roran was used to his parents abuse physically but mentally it was killing him and one fatal day as his parents were going at it with him he lashed out with brutally screaming, his parents fell to the floor screaming in agony as Roran screamed the life out of them. He cut the screaming short when he had realized what he had done, Roran never enjoyed seeing any kind of violence so he wasn't sure how to react at his action. Scared at his own power and at what he had done Roran left his house and ran.



Smith climbed in his patrol car moments after receiving a call about two bodies found in a house dead and rotting. He turned the key in the ignition and his vehicle roared to life. He made it to the house to see that the rest of the investigation team had yet to arrive so he decided to go in and start the starting procedures. Smith Eddington had been a police officer of NYPD for nearly 10 years and always refused to take on a partner after his best friend the only partner he ever had died in a shoot off with some scum that was in the middle of robbing a  convenience store when John Currier pulled his gun and told him to freeze ending with John dead and Smith without a best friend our a partner.

Ten minutes had past when the rest of the crew had arrived to officially start the investigation. The chief himself showed up to oversee the investigation. This was not a normal occurrence and had everyone on there toes and working as efficiently as possible to look good in front of the boss man.
"Smith, get over here," said the chief sternly but calmly so he wouldn’t attract too much attention towards himself. Smith rushed over and made his utter irritation at being interrupted during his work clear by the look on his face.
"Yes sir, you called for me?"
"I did, but I'd rather talk to you in private, let's take this outside." Smith followed the chiefs lead as he walked out the door and away from the eavesdropping ears of others.
"So what is so important that you had to stop me from finding out what happened to that poor couple?"
"Well that is what I wanted to talk to you about, I am going to be out of town for the next couple days for some meetings with Washington."
"Okay, but what does that have to do with me?"
"Well that's just it I'm going to be gone and I need to make sure that I have someone I trust overseeing this investigation. I want you to be that person which is why I am promoting you from Captain to Deputy Chief"


Eight years had passed since the incident with his parents and Roran was still constantly on the run. With nowhere to go and no one to go to, he wasn’t sure what he was doing but he knew there had to be someone or something to explain that feeling of power slowly overpowering him. It took daily meditation and extraneous focus to keep it at bay. Every so often he found that if he needed something badly enough he could get anyone to get it for him or give it to him, just like he had done with his parents before they had died. After years of searching all he could find on unspeakable and unexplainable powers were old books and old documentaries that rumored of a thing called the life source. Wanting to learn more but not sure how Roran spent most of his time studying on the matter. Finally he thought he may have caught a break when he heard that there was a buddhist temple in  Oregon on a mountain called South Sister that was said to hold secrets of the power. However the temple didn’t show up on any map or satellite but it was the first lead he had gotten in the longest time so he decided to take a chance, the problem was, how to get there.


The investigation seemed to be closed but Smith wouldn’t let it go, something about the couple's death seemed off to him. No physical abrasions, protrusions, or any kind of sign that they had been killed by any known weapon. The NYPD officially closed the case but Smith was still doing everything he could to figure it out. The couple had died of an unknown cause, blood and brain matter were in puddles by their ears. This by far was the weirdest case the NYPD had ever seen. He did, however, hit a break in the case when he found that they had a son who just so happened to not be find at the scene of the crime. He knew he needed to find that kid but he had no idea of where to start. It was days since he had last slept because Smith wasn't one to give up easily on something. So when the rest of the department decided to give up on the case Smith took it on himself to finish it. He finally decided to just search for any cases recently that had anything similar, after hours of constant searching he came across a case that happened only months ago where a small store owner was found dead, oddly enough there was no physical signs of how he was killed however there were shells fired from a gun that the store owner was found holding in his hand.


Just a month earlier Roran and killed his third victim, a store owner in upper state New York, and he was lucky to get away unscathed. Even with his heightened senses and occasional ability to perceive what may happen next he did not see the store owner pulling a gun on him coming. Luckily Roran had stolen a military prototype of an armour that protected him from what seemed an inevitable death and then took the life of the store owner by gripping the air and choking the life out of him without touching him.  The armour was a bionic body armor that delivered a carefully chosen shock to the persons’ musculature, calculated to force them to reflexively avoid the path of a bullet and reflect it somewhere else. He was not one to steal but he realized that to learn about the power he would need to stay alive and he heard of the body armour as a rumour from some drunken soldiers at a bar he talked himself into. He was practically invulnerable, which came in handy with his many encounters that usually ended in violence. He was close to piecing together the final details that would lead him to the answer he had been looking for the past few months: the exact location of the temple that held the secrets of the power he held. He had already learned that the temples general location was in mid-west Oregon somewhere on the south sister but that would do no good when he wanted to teleport there. To teleport he would need exact coordinates to land safely and live. Teleportation was still a pretty new technology and since the discovery there had been multiple accidents because of ignorant users. What he acquired from the store owner was a parchment older than the store owner himself. Roran had heard about the store owner from some shady people downtown that dealt with underground information. The store owner was said to have information about the temple Roran was looking for but anyone that had ever tried to get it from him had perished and ceased to exist. Roran wasn’t afraid and he wasn’t about to let some old dude get in the way of what he wanted, he entered the store ready to do whatever he had to not expecting that he would end up killing him. Now, the store owner was dead and Roran was one step closer to his goal. He had the coordinates to the temple he knew what he had to do, he had to go steal a teleporter.


Ever since Smith reopened the dead store owner case the chief had become suspicious and wary to everything that he was doing. Everything seemed a little too weird about the case, just like the couple that was killed but no matter how he presented the facts and evidence to the chief. The chief wouldn’t allow him to do anything about it. Smith realized that if anything was going to get done, he would have to do it himself, under the radar of the chief. He arrived at the store which still had the crime scene tape over the doors. He entered and made his way to where the body was found and tried to visualize what had happened. Using the case file he learned that the gun the store owner was holding was used right before his death: two rounds missing. What was odd about the whole ordeal was that the shells and the bullets were nowhere to be found. Smith was looking for to bullets in an entire store, like searching for a needle in a haystack. He noticed that there was some kind of dust on the ground near the cash register. He analysed the dust and came to the conclusion that it came from the ceiling. Smith looked up and noticed a tiny hole finding a ladder from the back Smith climbed up and retrieved a single bullet. This brought up the issue, how did the bullet get in the ceiling? He first thought that maybe the store owner had been scared and missed but he realized that the angle of the bullets entry was all wrong. Then he thought that maybe someone else had the gun and just placed it on the owner but that didn’t make sense because the gun was registered to the store owner. He decided to sleep on the problem and come back to it in the morning. Smith was about to leave when out his path was cut off by two large men in suits and glasses. He tried to keep going but the two men pushed him back and wouldn’t move. Then from behind the two thugs Smith heard a voice.
“What’s your business here officer?” said the voice.
“I’m just finishing up some casework for the bureau and I suggest you tell your thugs to move before I have the arrested for the assault of an officer.”
“I wouldn’t suggest doing that. You have no idea who you are dealing with. You don’t even understand the true reason this store owner was killed.”
“So he was killed!! What do you know about this case, if you don’t tell me I will have you arrested for obstruction of justice.”
“It’s above your pay grade and from here on I highly suggest that you leave it alone, or you’ll regret it.”
The three men walked away disappearing around the corner. Smith didn’t know what to think about what just happened, all he knew is that he couldn’t give up on the case now. Those men were hiding something and Smith was going to find out what.


Roran had been wandering the town for the past week and a half asking around for any information on a nearby teleporter. Anyone and everyone that Roran had come across acted as though they knew nothing and ran away but Roran knew that it was because of they were too scared to give away the information. Those who owned a teleporter held power but with that power came the responsibility of keeping it as secret as possible. With the constant searching Roran had no time to stop and settle down, so he had gone a while without food or sleep. He was able to sustain his energy through focusing the power he had but sometimes it wasn’t enough. He was so close to what he wanted and he wasn’t about to let his weak body be what stopped him from accomplishing his task. Roran finally found a man willing enough to give him the information but to get it he would have to compensate him. Roran didn’t like stealing but it was necessary, he had finally acquired all the money the guy wanted and was waiting for him to show up to their meeting. Roran had been waiting for two hours when the man finally showed up.
“Do you have the cash?”
“Depends, do you have what I asked for?”
“I do, it took awhile to get the boss to give it up but here it is.”
The man opened a briefcase, inside was a round circle and a lot of wires and things that seemed way too complicated for Roran. He handed all the cash over to the man and also gave him the coordinates.
“Seems like an odd place for a kid to want to be sent to.”
“My business is none of yours”
“Fine, fine, lets get this over with.”
The man flipped some switches and turned some knobs, when suddenly the world around Roran dissolved and he was transported directly across the country. He was finally there, just before him was the temple and he was now only steps away from learning the secrets of the power he held.


Smith wasn’t about to give up on the case, he was too close to stop now and he knew what he needed to do. If he wanted to know about something that people aren’t supposed to know about then he would have to talk to the underground: people that dealt in unknown things. He had set the meeting with someone and tomorrow he would start the search. It would take awhile but he knew that it was worth it if he could give the dead couple and store owner justice.

Submitted: December 09, 2012

© Copyright 2021 AHeartlessFool. All rights reserved.

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If 10 or more people say I should turn this into a novel I will.

Sun, December 9th, 2012 6:01am


turn it into a novel! please! :0

Tue, December 11th, 2012 3:33am


2 from the same person only counts as one.

Wed, December 12th, 2012 12:09am


turn it into a novel. Please! :0

Tue, December 11th, 2012 3:34am


Well looks like only 9 more to go, thank you for your input.

Tue, December 11th, 2012 8:11am

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