Growing Up Regrets

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Poetry based on my dream and growing up.

Submitted: January 12, 2012

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Submitted: January 12, 2012



Growing Up

When I was younger I couldn't wait to grow up,
To live my dream and become a professional footballer!
Since then I've woken up,
And now I'm struggling to even make a reasonable dollar.

Running wild, without a care in the world,
Not appreciating the time we have free,
Now it seems I'm running out of time,
Even though I've got this 'qualification' they call a degree.

When your life amounts to nothing,
You'll blame everyone apart from yourself,
It could never be my mistake,
It's not my fault I was left to be by myself...

Truth is I almost did make it,
As little- or big- as 10 percent was all that was needed,
That's the difference between success and failure,
But I eventually lost and conceded.

I just didn't try hard enough,
And for that I feel so ashamed,
The days I sat in front of the Television doing nothing,
Getting too comfortable in this life, slowly being framed.

So I wish I could go back in time,
Give my dream another try,
I'll give it my all, one final shot,
Or am I deluded? Trying to live a lie?


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