A World Shaken Up.

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Jazlynn just survived an earthquake that shook her nerves of steel, but when she and her sister are pulled into a crater of non-burning fire, their lives will be forever changed.

Submitted: August 04, 2012

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Submitted: August 04, 2012



My husband Nathan and I are sitting at the table, eating breakfast when I hear a bunch of sirens outside. More sirens than I would hear if it was just a fire. I walk out onto the porch to see my neighbor doing the exact same thing. The air is really still right now, and there's almost no wind. Something is really wrong with this picture. I turn around to go back inside, when the ground starts shaking. The quaking knocks me off my feet, but I catch myself on the banister on the edge of the porch. I look up to see mailboxes falling, telephone poles shaking, and cars that were moving are slightly bouncing into the air. That's when some shingles on my roof start falling off. I cover my head with one arm, and hang onto the railing with the other.
The shaking finally stops after a few more agonizing minutes, and I look back at my house. Out of the corner of my eye, I see my neighbor get back on his feet, and he asks if I'm okay. I tell him I'm fine, just a little freaked. The house is still standing, thank God. I run back inside to check on Nathan and my baby daughter who was asleep at the time. They're both okay, so that's another miracle. But the sirens are still going off. Nathan looks down at his pager (he's cop) and says, "Jazlynn, I gotta go. There's a giant crater outside the village." "But what about-" "You're coming with me. I'll take the heat for it later, but I'm not going to just leave you two here alone." "Okay."
I grab the baby and we get into his truck. He stops the car at a gigantic crater about two miles outside the village. We get out of the car and I ask, "Woah. Did the earthquake do that?" "I have no idea." I feel a warmth coming out of it, not enough to make you sweat, but more like stepping into a warm bath on a cold night. "There's something down there, Nathan." The police chief walks over to us, and says, "Jazlynn, I'm sorry, but you're going to have to wait back there somewhere. I can't have my citizens getting burned to a crisp." "Oh fine." Nathan takes the baby and I back up and try and wrap my head around all of this. It's been such a weird morning, I can't even describe it. I'm actually still shaking from the quake. My legs feel like jello right now. D: I sit down in the grass so I can try to collect myself.
Soon enough my twin sister, Annabelle and her husband George show up. Annabelle walks over to me and asks, "You okay? You're really pale." "I'm just really shaky." "I can imagine. Were you outside when the quake happened?" "Yeah. Were you?" "Nope. I was in the attic. Everyone's okay, I talked to Ciara and Lauren." Ciara and Lauren are our other twin sisters, making us quadruplets. "That's good." "Here." She rests her hand on my wrist and I see the a light, meaning that she's healing my arm. She the very unique ability to be able to heal people with a touch of her hand. "My arm isn't hurt." "Just take a deep breath." The second I exhale, I start feeling really relaxed. "How did you do that, Anna?" "I learned a new technique. It lets me sooth people that are shaken up or too freaked to hold still if they're injured."
My normally timid sister looks really calm and in control right now. It's so different from her usual self. Normally I'm the calm one, and she's the one that gets scared easily, and now it's all flip-flopped.
She sits on the grass next to me and says, "I have a bad feeling about today." "I thought that when I woke up." She's playing with the fabric on her purple sundress. "Did you see this in a premonition?" "No..." People in our families have the capability of inheriting special 'powers' like telekinesis, being able to see the future. I usually have only one or two visions a week, and they're never about anything this serious.
She says, "I woke up thinking something was off, but I couldn't figure out what it was." "Me neither. I just know something else is going to happen. It won't be pretty." "I know, Jazlynn. That's what's scaring me." Even though she looks calm, her eyes say that she's about as scared I am.
"So I guess we just sit here for now." "Right." She tucks a strand of white blonde hair behind her ear and frowns when she looks back up at the crater. I ask, "What do you think is in there?" "I don't know. Aliens? Don't worry, everything will be fine." "I hope so."
We just sit there for a few minutes, in complete silence. I look up at the sky and watch the clouds go by. "Jaz. Look!" There's something coming out of the crater. It looks like... fire, but it's in the shape of two gigantic hands. The hands of fire start reaching towards us. We get up and start running into the forest. I hear Anna scream and I know that it must've grabbed her. I keep running and I feel it getting closer and closer to me. It surrounds me so I have nowhere to run, but it isn't burning my skin at all. It wraps around me and lifts me into the air.
It pulls me back to the crater, holding me above it, and I look down. Everyone is hiding behind police cars. Anna's being held right next to me and she looks horrified. "Jaz, what's happening?!" "I don't know!" I hear a loud booming voice say, "It's time for you to fufill your duties as rulers of the skies." Rulers of the skies? What? It sounds like it's coming from the crater. It starts pulling us down, into the fire, but it still isn't burning us. I grab onto her hand, while we're being engulfed by the flames. I look up at her, and her face looks alive in a really disturbing way. Her blue-green eyes are huge, and her mouth is popped open. Our faces look so different, her eyes have more green in them while mine are just blue with a black rim, her cheekbones are much sharper than mine, and her lips are fuller.
The hand that's holding her, is starting to pull in a different direction. I refuse to let go of her hand. Whatever was holding me disappears and she's the only thing keeping me from falling. My hand starts to slip and she grabs onto me with both hands. I feel another thing of fire wrap around my ankle. The feeling of being held by that thing is very distinctive, it tingles a lot, but it doesn't hurt at all. It starts to pull me down and Anna says, "I can't hang on!" She's tearing up. My hand finally slips from hers, but in my palm is her wedding ring. Right as I'm waist deep in fire, she yells, "I'm so sorry, Jaz. I love you!" "It's okay. I love you too!" It pulls me under, separating me from my sister.
I wake up wearing a white robe. I sit up and look around. I'm laying on a bed with pale red sheets. I have no idea where I was, or where I came from. I can't remember anything other than my name and what I look like, and for some reason I have a diamond ring in my hand. I string it onto my necklace so I don't lose it. A tall woman with dark red hair walks into the room, and says, "Xia, you're finally awake." "Xia? But my name is Jazlynn." "Not here it isn't." "Where is 'here' exactly?" "Where you belong." Where I belong? "I'm supposed to be here?" "Yes. This is where your spirit needs to be." "What? I'm sorry, I'm so confused." "It'll all be clear soon. I'm Jaia, by the way. Even though you lived on Earth, you're a spirit of the sun. You're the new ruler of the sky." Ruler? ._. "A ruler, huh?" "Yes." "What am I supposed to do?" "Nothing really. Everything gets done by the council, but you can veto decisions if you don't like them. But you're in charge and you can do anything you want." "Okaayyy. Am I dead?" "As far as the people on Earth go, yes."
"Where did I come from? I can't remember." "It isn't my place to tell you that, I'm afraid. I actually don't really know. I was sent here to attend to you for the rest of eternity, and make sure you're not totally confused." "Oh. Are there other people here?" "Yeah." She walks over to the closed window and pulls open the yellow curtains. I look out the window and down at a very Greek looking village. I think we're on a mountain or something because we're really high up.
Jaia takes me around and shows me the palace and some of the surrounding areas. "You'll really like it here, Xia." That's going to take some getting used to. "Hey Jaia? Do you know who's ring this is?" I show her the ring and she says, "Nope, sorry. But if it was still with you, it must've been important." "I guess. Is there any way I could learn about the life I just forgot?" "There should be a book in your room with all the details." "Okay, thanks." "And you're free to walk around, but you should probably go inside when the moon is out." "Why?" "Because the moon makes us weak. And they just got a new ruler as well, her name is Mahina." "Is she bad or something?" "That I know of, no."
She takes me back to my room and that's when I notice I'm still wearing a robe. But it's not at all like a bath robe, it's more of a dressy robe. Jaia shows me that my closet is full, and she decides to give me some time alone, so she can go talk to the council down the hall. I find a pale yellow sundress, and go into the bathroom. I'm dead wtf do i need a bathroom for? I look in the mirror and see myself as a spirit for the first time. My hair is a white blonde with subtle tints of gold, but my eyes are still the same blue with the black rim that they were when I died. But my face looks more... inferial and soft.
I change into the dress, and I see the ring dangling above my breasts. The diamond on that ring is huge, it must've cost a fortune. I sit on my bed so I can clear my mind a little bit. Someone knocks on my door and asks, "Xia will you come with me, please? It's Jaia." I open the door and follow her down the hall and into a big meeting room. There's a group of older looking people sitting a u-shaped table. They explain to me what my new duties are, which is basically nothing really complicated.
Before I fall asleep that night, I look at the book on my nightstand. It's a detailed record of my life as Jazlynn. I had a husband named Nathan, a baby girl who's father was my criminal ex-husband, three twin sisters, an older sister and an older brother, along with my parents and step-parents. When I reach the end of the book, it says my twin sister Annabelle was pulled down into the fire with me, and that's how we died. Was this ring hers...?
I just sit around for a while until it's time for dinner. Even though we're dead, we still eat just for the hell of it. During dinner, everyone at the council looks kind of serious. I ask what's up and they say there's going to a lunar eclipse tomorrow, meaning that the ruler of the moon will be at full power. "Does that mean she'll attack us?" "No of course not. We met with her earlier, and she's very sweet, but we'll just be really drained during the eclipse, even more so than at night." I dunno why, but even though we're dead, it still feels like we're all alive in some alternate universe. We can still eat, go to the bathroom, take showers, and sleep, but we don't actually have to do those things.
The next day, during the eclipse I do feel really drained. I'm poking around in the library to pass the time and someone opens the big wooden door leading to the hallway. Jaia says, "Someone's here to see you, Xia." "Who is it?" "It's Mahina." "Um send her in?"
I turn around just in time to see a tall woman with white blonde hair walk into the room, wearing a long silver dress. A woman who happens to look a lot like me. "Xia? It's nice to finally meet you." "Hi, Mahina." She walks over to me and gives me the once over. She says, "Wow you look like me." "I know, right? So um... not to be rude, but why are you here?" "I wanted to meet you." She really does look like me... we have the same eyes with slightly different colors, along with the same skin tone, and hair color. I ask, "Why do you look like me?" "You haven't figured it out yet? Come on Jaz, you're a smart girl. You were my sister when we died. I tried to save you, but... well you know." Oh my God. "That's crazy. I guess this is yours then."
I pull the ring off my necklace and hand it to her. She says, "You had my ring..." She sticks it onto her finger and says, "Thank you so much! And to return the favor, I'll bring your memories back." "You can do that?!" "Yeah. Hold still." She rests her hand on my forehead and I see a faint silver light, before all of my memories come flooding back. I remember Nathan and my baby girl Caitlyn now. "Woaahhh that's awesome, Anna." She smiles and says, "Jaz, you do remember!" She hugs me and says, "Yay we can be a family again!" I'm really happy right now!
We sit down to talk for a bit. We talk about when we were alive, and the memories we can remember. She says, "We've been gone on Earth for quite some time now." "I wonder how long it's been..." "About 50 years." 50 YEARS?! "That's fucking insane." "I know, right? Time goes by here really fast. Soon they'll be with us. I really miss George..." Her and George were really close, and they hadn't been married long when she died, probably about three months. "I bet. I miss Nathan too." He was a good man and the best thing that ever happened to me.
That night, after she leaves, I lay in my bed and just stare up at the ceiling for a while. I see something standing at the foot of my bed. I sit up to see Nathan materializing right in front of me. I jump up and into his arms. He holds me close and says, "I missed you so much, Jaz." Just the feel of his skin is enough to make me all tingly and warm inside. "I missed you too. I love you so much." "I love you too."
I feel something gripping my shoulders and saying, "Jaz, wake up." I open my eyes to see Nathan's face hovering over mine. I rest my hand on my head and ask, "Ughh, was I asleep?" "Yes? You've been out since nine last night. It's almost 10 now." "I slept for 13 hours?!" "Yup. You looked like you were having a weird dream." "I was." "Want to talk about it? Sure, but after the night I've had, I need to go make some coffee."

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