Just a Normal Day in Nik's World.

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Nikolai is an average student with a complex homelife. He's just trying to get through school, but when he meets a strange girl, his life turns in a different direction...

Submitted: August 05, 2012

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Submitted: August 05, 2012




In the middle of Algebra, the school's headmaster walks in with a girl following him. I go to a private school, but it's co-ed, and very hard to get into if you don't have money or a full scholarship. He says a few words to my teacher, and leaves the girl standing at the front of the room alone. She looks so calm and collected, not even remotely phased that the whole class is staring at her. She looks very different from the rest of us... instead of the straight generic hair the rest of us have, hers is long and wavy, but it's her eyes that are keeping my attention. Her eyes are huge and shiny, but they're a pale violet color. The teacher tells us her name is Kagami. 
 During lunch break I meet up with my friends and I see Kagami again, she's just sitting at a table alone. I talk my friends into letting her sit with us. She sits down next to me and starts learning everyone's names. That's when I realize that she doesn't have any food. I ask, "Aren't you hungry?" She gives me a blank stare and says, "Nope. I uh... don't have a very big appetite." "Oh. Okay." She pulls out a bottle of flavored water though, and says the sugar in it is enough for her. Now there's something wrong with that.
After I finish up my lunch, I grab my books I need for the rest of my classes, and sit back at the table. As the warning bell rings, Kagami asks, "Nikolai? Where's the gym?" "Come on, I'll take you there. I was about to head in there myself." I have gym class right after lunch, which really kind of sucks.
I take her to the gym and head into the locker room to change clothes. I walk out once my clothes are changed, and I wait around with the other guys in my class. Since my teacher isn't here, we play dodgeball while the substitute does nothing at all. Kagami walks out of the locker room wearing a t-shirt and shorts, and I actually see how tiny she is. I'm a good five inches taller than her, and she probably weighs 110 pounds soaking wet.
While we're playing dodgeball, I get hit, so I'm out until one of the teams lose. I sit on the floor, off the field and just watch. Kagami catches a ball, getting someone out, but not before throwing it full force across the room knocking out two more people in the process. Something is really weird about that girl, and I can't quite figure out what it is. She's just... different from the other girls in this school.
The final bell rings, two hours later, and I grab my books and head home. I walk into our tiny apartment, to smell cookies baking in the oven. My dad runs a bakery across the street, so he's probably experimenting a new recipe or something. I kick off my shoes and go into the kitchen. But it isn't my dad baking, it's my older sister, Reiko that's baking cookies. She turns and says, "What? I can bake too!" "Surree you can." She's horribly irresponsible, so I don't exactly trust her. I go into my room, and get to work on my homework. It's extremely important for me to keep my grades up, because I only attend school on a scholarship. My mother left us when we were little, so my dad was left to raise us on his own. We survive, but we don't have a lot of luxuries.
Soon enough, Dad calls me down for dinner. I walk into the kitchen and help set the table. Dad puts down two extra plates, making five and not three. "Who is that for?" "Our new neighbor." "We have a new neighbor?" "Mhm. Kagami. I can't remember her last name, but I met her and her mother this morning. They're very nice, so I thought why not?" His generousity will never fail to astound me.
Someone knocks on the door and Reiko jumps up to answer it. She leads Kagami and her mother, Kaiya, into the room. We all sit down to eat and get to know each other. Once everyone is done eating, Kaiya asks me to help Kagami with the English assignment that she doesn't understand, which is probably just a cover up for something. I take her up to my room. She sits on my bed, while I dig through my binder looking for the homework. I ask, "So where did you move here from?" "It's hard to explain." "Oh?" "Let's just say, I didn't have a very normal childhood." Hmmmm, that makes me wonder about things now.
Later that night, I'm laying in bed, just thinking about how weird a day this has been. I get up, and pop open the window. I sit on the ledge, just breathing in the night air. Out of the corner of my eye, I see a dark haired girl walking out the front door of the building, before they start running. I look a little closer and see that it's Kagami. 
Maybe what she's doing can tell me why she's acting so weird. I grab my key off the desk, put on my running shoes, and climb out the window. I follow her to an abandoned building. She looks around, probably making sure she wasn't followed, but I've been far enough behind her that she wouldn't suspect anything. 
She goes inside the building, and I go in a minute later. I really want to know where she's going, and what she's doing in an abandoned building in the middle of the night. She stops in a big room full of gigantic chambers with green goo in them. I hear a loud voice adress her as 'Subject 704'. "Subject 704, you've been followed. I expected better from you." "But I wasn't-" Right then, I feel a hand clamp over my mouth, before they start leading me into the room. Kagami's eyes about pop out of her head and she says, "Nikolai! You're not supposed to be here." The person takes their hand off my mouth, making sure that my hands are behind my back, and I can't run. "What is all this?!" The loud voice says, "Subject 704, you should get him out of here. This isn't the place for people like him." "Yes, sir."
They let me go, and Kagami grabs my arm and leads me outside. Before we even walk a block, I ask, "What the hell is going on?! What are you?" "I'm part of a government experiment. I'm not even human, actually. That's why I don't have to eat." "A government experiment?" "Mhm. 17 years ago, Dr.Hugo, that guy with the loud voice, decided he wanted to create an angel. Bascially, I was born in a test tube. But something went wrong with it, and I was the result." "What went wrong?" "Something in the DNA, and he came to the conclusion that the experiment failed, but he wasn't sure. Who knows? I could still be an angel one day. I grew up in a contained facility where I was physically trained and educated. But even though I'm not a human, I have human tendencies. Like a desire to be social, and to live an actual life. So I convinced him to let me go to public school, but there was a catch. If I get into any trouble at all, he's sending me to America." We live in Tokyo, Japan. "Oh. I see." "Don't worry, they aren't going to hurt you now that you know. But if and only if you don't say anything about it. If they hear you say anything about this, you're dead. They're ruthless, and they'll go after you. You can run, but you can't get away." "Um." "Just don't say anything about it, promise?" "Promise." We're about a block from my apartment. She says, "Come on. You need to go to bed." Before I go in, I say, "I'll make you a deal." "What kind of deal?" She narrows her eyes at me. "I won't say a word, but you start acting more human." "More human?" 
She helps me climb back into the window, and we sit on my bed. "Yeah, I mean like eating at lunch, and not showing off that strength of yours." "Ohhh. I guess I can try to do that." She tucks a strand of hair behind her ear, and says, "Nikolai, thanks for being so nice to me. It means a lot." "It does?" "I grew up in a very isololated place, where it was very cold and I couldn't go outside and play with the other subjects that were there." "There were others?" "Yeah. They never wanted to be my friend because I was too 'nice and human' for them. All I wanted was a friend, not a Russian tutor who screamed at me all day." "You speak Russian?" "I speak Russian, English, Japanese, Spanish, and German. I'm also learning Arabic right now." That's impressive, she's a lot smarter than I would've thought. She tells me about the classes the government facility put her through, such as all the language classes, complicated math courses, extensive world history, and fine arts. Meanwhile on the other hand, I'm doing okay in Spanish class, I'm barely passing math, I don't mind history, and I have no musical talent whatsoever. 
I start to fall asleep, and when my alarm goes off in the morning, she's gone. But for some reason, she straightened up my room, and tucked me into bed wtf. I get dressed, and go downstairs. Dad sets down a plate of bacon and eggs for me, along with a glass of orange juice. I really do appreciate what he does for me, but sometimes I can't help but wonder what my life would be like if my mom was still here...
When I get to school, Kagami meets me at the front gate. We find a spot kind of away from everyone else, and I ask, "So do you eat at all?" "Not if I don't have to. There's a lot of things I've never tried. The only thing I need to survive is water." "Wow... that's amazing." "I know, right? So what's for lunch today?" "I think tacos." She looks really confused because she's never really eaten anything other than military rations. "Tacos are a soft tortilla shell with beef, cheese, lettuce and tomatoes. They're delicious." "Okay. I'll try one."
During the day, she does a much better job of acting human, she even ate her lunch and didn't nearly kill someone during gym class. But she still has that mysterious thing about her, that thing that says she's different.In our last class of the day, history, everything seems to be going along just fine. Two serious looking guys in black suits come into the room and look in my direction. "Kagami. It's time to go. NOW." "Right." She grabs her books and leaves with them. I wonder what's going on...
Later that night, I'm laying in bed, when I hear someone in my room. It wouldn't be the first time we've had strangers come into the house through the fire escape, but I should probably call the police. I look over to see Kagami standing in the middle of my room, looking pretty beat up. "How did you get in here?" "Your window was unlocked?" She looks exhausted and she's got quite a few bruises and scractches. "What happened to you?" "Those guys you saw earlier are government agents. They came to get me so they could run more tests on me and inject me with things that would probably kill me. So I escaped, and ran." "Where did they take you?" "Outside the city, and to kind of a wooded area.." We're right on the outskirts of Tokyo. She keeps rambling on and says, "I ran about 10 miles." "Wait here." I run out into the hall and get the first-aid kit and a bottle of water. I take care of her cuts, hoping that she'll calm down a little.
We end up going onto the roof of the building because it's quiet up there, and there's usually a calming breeze. She's just standing there watching the sun starting to come up. Something grabs me, and holds a knife to my throat. Kagami whips around and says, "You. I knew you'd find me. Please let him go, he has nothing to do with any of this." "You come with me, and I'll let him live." I recognize the loud voice as Dr. Hugo's. "I can't go with you. You've already ruined my life." "But you care about his, no?" "I do care, but-" He starts moving the knife, so he can slit my throat and I see Kagami shudder. Then there's a huge light that's completely blinding us.
The light fades away, and I see Kagami floating in front of us, with big white wings. Her outfit has changed too; instead of the tank top she was wearing, she's wearing a fitted white dress with a slit up one leg and knee high black boots. She also looks taller, and a little heavier. She's holding a long, golden sceptor in her right hand. Hugo drops the knife out of surprise, giving me the green light to run like hell. I go run over by Kagami. She gives him an ice cold stare and says, "I've had quite enough of you running my life." She points the sceptor at him, and two seconds later he's gone. I look up at her and ask, "Is he dead?" "No, just sent to another dimension." "Oh." She sits on the ground and she changes back to herself again. I ask, "What made that happen to you?" "You did. You made that happen." Probably seeing the look on my face, she says, "Nik, if you made it happen, then you're my soulmate." That made my head spin like an owl's. She gives me a look and says, "Can't you tell when I'm just screwing with you?" "Apparently not." Oddly  enough, that's the day my dad reunites with an old girlfriend of his. She's very nice and kind of a motherly figure.
After a few weeks, everything is back to normal. Now I have a mother-figure in my life, and a guardian angel...

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