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A girl gets kidnapped while her boyfriend blames himself for not being able to protect her.

Submitted: August 04, 2012

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Submitted: August 04, 2012




My girlfriend Kokoro and I start fighting over something stupid. She yells, "Genma, you can be such an ass sometimes!" She gets mad and goes downstairs to sleep on the couch. I decide to give her some space and let her sleep for a while before I go downstairs to check on her. I find her sleeping on the couch like an angel.
In the morning, when I go downstairs, she's nowehere to be found. I try to call her cell, only to realize she left it sitting on her pillow upstairs, and she never leaves the house without it, EVER. She's not the kind of person to just leave with no warning. And she didn't seem mad enough to just walk out on me. I call my parents and ask if they've seen her. When they say no, I try to call Kokoro's sister, Naku, but she doesn't answer her phone either. But Naku's husband, Naoki, told me something very interesting, he hasn't seen Naku since about 11 last night, which is around the time I went to check on Kokoro. Now I'm starting to get worried. 
I call the police and report her missing. Eventually they let me go and look for her myself after they ask me some questions about her profile.
After three days of waiting and the police have come up with nothing, Naoki and I walk and try to find her and Naku. Eventually, we hit the woods and stumble upon a hidden lair. "Should we check it out?" "Yeah, we should." I have a feeling we'll find them here. We sneak in and explore for a while. Soon enough, I find a small cell-like room with a barred window. I look through the bars to see Kokoro laying on the floor, in a puddle of vomit, wearing nothing but a tank top and panties. I kick the door open and run over to her. "Kokoro, wake up. Please wake up." I sit her up and check her pulse, she's alive, just asleep. I pick her up and on my way out the door, I run into Naku's ex husband, Itachi. "What the hell are you doing stealing Rose from me?" Rose...? I know that's her middle name, but no one calls her that.
Before I can move, a cop knocks him out, before they start cuffing him. A medic comes running in to take Kokoro to the hospital. I follow them out and before they put her in the back of the ambulance, she wakes up and looks at me. "I... love you, Genma." She falls back asleep and they take her and Naku to the hospital. Naoki says, "They didn't look too good." "I know." One of the cops that's still here says, "Physcially they'll be fine, once the drugs wear off. Mentally eehhhh maybe not so much. When they can come home, keep an eye on them, I'd recommend a psychologist."
The next morning, I go to see Kokoro in the hospital. I sit on the chair next to her bed and she says, "Genma?" "Hey, blondie. How're you feeling?" "Just a little groggy." I reach over to hold her hand and say, "I love you." "I love you too." She sits up and I pull her into my arms. She's shaking and crying. "It's okay, Kokoro. I won't let anything happen to you."
When she can come home a few days later, she crawls into bed and falls asleep after scarfing down a turkey sandwich and some chips. I sit on the bed with her and read for a while. She jumps up screaming bloody murder. I grab her shoulders and try to calm her down. She's crying and shaking again. I'd be scared too, I can't say I blame her for being freaked out.
After she falls back asleep, my mom walks into my room. "Hey, Genma." "Hi." "How is she?" "Pretty bugged out." "That's understandable. She's been through a lot, maybe it would be best to just let her sleep it off." "She's been having a lot of nightmares and I had to force her to eat something." "I see. I think she'll be okay in a few weeks." "I hope so. She's barely talked since we left the hospital." "Ohh... What happened when you found her?" "She wasn't wearing anything but a tank top and her panties, and she was laying in a puddle of puke. I picked her up, so I could get her out of there, but Itachi was in the doorway when I turned around. Then some cop knocked him out and here we are." 
She sits on the bed next to me and smoothes Kokoro's hair down. "She's one tough chick, I'll give her that." "I know, right? She hasn't complained once." "Has she told you anything about what happened?" "No. She did say that she'll talk to the police in a few weeks, her and Naku both will. The cops wanted to give them some time to get their minds back to normal." "Huh. I'm actually really curious as to what happened." "So am I. I actually feel really bad about all of this. None of this would've happened if we hadn't had that stupid fight, she would've been upstairs with me and I could've saved her from this." "You can't blame yourself for this, it isn't your fault, honey." "I just feel horrible knowing that I could've protected her, and I wasn't there for her when she needed me." "Genma, you were the one who found her, right? You did save her. And I don't think she'll blame you for any of this."
Mom leaves and Kokoro's pretty blue-green eyes open up. "Genma? I need to talk to you." "Okay." "I heard you and your mom talking. None of this is your fault, okay? Don't blame yourself." "Kokoro, you don't understand. Go back to sleep, okay?" I get up to leave and I go walk outside into the garden. I sit on the little stone bench and just try to clear my mind. I  look over to see Kokoro stumbling towards me. She can barely stand, let alone walk because the drugs haven't gone out of her system yet and she's very weak. I run over to her and she says, "Did you really think you could just walk away from me like that?!" "Sorry." "But seriously, please listen to me. THIS ISN'T YOUR FAULT. He sedated me before I could even move, even if you were there, there wouldn't have been anything that you could do!" I hate it when she's like this. "Dammit, Kokoro. I'm supposed to protect you." "SINCE WHEN? I mean, I appreciate the gesture, but... I don't need you to protect me all the time." Ouch. That really stung. "Kokoro..." "Genma, I love you to death, but sometimes you're really overprotective of me! Sometimes I like to handle things on my own." She's kind of right, I think I do overprotect her sometimes...
She goes back into the house and I follow her inside. She lays on her stomach on the couch. That's when I realize she's crying her eyes out. I kneel beside her and she turns her head and looks at me. "Genma, I'm so sorry I yelled at you." "It's okay." She puts her hand on top of mine and says, "I love you." "I love you too." "And I don't really know why I said that to you. Any girl would be happy to have a guy like you." 
A few weeks later, she seems to be okay. Then she sits me on the couch to finally tell me what happened to her, even though she already told the police. "He kept me locked in that little room, he wouldn't let me out. But he would come in and try to talk to me, and he would bring me sandwiches and little bags of chips. The day you found me, he walked in and started tearing off my clothes. He was going to... rape me. I managed to fend him off, but he sedated me, got mad and left. And then you found me. I'm so glad you did, Genma." ~the end

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