Fear (Vol.2)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: True Confessions  |  House: Booksie Classic

Part 3 soon.

Fear is in each and everyones heart,no one is heartless,People claim to commit mean actions
Just to prove they have a strong heart,And so you could be afraid of them,But these are just fictions
We've all had stronger senses at some point,But they have vanished away , cause we think no one deserves them

" Fear of life "
Have you ever thought to your self,What do i want to be when i grow up?
Everyone did,Everyone keeps changing their minds,Thats when no commitment shows up
At some point people change their minds because they are afraid of failing,afraid of drowning and being nothing
If you have fear inside,You shall never be successful,you're life will never be meaningful,you'll never feel something
You failed at something,That doesn't mean you will again,with your own will you will get what you want to gain
" Live it for everything ", Thats my own definition of life,don't let misery or failing stop you,don't let happiness blind you
Teachers never thought they would become what they are today,They never thought they'd have so much info's someday
Life always meant one thing to guys,Their fathers have decided it,just like they decided their life
Maybe we don't want to be like you? how would you ever know we don't have our own dreams,Maybe the four you have,Someday we'll make it five
Some families teach their young daughters how to dance,The girl would grow up and be a stripper in France !
Its just so typical how parents say its okay,my son is 7 ,he saw pornography once,He doesn't understand
They don't know that this 7 year old boy,understands what life is more than they do,And he doesnt have any fear inside to watch it again
You blame us for being this way,We blame you for raising us that way,to become what we've became today,Even drug dealers had better dreams in their vein
We should never be afraid of trying something new,Never ashamed of experiencing something so few

" Fear of people "
People can never harm you,Their intentions of harming you are just because they are the ones afraid of getting hurt in the first place
Just like instincts and animals,Do they have brains to think ? it's called self defense,If you step on the tail of a snake,it will bite you in the face
Respecting people was never something hard to do,But not expecting them to react when we don't,is something you should have knew
As time passes slowly,And people start to act differently,We'll figure out whos really on our side in a battle,and who wants to leave us and simply settle
I've always loved to control people my way around,But i keep on remembering one famous rule : " What comes around,Goes around "
I've hurt so many people my self,Without taking notice i've been hurt my self,But sometimes you just won't be able to rebound
The people you never expected to transform against you,will appear to you in a new shape and form,Standing infront of you to let you taste their vengeance of their storm
The hate you might create in peoples heart when you diss them,Might simply tear you apart,It's easy to take that all away,so you could one day miss them

Submitted: May 24, 2011

© Copyright 2021 Ahmad Altamimi. All rights reserved.

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madeline larsen

i liked this! :)

Wed, May 25th, 2011 3:17am

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