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This is a story I am writing for a contest. Tell me what you think?

Submitted: January 08, 2012

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Submitted: January 08, 2012



My body started to shake violently. I had avoided the spill for as long as I could but now it has caught up to me. I felt the acid claiming my body and changing it. I was becoming the enemy. But, it was...wonderful.

1 day earlier

After the nuclear acid spill five years ago the government had gone into hiding. Not that I blame them. Everyone who wasn't a zombie did too. Nala was the first one to call them zombies. Before that we just called them 'infected'. When the acid got into your system it changed you. It turned you into brain dead monsters. That's how the acid spread. Through people. You always had to be on the move to escape it. And that's just what Nala, Brian, and David did.

"Hurry up slow poke! Are you trying to get us zombiefied?" Nala joked.

"Very funny Nala. But no, I was thinking of a way to get samples of the acid." Brian said.

"Well hurry up Brainiac. We need to pack up before the acid catches up with us." Brian rolled his eyes.

"Don't you ever call me by my real name?"

"Wait," Nala said with wide eyes. "You have a real name?"

"My best friend's a comedian." Nala walked over and pulled him to his feet.

"There you guys are. I was just getting worried. You two are together alone to much." David said walking over and winking. Brian felt himself blush.

"We were just packing up." Brian nodded in agreement folding up a make-shift tent. David looked around.

"Yeah we have to get going. It'll be sundown soon and we haven't found a place to make camp."

"There's a McDonalds on 23rd street. It's about 2 miles down the road. We could camp there. It might even have some food." Nala said walking away with a handful of supplies.

"Okay, off to Micky D's." David agreed.

Just as Nala had said, McDonalds was only 2 miles away. When they reached it they could tell the spill had reach it already.

"Wow this place is depressing." David remarked gazing at the sight of run down buildings and over turned cars.

"Yeah. Well it looks like the spill was here. But it passed."

"I agree with Nala. It lookes pretty deserted." Brain said.

"We still have to take precautions." David pulled out an old rusty knife and used it to push open the door of the McDonalds.

They wandered around the messy resteraunt checking every room. "I call a booth!" Nala exclaimed bouncing on a red cushioned chair. "Yep, I definatly call a booth."

"It looks like there is enough for all three of us." David told her.

"Well, I'm gonna hit the hay." Nala said with a yawn.

"Same here." Brian agreed.

"Goodnight guys."

"Oh my gosh!" Nala screamed.

Brain bolted up causing a major head rush and looked around. The sun had just rose so the reseraunt was slightly lit up. He spotted Nala and hurried over to her. "What, what happened!" He yelled.

"Look! I found buns! Buns means bread!" She beamed.
"Nala you scared me." Brian scolded. "Don't ever do that again. By the way, where's David?"

"I haven't seen him all morning." She replied casually.

"This isn 't good." He said pulling her hand. "We have to find him now."

"Chill Brian he's right behind you." She said pointing to his turned back.

"David what are you-" He raised his hand to scilence him.

"Run. Now you guys. We have to run." He whispered. As they walked up to him they saw why he was so frightnened. About a half mile ahead of us was a sea of zombies. The acid had caught up to them.

"You two need to go. Now. I'll hold them off. You know they can't resist changing someone." Brian said dropping all of his equipment.

"Brian no!" Nala yelled.

"Dude you can't be serious." David questioned.

"I'm the one who always wanted to get close. To get a sample. I've always been slowing us down. Just to try and do some dumb research. Its my fault. You two need to leave. Now." Brian commanded.

"Brian it's not your fault!"

"Nala, I have to do this. In my bag I have a folder. It's all my notes I've taken on the spill. I think I found the cure. Read them and finish my work. When you see me again, change me. If you don't it's okay. Just make the cure." Brian then hugged David.

"You're crazy bro. I'll miss you" He said.

"Brian I..please, don't..go."

"I have to." He said hugging her. "Bye."

Brian slowly walk torward the large gathering of zombies. They saw their defensless prey and quickened torward him. "Run!" He yelled. And then, he was gone.

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