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this story about Honest and its teach the children to
be Honest and always be Honest with every one .

Submitted: April 27, 2013

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Submitted: April 27, 2013



One day there was a young boy walking to his home . While he was walking he saw a wallet and money fell out from it ,the young boy was surprised and had a second to think 'what shall I do with all this money? ' The young boy does not know that this action is not good to spend the money because it does not belong to him ,so the young boy went to the market and he was thinking about buying an expensive device to play a game ,when the boy tried to give the money to the seller ,the seller saw his wallet and he recognized his wallet and the seller tried to take it from the boy and said to him 'where did you get my wallet?'
The boy said " i saw it when i was going home" . At that time the young boy was very Disappointed  as he couldn't buy the device that he wanted. When the seller took his wallet, he was very happy to find his wallet, and he saw the boy crying , then he said to him 'what would you like to buy if you had this money in this wallet?' The young boy said ' I want to buy a PSP to play a game' ,so the seller looks at his wallet to see if the money is in it ,then he found all the money that was in the wallet ,but the money that was in the wallet was not enough for the device that the young boy wants to buy , so the seller gives the device to the young boy as a gift , to make the young boy happy for Bringing back his wallet .
The young boy is now playing his PSP at home and he is very thankful for finding the wallet that day. Honesty can pay off in the long term!.



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