The Key To The Heart

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consider it a love letter or consider it a poem but its something coming right from the heart

Submitted: July 26, 2013

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Submitted: July 26, 2013



U know what is the key to the heart ? U know what's the role of this key and in what way can move ? Each couple has their own key to each other nobody else can have the version of their key when their love is so pure and strong, they key is just sth magician away from anything material & is not expensive at all, this key at the first place comes at the first sight when u see someone moving ur heart without any control of u & feel she is ur soul mate & the thief of ur heart then start to move on more when u share ur feelings and say u love each other to show more care and let all emotions comes up and here the key becomes perfect to open all ur heart to open this hard lock on it & only one person able to open it which is ur beloved one, the beautiful words the touch the care ur intimacy r the things that forms that key, and this key has the love print of each one than any one else, so when u keep sharing more and more and let ur love grows the key will still has its own magic to keep opening the heart of the other with more love bringing up all the deep feelings and amazing emotions, but when sth happen from any of them that leads not sharing everything as it should be or care enough the key will become hard to open but still will, and if the care became less and the love became less the key starts to turn to the opposite side locking it more and if problems started to appear and love is lost and feelings and emotions started to disappear the key will keep locking more till no where to move then breaks like when u break a key at the door and by then there is no other way to have another key coz each couple had only one key, so plz keep the key moving to the right side always opening more and more and never let it go to the opposite side or it will break and u gonna lose ur key inside, plz keep unlocking my heart and never lock it more coz by then the door is useless and u will never be able to open it again..

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