This Story Is About How The good can win the Evil,its about a person who paid his life to save the world from the evil forces.

A New World

In a great world. All people Lived in peace , in the great capital of all time, Zhonya. The green gardens , the clear blue sky, and the white clouds all was in this beautiful place. One day an evil forces entered our world from a portal in an Evil city called Coastic. They killed lots of people. Take lots of them as slaves . The sky became black , the clouds became red and the ground became full of bloods of the noble knights who tried to save their Kingdom . No one have survived from the evil forces who spread all over the world by the name of their king Zake. Only one person who survived from their attack and he became the Chosen one who can save the world from the Evil forces and bring back the peace to his world and save the humanity.


Ahmos has started his journey towards Coastic with his two friends, a girl called jannah and a boy called zodiac. They were a great nobles who did their best to defence against Zake's forced and they gave their souls to save a world . The three noble knights was cutting their ways to Coastic .


While they were walking into the forest of dark leaves, they found a group of prisoners who were from Zhonya. They saved them after they killed the 2 guards. The prisoners told them about how to defeat Zake and his forces. The secret of defeating them is to destroy the portal they came from, but the portal was at the end of the road of Coastic and the great Kingdom of Zake is protecting this portal. First jannah and zodiac thought that it is impossible to destroy the portal as it is being protected by Zake's forces. Then they accepted to do this impossible mission and their mission is to set the world free from the dark forces.


They were going a city called bloper to rest and buy some equipments. While Ahmos was going to the shop, he saw a person with a black hat and black jacket he thought that he is an enemy so he went to talk to him, his name is twisted fate. He told Ahmos about his life story.


Twisted fate was a soldier at the Zhonya's army. He told him that at a dark day at night he made a mistake and it was a big mistake. He joined the dark forces as they offered him great position and lots of great gifts. But after he knew how they are evil people he decided to leave them and escape, he succeed in escaping , and he thought that it is the end , but they made some arts with the black Magic and made him blind forever.


He told Ahmos lots of information about the dark forces that it is not just one force; it is 5 forces which agreed to serve the dark king Zake. He told him about them and how to find them because he must destroy these forces to reach the castle of the dark king.


Ahmos went to the room where he and his friends were going to take a rest. But there were a bad news, he saw 2 guards from the dark forces are aresting jannah and zodiac. The two guards told Ahmos to give up his mission and join hem and become one of the greatest commanders in the dark army's. Ahmos was hesitated how he could save his friends so he decided to accept this offer but he remembered what twisted fate told him and he would not leave them. So he brings his weapon and attacked the enemies to save his two friends. He killed the both of enemy soldiers. Ahmos take some hurts and he became wounded but he was happy to save his friends and the he told them about twisted fate.


They were ready to set off and travel for their destiny A man with a black beard and dark eyes came and told them to take care of themselves, they were puzzled as they never saw his man before and then they moved, traveling by horses and on their foot towards the first force who accepted to help the dark king. This force is called

(Bloodshed) .


It was a force which supports the great Kingdom with strong soldiers who don't know bitty. Their king was called Vladimir the great vampire of Coastic. He was well known by his white hair and the bloody robe. He has the ability to drain any soldier's blood. He gains his power from any source of blood as this is the only way for him to live.


Ahmos and his friends was wondering how they could enter the gate of the bloodshed as they are human with blood , so they decided to wear a dark Knight armor and join the forces which will enter the bloodshed . They were afraid to be undercovered and incomplete their mission. While they were walking with the army, they saw the gate of the castle of Vladimir. They decided to enter the castle, the guards asked them to take off their helmet and see if they are from evil forces as anyone in the evil forces must have a red scar in their faces.


Zodiac refused to take off his helmet so they guards knew that they are humans so they started to make a circle and to kill them. As Ahmos was a great noble knight with his two friends he decided to start the attack, he take off his sword and told his friends to stay calm and attack after he starts the attack, it was a hard situation. They fought with each other as a team and killed all the guard and then went to Vladimir room they found him sitting on a chair and told Ahmos "I was waiting you for more than fifty years ago" Ahmos was worried about what he has heard .but He told his friends "Stand at my back and leave me to fight this vampire, this battle is between me and him!!" Vladimir was far stronger than Ahmos , but Ahmos told himself "I can't lose this fight, my people chosen me to revenge for them" he bring back his power and decided to fight Vladimir with all he got.


after a while he succeed in defeating him but Ahmos was running out of blood and he was going to die , His loyal friends decided to lend him their blood to survive as he is the Chosen one and without him they would be slaves to the king for the rest of their life's. They Decided to go to a small village called Noklic , it is beside the bloodshed but a safe place to stay for a few days .


The Chosen one and his friends prepared to travel to the camp of the second force, it was called warring Kingdom and their king was called Jaraven, he took the title of the immortal king as he joined more than hundred battle and didn't die and won all of them without the help of anyone, He was a human but sold his soul to the dark king.


Ahmos and his friends was not pleased as Jaraven sold his empire to the dark king, Ahmos didn't make any plans to enter the warring Kingdom as he want to revenge to his country and the world , so he focused all his power to destroy jaraven's empire and see it burning . Jannah thought that it is the end as they were going to fight an army of ten thousand professional soldiers.


They started the fight, everything turned red with blood of the soldiers and the Chosen ones, zodiac was hurted alot in the fight and was a truly injured, It was his last fight. Ahmos looked at him saying "please zodiac we need u "he was crying, zodiac told him only three words with a hot drops of water from his eyes" Revenge for me ". It was the end of the noble soldier who paid his life to save the world.


Ahmos and jannah killed all the soldiers but they were still unhappy as they didn't revenge yet for their loyal friend zodiac. Ahmos went to the palace of Jaraven with the fury in his Red eyes shouting "IAM HERE JARAVEN U ARE GOING TWO PAY FOR MY FRIEND NOW" with his sword in his hand; he fought him with courage by breaking jaraven's spear with the last hit Jaraven told Ahmos "wait! Before you kill me , there is a secret of how to kill the dark king and bring the peace back to the world, if there is a good chosen one , so there is an evil chosen one, u must kill him" Ahmos told him "why are you saying this words now, and who is the evil chosen one ?" With the last few breath Jaraven told Ahmos "you must do what I didn't do, save the world and you will know why I have joined the evil forces. (Jaraven has been died).


Ahmos and jannah was so sad for zodiac's death, Ahmos told jannah to go back to bloper because he was the reason for zodiac's death. Jannah said to him "I can't leave you alone and there is no place to go now, I must complete my mission that I was born with." Ahmos said " you don't have to say anything as Iam the Chosen one who say what to do, I order you to go to anyway but not the road to Coastic , As I love you and I Don't want anything happen to you, please achieve my order , Please!! " jannah was crying and told Ahmos " Then good luck with your way to the dark king " . Both of she was sad and crying hard but Ahmos continued his way to Coastic with no fear to the third force lonely.


Ahmos meet the third force after a long journey full of dangerous enemies and creatures, finally Ahmos has meet this force which is called piltover , It was a huge Kingdom and was the only city with the highest technology research in the whole world, their king was known for his powerful weapons and his stranger techniques in the battles , his name is Jayce.


Jayce was a human and loved Ahmos' s courgeness in how he want fight someone like him (Jayce). When Ahmos entered the gate of piltover Jayce told his guards "leave him and don't touch him, this fight is between me and him only ". Ahmos fought him with courageness and with no fear, Ahmos was proud when he took Jayce to the ground after a deadly hit, but Ahmos refused to kill Jayce and said "I won't kill you Jayce , not cuz u are human but because u fought like a man.". Jayce was puzzled when Ahmos let him go. Ahmos was happy and proud to win his third battle.


Something went wrong, he saw a great towers Dropped from the sky around the area he is in, he said to his self "what's Going on ". It was the dark sky as it happen at the first of the dark invasion, someone jumped from the sky got a black cloak and a white helmet with a Red sword a souls turning round the sword. He was the dark king Zake . Ahmos was unable to talk as he never seen someone like the dark king before.


He found jannah beside the dark king, he said with a shout "what are u doing jannah and why are you beside Zake??" Zake took off his helmet showing his face full of scars from the fights then he told Ahmos "thanks to your friend who told me about your plans of defeating me and your place, as I was busy in destroying your world (with an evil laugh)". Jannah talked to Ahmos and told him "he was going to kill me and my country; I am so sorry Ahmos I was so weak, I have to accept his offer to join hi forces ". Ahmos was weak and can't do anything, Zake told him "in order to battle me you have to defeat the evil chosen one" the evil chosen one was not unknown to Ahmos , he was twisted fate .


Twisted fate told Ahmos "you did all what I ordered you Ahmos , good job, now fight me as a man or die as a kid ." Ahmos was still puzzled and was weak from the last battle, with the death of his friend zodiac and with jannah's betrayal; Ahmos thought it is the end. A person with a a black beard and dark eyes came to him (he was invisible to the enemy) he told Ahmos " you are still strong, we chosen you to be the one who will save the world, don't let weak wins you go for them and how them what a human can do with any force threating his world" then the man is gone.


Ahmos bring his sword and jumped into twisted fate and fought each other for a long time then after Ahmos has remembered his friend zodiac when he told him to revenge for him , Ahmos gave twisted fate a deadly hit in his head with no mercy. Zake to Ahmos "good job you little man, you did all your best to kill this evil one. Now it's time for my turn, getting out his sword and running toward Ahmos , Ahmos stand like a great Wall and defending his self from Zake's attacks. Ahmos saw the portal of the evil force.


He decided to do a great plan , destroy the gate , Zake was hitting Ahmos hard , he was unable to reach the gate , and finally Ahmos reached it but with no energy , Zake told Ahmos "hahaha., you have no chance to kill me now Ahmos and now you pay for not accepting my offer to join me " Ahmos told his self "is the end ", the surprise is that he found Jayce at the top of the portal saying "it was great to serve you Zake but I have a place on live in and I won't let you destroy it " recharging his weapon and then pushed the bottom of fire, Everything has been on fire and a great destruction happened In the battle field , Zake has been dead , Jayce has gone to another place by completing his mission to save the world at his last few seconds , Ahmos the noble knight paid his life to kill Zake and save the world, Ahmos was not seen again in the battle field. Now, me jannah will pay the rest of my life with all the good forces to destroy the rest of the evil forces in the world.

The End.


Submitted: June 03, 2015

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