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The world around her became very small. She was thinking of all moments she spent with her boyfriend, how they laughed while they walk in the streets of London. How her happiness was when she put her hand in his hand

Submitted: July 14, 2012

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Submitted: July 14, 2012





Monica first heard the sound far away, but now it was immediately behind her .it's the same sound she knows it very well and at the same place that they met first time. It's the voice of her love Ali. When she heard his voice, she remembered the first time she met him, how her heart beat when she saw him. He was wearing his suit black and white shirt. He was showing the effects of travel. He was coming just from Cairo to complete the study medicine in London, and she was an immigration official at Heathrow International Airport, when he came to her to show her his papers. She has been dreaming of a lover, but does not know where he is. She was has this sense that it will meet her lover, but does not know who he is. After finishing the procedures, Ali asked her about address that he wants to go, but he did not receive a reply. She still looks at him and her heart beat, like she found a lost treasure.

At last she answered. He also looked at her with the same look, and said "thanks".

They still looked at each other for a while, with their eyes full of shyness. at last he smiled to her and went. She doesn't know, what can she do to tell him about her feeling?

All of these thoughts were coming in her mind before she looked at him.

He was calling out, "Monica, Monica, why won't you say 'goodbye' to me?" She turned to him and the tears filled up her eyes ". After all this love you want me to say bye and let you go, why Ali? "She said with a crying voice.

He looked at her, took her hand and said, "You know well how much I love you I'm thirty years old, and since I have known the meaning of love, I have been looking for you. I didn't know which place on the earth I will find my love. I looked for you among all the women of the earth. Since the first meeting here, I feel you are what I'm looking for, and when I saw you for the second time in that restaurant I felt there was nothing that could separate us but it seems that the forces of hating today became stronger than love, and hate is in the people all around us."

"I know Ali, this hateful increase and increase, generation after generation, and no one wanted to stop this. We let the bad people to destroy every thing even love, also we rise their voice, and now they become stronger than ever. Thirty years ago from the eleventh of September, and we didn't even try to solve any thing".

"Yes Monica, the eleventh of September was like alarm to us to wake, but we left the extremists of all world messing with our ideas and controlled every thing".

Monica took a deep breath, looked to the sky and the tears still fill of her eyes "where we can go with our love? They don't allow you to live here and do not allow me to live there. There is no place on the earth can our love live. why? Why they divide the earth? ".

"I love you Monica. We will do everything to reach our voice to all world, we will shout loudest voice and say, do not divide the world, and don't let hate dominate the mind."

Suddenly, they found one airport Officers come to them and say, "You are Muslim"

He answered "Yes"

"You're under arrest," the police officer spoke and put restrictions in his hands.

Monica looked to the police officer surprisingly. He didn't give her any opportunity to speak, just taking him to the police car. Monica tried to move behind the police officer, but it seems that her feet became unable to move, her heart took beat and beat faster and faster and looking at her boyfriend and she can't do anything. She wanted to scream and scream, but her mouth has become unable to even speak.  The world around her became very small. She was thinking of all moments she spent with her boyfriend, how they laughed while they walk in the streets of London. How her happiness was when she put her hand in his hand. How she felt when she saw him for the second time in that restaurant, as if that moment was the beginning of her life. She was thinking of him when she was coming to him in his room while he is studying, and turn the light off, and he say "even you turn the light off, you will not turn my heart off to love you. How it all turns to a dream? Is it really a dream? Or is it the truth of the world?

Monica fell down on earth, with all her ideas towards her love.

Monica waked up, and started looking left and right, this is her room. She opened the TV. She found news. It's the World Trade Center still burning, and the louder voices of the speakers in the TV saying "They are enemies. You must get rid of them, why you leave them?"

She switches the channel. They also say "America and the western is our enemy, you have to destroy them"

She closed her eyes for second and turned the TV off.


The End






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