I am a MUSLIM and yes i am a TERRORIST !

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a thought on terrorism

Submitted: August 06, 2012

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Submitted: August 06, 2012




I am muslim and Yes I am a terrorist.

ALI HASSAN I said to myself as i lay on the floor of my 6x6 jail cell. Rats and cockroaches were moving around but to me it was as if they were dancing , mocking me on my stupidity. Apart from the walls of the cell my heart was also suffocating me. My feelings were on fire but I knew that no 1122 could help me now. My brain was the battlefield for world war 3 as I thought had  I done the right thing will I be rewarded with paradise or will I rot in hell. There was a serene smile on my face that I don,t exactly know represented joy or sorrow. As I looked back at the journey that I had embarked upon to get this prize. Then another thought crossed my mind that actually relived me a little. Ali Hassan a nobody will become a household name in no time now. Suddenly I felt like a war hero that was going to be martyred but deep down I knew that I was no hero and that I would not be executed with honor but with hate and disgust.
but the stuborn spoilt brat that my loving parents had made of me told my subconisious that I what I had stood for should not go unheard and that I should make it a point to tell the world that I am no ordinary terrorist but ali Hassan that they turned into one. The rage that had burned me to where I was again erupted like a giant volcano and all my emotions came to the tip of my tounge as hot lava I wanted to spill onto the world.
shortly I was brought before a group of journalists . I was seated down with a microphone infront of me and I was told to answer their questions.

But I spilled the first blood and fired a question on them and after that the agony of my feelings got the better of me.

“if I am a terrorist then what do u call of yourself

Let me tell you something that I guess your not aware of …

I was there all the time when you were playing this dirty little game of yours ..
yes I was there when you attacked us .. yes I saw it all..

I was there and I saw how you ruthlessly killed my muslim brothers and sisters..

I was there when you destroyed Iraq and Afghanistan in the name of peace .. I saw how you hunted down my muslim brothers .. I saw how you robbed my muslim sisters off whats most percious to them their respect .. I saw how u raped them and laughed.. I saw how u murdered sons infront of their mothers .. yet I choose to stay quite and let the world decide for themselves who the real terrorists was ..

I was there when you killed innocent plastinis for nothing and how you captured my dear muslim sister and tourtured her to cervical cancer ..

I was there when you breached the boundries of the land I was born on , the land that my father and forefathers had fought for , the land the built with there sweat and blood ..

I wanted to do nothing about it but my heart said enough is enough and I did what I did . and I don,t regret it a bit . I pray to ALLAH that all my muslim brothers who were there with me and saw all this unite and become terrorists and fight back to these peacekeepers of the world.



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