The Mysterious acts

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Submitted: March 24, 2016

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Submitted: March 24, 2016



The Mysterious acts

By:Annie Holmon



Every night, a man hears circus chimes behind his house. When he finally investigates, he discovers a circus in the middle of nowhere that disappears each morning. It was a dark cloudy night and the circus chimes would just not stop. All the time when I would go to sleep, I would wake up around 12 in the morning and hear a weird circus chime. One day I was sleeping and I randomly wake up and the strangest part was, It was 12 a.m. I woke up and hear it the same old circus chime so I went to go look outside, and there it was a gigantic circus. Which when I’m telling you it’s a circus it’s not just a regular old circus, it’s a very bold and insightful circus which gives it a lot of potential in a way. There was all types of different creatures. There was a guy who had lobster hands, a girl with two heads on her body. Then there was a small girl who was an adult but had the body size of a toddler. Although there was a guy who had deformed arms. Then there was two girls I think that were disabled in some way that had a mind of a 9 year old. Also a girl with only half her body, and eventually just a girl just a regular old girl that was about 48 years old. The girl who was about 48 years old came up to me and said,

“Well hello, my name is Elsa Mars and welcome to my freak show.”

“Hello… um Elsa, I’m Edward Lizard Hands .” I replied.

“Oh what a lovely name, How about I introduce you to my freak show.” She explained.

“Oh... ok sure”. I said nervously.

“Ok the guy with the lobster hand is Jimmy Darling, then the girl with two heads are Bette and Dot Tattler, the very small girl is Meek she is almost like a child to me. The guy with deformed arms is Chester. The other two girls are Pepper and Meep. The girl with only half of her body is Rose.” she replied.

“Oh that’s nice.... I guess.” I said questionably, Well I should go back to sleep I have work in the morning.


* The Next Day *


He went outside to his backyard to see if the circus was still there, and it wasn’t. I was very curious when I discovered that it wasn’t there. Anyways I didn’t have time to go look for Elsa because I was already 8:30 in the morning and I need to be to work by 9 o’clock, and I’m not even dressed yet. It’s 9:20 and I just got to work, I hope my boss doesn’t ring my neck this is the 2nd time i’ve been late to work.

“Edward, what a surprise I didn’t think you would come considering it’s already 9:20 and work started 20 minutes ago.” Said my boss in a loud sarcastic voice.

“ Oh well sorry boss, I had a-a-a-a family issue I had to deal with.”

“Well It better not happen again otherwise you’re fired.” replied my boss.

“Ok sir, I got it.”

“Anyways Edward you should get to work you have A LOT of new papers you need to fill out.” ordered my boss.

I head to my desk and sit in black leather chair, and start looking at the new papers. There was something strange about the papers that I got was they were all about a circus called the freak show. I was starting to question myself because maybe that was the freak show that was in my backyard. After I looked over all the papers I noticed they were from 1962 and we don’t do any paperwork that is from anywhere before 2000. After noticing that I went up to my boss and showed him that he suggested I should still do them.\

“Well Edward I don’t know what to tell you, just do that the paperwork it won’t kill you.” said my boss angrily.

“Well see b-boss these papers are from 1962…” I said stuttery like.

“Well see the thing is Edward is I really don’t care if the papers are from 1900 or 1962! I said I want the papers done and I want them done now ok?!” shouted my boss.

“A sure I guess…”

I head to my desk and fill out the paper works, while filling out the paper works I discover that the people that were at my house last night should be dead. In some of the paperwork it said that Elsa the women I talked to yesterday would be 110 years old right now. While going over everything thinking of possible things on why they were at my house my boss calls me and says


“Edward come to my office now.” said my boss.

I hurry and go to my boss's office and when I walk in there I see him standing there angry.

“Well hello Edward, the paper I told you to fill out were from 1962! If they are before 2000 you don’t fill them out, now I have to tell MY boss what happened!” Yelled my boss.

“Well um sir, I told you about it and you said just fill it out because we need the money…”

“Well surely that was not me who told you that, I would’ve told you not to fill it out!” My boss barked back.

Um no, you told me to fill them out! “Whatever if this happens again or you’re late then you’re fired no excuses.” Threatened my boss.

I silently walk back to my office and I just sit there till my break which is at 11:30.


*10 minutes pass*


I head to lunch and I go to subway and get 5$ footlong sandwich. I go and get in my car and notice that I had a letter, and the letter said “Edward darling this is Elsa, me and the freak show will be expecting you again tonight. P.s. get a better alarm system on your car :).”  At this point when I get done reading the note I am very creeped out, I mean how did this women get in my car I have one of the top most best security system on my car. I sit and think for awhile and contemplate what just happened and what I should then my timer goes off on my phone and I head back to work. I drive back to work, and see ANOTHER note on my parking spot. I hurry up and get out of my car and read the note and it says “Oh Edward darling thank you thank you for filling out all the freak show paperwork, love Elsa.” I hurry up and head back to my office and panicked, I mean is this women watching me or something what is her deal?! I finally arrive to my office and sit down and do the rest of the paper work I have to do. By the time I got done filling out the rest of my paperwork it was 2:04 pm, I quietly sit at my desk and wait till 3 O’clock because that’s when I get off of work. The clock finally hits 3 and I leave and go home, after 10 minutes of driving I eventually arrive home and see ANOTHER note on my door. The note said “Darling Edward this is Elsa again and I would like to tell you that tonight at exactly you will be waken up by the sound of circus chimes, and if you are to be waken then please go outside to your backyard.” I mean what is wrong with this women why do she keep leaving notes everywhere, I mean you think if she would just rather come up and talk to me. I mean it’s not that hard to talk to a person, you just say “Hey, how are you?” it’s really that simple. I then walked into my house went up stairs and passed out.


 *9 Hours Pass*


I wake up and I notice that it’s 12 am and there isn’t circus chimes playing. I get up and think to myself Thank you thank you thank you, there finally gone there finally go- *circus chimes playing* Are you kidding me I thought you left, I thought you were gone! I finally get up and hop outta bed and look out my window and there it is, there is the stupid circus. I hurry and I rush down stairs as fast as I could and went outside. I quickly stepped outside and see it’s standing right there the gigantic freak show. I slowly look around to find Elsa and I run to her and she says


“Oh well hello Edward, you’re here how lovely.” she said softly.

“Oh no it’s not lovely I was planning on sleeping, but no you decide to have all your circus music playing in my backyard all the time, and it’s annoying.” I barked back.

“Well then, I didn’t know you felt that way Edward…” Elsa said sadly.

“ I’m sorry Elsa it’s just I wanna sleep, because I have work and I can’t afford to be late.” I say loudly.”

“Oh my I’m so sorry Edward we won’t do it again, but please please please let us stay we have nowhere else to go.” said Elsa desperately.

“Ok well I’m off to bed it’s too early.” I said quietly.


*Hours Pass*


 I woke up to the sounds of birds chirping and a ray of sun beating down on me. I slowly get up and look out my window, it’s a beautiful day there’s people walking, playing catch, and talking to their peers. I smell a sweet sinsation of cinnamon rolls and go down stairs, politely waiting there is Elsa holding a fresh batch of cinnamon rolls. I delicately say thank you and grab a cinnamon roll, I slowly take a big bit out of one and feel the frosting melting in my mouth with delight. Sitting down on one of my chairs underneath the island I see a newspaper, I start reading it and see there is going to be a new show in town called the freak show. I jump up out of my seat and see if Elsa is still here, I turn the corner and there she is about to leave.

“Elsa wait, where is the freak show going?” I asked.

“Oh nowhere dear, just across the road from your house.” she said delightly.

“Oh ok, but will I still hear the music?” I said hoping there wasn’t.

“Well… maybe I’m not for sure and if you do I’m deeply sorry, but if you do I cannot do anything about it.” she replied.


*Hours Passed*


 It was 8:50 and I was at work pretty early and I’m sitting at my desk and all of a sudden here comes Elsa rolling in.

“Oh what a nice day today is, isn’t it?” she said curiously.

“Indeed it is Elsa, I have a question.” I said.

“What is it?” she said frightened.

“Why does the freak show disappear every morning?” I questioned her.

“That’s because you Edward broke our curse, and now we’re free.” She said happily.

“Well how can the curse be un-broken?”

“Well Edward… unless you stop waking up at 12 in the morning, and hear our circus chimes then we go away…” explained Elsa.

“Oh yeah… I get it.” I replied.

A few hours pass by and I get to work and then my boss calls me and says.

“Edward you got to work on time, and you manage to get a lot of work done, so you get to get off of work early.”

“Oh thank you, thank you, thank you.” I said joyfully.

Little did Elsa know I was planning on giving the curse back, I know it’s not really the right thing to do but I need my sleep. While driving heading home I notice I forgot my briefcase at work, so I hurry up and turn around and head back to work. I get back to work and right when I walk in my boss stops me.

“Edward I didn’t expect you to be here, why are you here?” said my boss questionably.

“Oh it’s nothing I just forgot my briefcase in my office.”

“Oh ok, well there’s a woman in there.” said my boss.

“What?! What does she look like?”

“Oh well she has blonde hair, she looks about 48 or 47, and she’s really nice.” explained my boss.

“Oh ok, well I should be going now…” I replied.

I hurry up and go to my office, and while I’m about to open up the door I see Elsa standing there going through literally all my stuff. At this point I’m mad like furious mad. I fling open my office door and yell.

“Elsa, what are you doing going through my stuff?!”

“Oh a nothing Edward, I um thought I lost an earing.” she said nervously

“Elsa you don’t wear earrings, so tell me the truth.”

“Ok I was looking for our papers to shred because we don’t wanna leave.” she replied.

“I understand you don’t wanna leave. but you cannot go through my stuff again, besides the papers are already in so you guys are moving soon…”

“Ok I understand.” said Elsa.

Time passed and i fell asleep soundly.


I’m pretty sure it’s 11:59 at night anyways I’m determined to not wake up because not to be mean or anything, but I just wanna sleep and be successful without anyone disturbing me. I try and try and eventually I stop struggling to get up, and I fall asleep…

*2 Hours Later*

I wake up and hurry and jump out of bed. I go and I look around and I realize they’re gone they really are gone. I run outside and jump/run ALL over my backyard.

“Um Sir?! Are you alright? asked one of my neighbors.


“Oh well just making sure, we don’t want you going crazy now.” he explained.


Eventually my neighbor finally left me alone, and I continued to roll around over my yard. Although maybe it wasn’t a good idea to roll around all over my yard, because I ended up rolling on some dog poop… But what was really weird was that I remembered that I don’t have a dog only my stupid neighbor does! So after realizing being happy wasn’t even worth it, because I rolled ALL over dog poop, so I head over and go give my neighbor a piece of my mind.


My neighbor finally opens up the door.

“Now what Edward!?” he said ignorantly as he’s opening up the door.

“Your stupid dog was in my background again!” I yelled.

“So, that is not my problem because you don’t have a fence around your backyard. My dog is just an innocent animal who doesn’t know any better, and if you have a problem with that then that’s not my problem.” he explained rudely.

“Well I really don’t care if he’s “Just an animal” I want him to stay off my backyard, you hear me!?” I yelled.

“Well, well, well, who do you think you are telling me what to do with MY pet?!” He barks back.

“Excuse you I think I have every RIGHT to tell you to keep your “pet” off my yard. I replied.

“Whatever, get off my property Edward.” He said and closed the door.

In frustration I kicked all of his yard signs to the ground. How dare he just let his dumb dog tell go wherever he wants too. He is not the boss of me… And his! His dog is just so annoying… Anyways I hurry up and head back to my house, and just sit on my couch and watch tv. After realizing a little bit more that they’re gone I laugh with excitement, joy, and relief. After watching tv for many many many hours I end up falling asleep.


*2 Hours Later*

I wake up and it’s 4:15 and I think to myself “Who would’ve thought that I made them leave or like disappear.” After about 15 minutes of waiting I get up off the couch and see my neighbor walking around all over my yard. I hurry up and sneak back to my backyard, and see him putting white paint everywhere and I mean EVERYWHERE.

“What in the world are you doing in my backyard putting white all over my yard?!” I yell.

“A-a-a nothing I’m just simply expecting everything to make sure um everything is right.” he says.

“Well you’re not going anywhere I’m calling the cops!” I bark back at him.

“Well no no no you c-can’t do that, I am not going to jail.!” he said angrily.

“Oh yes I can you are on MY property, so I think you might wanna re-think that.”

“Oh well I don’t think that’s right.”

“Excuse you that is right, because like I said you are on my property!” I said.

*Sirens running, Policing running to my backyard*

“Now what seems to be the problem?” Asks one of the officers.

“Oh nothing, nothing at all sir.” Says my nosy neighbor.

“Now now now there is something going on, you were in my backyard putting white paint everywhere.”

“Is this true sir?” asked the police officer.

“Well…” Said my neighbor in a scared voice.

“Well there we have it. I guess we’re taking this guy in, sorry for all your troubles sir.” said the officer.

“Thank you officer, and I would like to file a restraining order.”

“No problem, and I’ll get that filled out right away for you.” said the officer.

So after they left I walked to my backyard where all the white paint was and noticed that he was outlining where the circus tent for the freak show was...  

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