A false alarm....but a true realization

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It is a story about a incident occurred on an evening which makes a girl realize the intensity of the love her lover bestows on her.

Submitted: June 24, 2008

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Submitted: June 24, 2008



A false alarm…but a true realization
My mind was wandering somewhere far away…not sure of what exactly it was thinking. I could just feel the hustle bustle on the streets passing by like some distant chores. The journey of 6 minutes seemed like a good half an hour. The person who was sharing the seat with the driver was chanting something to the driver which seemed distant to my ears. I turned my head towards right to look at the shadow next to me. He too was engrossed in some thinking process. I put my hands in his. Though we never exchanged a word in our journey back to the station, I could feel a thousand words flowing between us. I wanted to touch him at that moment. But the voices of the other two men accompanying us reminded me of their presence.  I turned my mind to the thoughts it was earlier occupied with.
I just couldn’t help wonder how could some one love some one so much. One thing was certain that my dream had come true. And at the back of my mind I knew that despite of the entire trauma I was going through I was very happy.
The day had begun just like any other route working day; until that small but significant incident which I might never forget my entire life.
Earlier that day, after leaving office well before time, he came to pick me up at my office. After subsiding a few options, we decided to take an auto to the nearest mall where we could spend some time. Off course, being a movie bluff, he wanted to kill time by watching a movie, which I thought not to be a perfect idea. Ruling out a few options, we decided to hunch the next theatre to watch any movie available at that time.
Once we had reached our destination, he ran in to buy out the movie tickets. In the meanwhile, I checked the baggage I was carrying with me at the security counter. We met at the lobby upstairs. For the security purpose, we got our bags checked once again at the entrance of the screen. We were already late and missed the beginning by a good 20 minutes, which made him chuckle in irritation.
With the help of the illuminated stairs, we were able to reach our seats. As the movie had already begun, we had to catch up to the story line from where we started. The movie was entertaining though. But what I was enjoying the most was the proximity to him after a long time. A little bit of mischief here and there and the time flew by. We never left the theatre, not even during the interval.
We moved out through the exit only when the movie reached its climax. Instead of taking the usual way out we took the other way.  The minute needle was approaching 6, with the hour needle a little above 9. The place still looked too crowded for that late hour. It was time for us to move, but before that we both agreed to nibble a frankie. We were strolling towards our desired counter, which was at the diagonal end of the mall. 
Too engrossed in our casual talks, it was a little late to realize that a bunch of people were running towards us. In a split of a second, he took my hand, turned and started running in the other direction. Unaware of the intensity of the situation, he just wanted both of us out of there.
Though we had picked up speed, I couldn’t run in the same direction as he. But before I could move away from him, he pulled me towards him by my elbow. We had now reached the parking lot. He stopped abruptly and took me in his arms, while trying to find the reason behind the sudden havoc.
My heart was throbbing at a speed of 120 beats per minute. I buried my face in his arms to calm myself and to suppress the raised adrenaline levels. Analyzing the gravity of the situation, he thought better off to move out of the parking lot on the highway.
As we were walking through the place we could now see the others too moving with us in the same direction. We could hear some of them say that there was fight between two men at the entrance.
But it still didn’t answer the questions like why so many people were left with no option then to run.
We were discussing about all the possibilities that could have occurred to cause such chaos. Nevertheless, he asked me to move a little faster. Only then, I realized that my ankle was aching. Being in a 4 inch sandal, which is obviously not the choice of an athlete’s footwear; no wonder my foot got twisted.
Surviving the severe pain, I was trying to match his pace and finally, I could see the exit gate at a distance. The road connecting the exit and the highway was a quite, dark 1 minute walk. We were approaching the highway, when we saw a crowd on the streets with flags and swords in their hands. It took us just more than a second to gulp in the scenario to understand that this was some protesting crowd. With a good number of police men to control the situation, there were a lot of spectators on the pavement. We too found a place on the pavement to sit.
It was a stone square surrounding a small tree on the pavement. He asked me to sit there for a while to settle my disoriented mind. Still, unable to figure out what had happened, we sat there watching the protesting crowd on the street. I took out my cell phone from my bag to check the time. It showed 9:45. Sidelining the present fears holding my mind, I told him that it was time that we moved back home.
However, there was no vehicle on either side of the road. So we started walking towards the signal nearby in hope of getting an auto. After lot of honking, we got one. I could make out his rising temper by his raised voice. I could see his face reddened while he was threatening the auto driver on his refusal to take us. At that moment, I wanted to take him in my arms and assure him that everything was ok. But couldn’t help him much as I, myself, was in a state of shock.
The jerk of the brakes bought me back to the present and to my thoughts. I looked at the figure besides me. Thinking, how could a person love me so much? I just couldn’t help forget the way he had held my hand some time ago to take me away from the supposedly emerging unknown fear. Throughout the 5 minutes of the whole drama, I kept thinking that whatever danger was coming towards us, I never want to leave the hand of this person. I could never imagine his absence in my life.  I could feel a drop of tear in my eyes with a feeling of smugness. Alas! I had found true love.
I had met him when I had lost my faith completely in love. When my heart was wounded with betrayal and I was ready to head the way my life took me. And he had made sure that I regained all the lost good faith in love, trust in people and moreover the entire positive attitude.
I never wanted to leave his sight at this moment. His presence meant so much to me. There was a silence between us, yet I could a virtual conversation flowing between. I could never forget this particular incident throughout my whole life.
It is true that one is able to measure the intensity of the love they receive only if your mate shows his love by showering you with flowers, gift, etc. I, too, had got to know how much this person loved me on several such occasions. But this was quite an unusual one; it was a moment of terror and pandemonium. Yet, I could feel the intensity of his love and affection towards me so strongly.
My mind then drifted towards the problem I was facing these days. My family didn’t approve of our relationship and how they didn’t wanted me to meet him. Some times, I feared that I may lose my patience and give up.  And then coming back to the figure besides me and the feeling I was going through right now, I thought no, I cannot give up on this person ever, especially not after today’s incident.
I just can’t let him go……and I was ready with a new rage in myself to fight, to fight for him…

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